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Whether you’re looking to escape everyday life, connect with your spiritual side or just looking for somewhere remote to relax for a while, escape the urban lifestyle and regenerate the body and mind at some of our favourite wellness retreats.

Hanging Gardens Of Bali - Ubud, Bali

Perched on the edge of a romantic valley overlooking the Ayung River and Dalem Segara temple, the breathtaking Hanging Gardens of Bali is nestled within the Balinese jungle and is a true tropical paradise. Formed of 44 astonishing private villas, take in the magnificent views of the vibrant rainforest that surrounds you and indulge in the magical experience that this retreat has to offer.

Spread amongst lush gardens of bamboo, orchids, cocoa plants, and fruit trees, rejuvenate yourself with the relaxing Spa Collection. From a range of luxurious treatments to ancient rituals, wander down to the unique spot of their riverside Bale for a true sense of wellness. Relax by the Ayung River, be spoilt for choice with the selection of exclusive spa treatments, restore your body’s balance and wellbeing and stimulate your senses with the rhythmic sounds of the serene jungle and river.

Float above the treetops in one of The Hanging Gardens' magnificent plunge pools. Known as one of the world’s most remarkable pools, the striking formation falls over the deep green forest and will leave you feeling completely at one with nature. This immersive experience in a natural tropical environment truly is the perfect wellness retreat, a once in a lifetime experience.

Hotel & Restaurant Bad Schörgau - Bolzano, Italy

Nestled within Italy’s Val Sarentino valley lies the perfect alpine-spirited hideaway, Hotel & Restaurant Bad Schörgau. This family-run hotel invites you to fully rejuvenate yourself in the heart of South Tyrol, reconnect with nature and make your personalised stay as serene as possible. Filled with natural materials and the daily use of products from the Val Sarentino valley, this is your perfect wellness retreat.

Escape your everyday worries and wander into the hotel’s enchanting wellness spa. From wood-heated hot-tubs and outdoor Finnish saunas, to outdoor swimming pools and Japanese Iyashi domes, be sure to try the hotel’s full Silhouette-Gourmet spa experience. With a unique combination of relaxing spa treatments and adapted cuisine, this immersive retreat is all about purifying the body. Revitalise your body at the enchanting Farmer’s Bath, an architectural beauty that contributes to regenerating your body and mind. From the Kneipp water-treading basin which helps bundle energies to the rippling waters in the tubs to help stimulate the hearing sense, cleanse yourself on the inside and out with the numerous water stations of apple vinegar.

Indulge in the exquisite cuisine at the on-site Michelin-starred restaurant, Gourmet Restaurant Alpes. From distinctive to delectable flavours, tantalise your tastebuds with some of the world's famous delicacies with a characteristic and distinctive twist. Here at Bad Schörgau, you experience the true meaning of rejuvenation. Escape to this immersive wellness retreat and indulge, unwind and regenerate.

Imanta Resort - Higuera Blanca, Mexico

Escape to one of Mexico’s leading resorts and experience the true meaning of luxury in a high-class, eco-friendly resort. Nestled within a private ecological jungle preserve in Punta de Mita, Imanta Resort gives you the best of both worlds; from lush forest greenery to spectacular oceanfront access, this hotel blends harmoniously with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Restore your spirit at Imanta’s enchanting Jungle Spa. Where the natural serenity of Punta Mita surrounds you, indulge in the Aztec and pre-Hispanic healing touches and regenerate the perfect balance between your body and soul. Choose to connect with nature and venture up to the jungle canopy, where the serene sounds of the ocean waves and birds tweeting will relax you during your treatment, or indulge in a pampering massage at the beach pavilion and let the ocean breeze soothe you — here at Imanta Resort you are spoilt for choice. Be sure to try a yoga class at the Observatorio, where the 360-degree panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Vallejo Jungle will truly inspire you, and let the powerful ancient healing of the Temazcal ritual help top this perfect wellness retreat.

Imanta Resort truly is pure heaven on earth. From panoramic views of the Pacific and the Sierra de Vallejo’s lush jungle to stunning waterfalls and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, indulge in this perfect wellness retreat and let the magnificence envelop your body, mind and soul.

Seehof Nature Retreat - Brixen, Italy

Experience the true meaning of calm at the enchanting Seehof Nature Retreat. Surrounded by the magnificent Dolomites, this family-run retreat immerses its guests in the serene tranquillity of the Isarco Valley with the breathtaking Tyrolean Mountains as your backdrop. Switch off your everyday worries, travel to this immersive heaven and become a free spirit amongst the surrounding woodland.

Rejuvenate your senses at the PrimaVera spa zone. Sat on Seehof’s private natural lake, indulge in the Finnish sauna, take a dip in the outdoor heated infinity pool, soak up the blissfulness of the Roman steam bath and restore your body and energy with the selection of treatments using all-natural products and essences. Be at one with nature in the green oasis between the hotel, forest and spa. Designed specifically to put you in touch with the surrounding nature, feel the earth beneath your feet and forget all those urban lifestyle worries. A trip to the Seehof Nature Retreat will truly feel like heaven on earth.

Alila Villas Uluwatu - Desa Pecatu, Indonesia

Located atop a plateau of Indonesian limestone cliffs lies the tranquil Alila Villas Uluwatu. Offering indescribable views of the Indian Ocean, fully immerse yourself in the ambience of the resort and surrender to the beauty that Bali has to offer. Designed by the award-winning WOHA, this architectural beauty blends seamlessly within the resort's natural surroundings, blowing you away with its magical aura.

Indulge in the perfect luxury Bali spa experience. With an array of ancient Asian healing techniques to help rejuvenate the body and mind, be sure to book a Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga class. Carried out on 10 to 12-foot long boards in the resort’s glimmering infinity pool, feel a sense of freedom and revitalisation. Or, wander up to the resort’s Sunset Cabana and experience the ultimate Aerial Yoga. Float above the cliff edge and discover the extraordinary benefits of aerial yoga using a fabric hanging hammock one metre above the ground. You couldn’t feel more alive than experiencing 60-minutes of this life-changing class of full-body regeneration.

Wherever your body and mind takes you, an escape to Alila Villas Uluwatu will truly be a spellbinding wellness retreat.

Playa Koralia - Buritaca, Colombia

Awaken your senses at this remote nature retreat and be charmed by its eco-friendly ethos and serene surroundings. Nestled within Colombia’s Sierra Nevada region, expose each one of your senses to an immersive array of sensations at the immersive Playa Koralia; from the pure oceanic sounds of the waves breaking on the beach, the symphonies of colourful birds and monkeys that fill the forest, to a collection of rejuvenating healing treatments at the mind, body and soul spa, let Hotel Playa Koralia be your perfect castaway.

Situated on a tranquil beach along the Caribbean, this eco-chic barefoot luxury getaway is a wonderful choice for a wellness retreat. Featuring artistic Cabanas and bungalows with their own endearing themes, the absence of WiFi and televisions truly push you to let go and connect with your natural surroundings. Private hammocks, a Bamboo Spa, a beachfront bar, breathtaking panoramic views and so much more, a retreat to Playa Koralia is just the beginning. Harmonising seamlessly within the lush forestry, this perfect escape will help disconnect you from today’s worries and make you feel at one with the true meaning of peace. Watch time stop as you regenerate in the Koralia Spa, a bamboo and palm paradise illuminated by the Caribbean glow. From sea salt therapies and relaxation massages to mud treatments and facials, be sure to try the ancient Crystal or Shiatzu healing treatments which regulate the vital energies in the body.

With so much to choose from, feel the ocean breeze ripple over you, indulge in the tranquil surroundings of nature and let this barefoot luxury retreat take you on an enchanting wellness journey.

Hotel Tugu Bali - Bali, Indonesia

Nestled on Bali’s south-west coast, the family-run Hotel Tugu Bali is an enchanting restored eighteenth-century Javanese palace and is a truly eye-opening wellness retreat. Formed of intimate thatched-roof suites dotted around the lush gardens and lotus ponds, this Bali retreat embodies the true art, soul and romance of Indonesia.

Rejuvenate yourself at the Warong Djamoe Spa, with an array of ancient Javanese treatments. Relax beneath layers of velvety floral softness in one of the authentic Balinese bathtubs, indulge in a five-hour royal palatial pampering treatment, relieve your stress with an ancient exotic hot stone massage or enter the serene Chakra opening massage, featuring healing Mantra therapies and feel a sense of utter bliss and harmony with your body. Make sure you time your retreat right when escaping to Tugu Bali; you’ll witness the true meaning of relaxation if you visit at the full moon. During these two special days, the Purnama & Tilem massage is a purification that washes away the sins and celebrates the two energies of life. Indulge in the serene sounds of the waves crashing under the moonlight during your massage then take a dip in the tranquil herb and frangipani bath with a ceremonial blessing at the end. If you’re looking for the perfect wellness retreat, you will find the true meaning of relaxation at the enchanting Hotel Tugu Bali.

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