Being voted the world's favourite travel destination must count for something, right? Bali is the paradisal island that invokes wanderlust in all of us.

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You will never fully comprehend the surreal beauty of Bali until you jump on a plane and see it with your own eyes. It's a nature lover's utopia with its long stretches of idyllic beaches, rainforest-like topography and magnificently flowing waterfalls, you will struggle to get yourself to leave this amazing island. If you do decide to stay for longer, you will definitely be welcomed by the island's cordial inhabitants who are renowned for their positive demeanours and smiling faces.

It's easy to overlook the cultural aspects of Bali and focus on its beauty, however, it is full of temples, rituals and religious festivals - all of which make it an amazingly fascinating and characterful holiday destination. Furthermore, if you are really looking to immerse yourself in the Balinese way of life, you certainly will not be disappointed by the cuisine of local eateries. Using an eclectic mix of spices, locally-sourced seafood and fresh vegetables, the regional dishes are a delight to the palette which will become even more satisfying when you see the bill.

Whether you've come to Bali to relax, explore or to party, the atmosphere of this exotic island is guaranteed to leave each one of its visitors with a smile on their faces and memories in their hearts.

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