From the spiritual forests of Bali’s Ubud to the frantic streets of Hanoi, the wondrous continent of Asia is perfect for the adventurous and inquisitive traveller.

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Asia is so much more than a destination. It is the cradle of some of the world’s oldest civilisations, the terra firma of the globe’s largest population and the spiritual base of the most numerous Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims on earth. Discover the collection of rich and deep cultures that surround you and feel at one in one of the most vibrant corners of the planet. It’s a plethora of escape destinations that combine world-renowned service with extraordinary locations, sometimes we can forget how incredible and how varied Asia is.

Filled with so much curiosity, solace, adventure and spirituality, let us not forget about the delicious varieties of foods that originate here; China’s delicious Dim Sum, Vietnam’s tasty noodle soup bowls of Pho, Thailand’s classic Pad Thai, the array of tantalising spices in Indian curries… the list could go on. I mean, is there really any greater place to eat than Asia?

Although this awe-inspiring continent has some of the best and varied landscapes in the world, it has been shaken many times. However, that has made it more and more attractive to like-minded travellers – no wonder people come here to ‘find themselves’.