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Gorvalns Slott

Stockholm, Sweden

Housed on an impeccable Swedish estate, this stately manor house was built in 1679. Much of the property has a timeless feel to it, yet its filled with modern amenities and an abundant mischievous attitude. Every detail and enchanting experience has been meticulously orchestrated by the hotel’s owners, Johan and Maria Eklund.

Castle for Creatives

Think Louis XVI's extreme style with quirky updates, what should be a clashing colour in certain rooms only makes this environment more enticing and exciting. Even your usual meeting here can only take a colourful turn with such provocative decor.

The Location

A cultural treasure nestled in nature with the lake Mälaren, situated in a prime location just a 30-minute drive from the capital of Stockholm, this is not just an ordinary castle; it is one which has been thoughtfully planned out by previous regality, the mesmerising nature, and unbelievable convenience make for a royal treatment in Sweden.

The Rooms

Heated tiles in the bathrooms and Aromatherapy Associates bath products provide you with ultimate relaxation. Not only do all rooms have ample space for activities, you can expect to sleep like royalty on the down mattresses and designer pillows by Mille Notti.

Nibbles & Tipples

Courtesy of Stefan Ekengren, the lavishness goes beyond accommodation; his team assemble culinary artwork. Using locally sourced raw materials, he combines his love of the land with a generous pinch of innovation, creating a presentation of Swedish history on a plate.

The restaurant's wine list is worth taking note of, with staff offering expert pairing advice to go along with the tasting menu, you can expect the most professional of services.

God is in the details

Tongue in cheek decor, an interior with a twist, you can feel an invigorating difference in the communal areas of Gorvalns Slott, which offsets the neutral of the day-to-day.


Görvälnsvägen, Järfälla
Stockholm - Sweden

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