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Nestled within the western part of Austria, this mountainous state is the quintessential alpine getaway. Neighbouring Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, Vorarlberg welcomes its visitors all year round with great ski resorts, a network of spectacular hiking trails and picture-perfect mountainous scenery. Think sweeping vistas over the ever-so-stunning pastures, valleys, lush greenery and one of Europe’s most scenic lakes, the enchanting Lake Constance (also known as the Bodensee) – a magnificent 63km-long lake bordering Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Escape to the charming capital, Bregenz, and delve into the gorgeous scenery and astonishing architecture. Visit the city’s modern Kunsthaus for a delightful show of contemporary art, and discover the history and culture of this elegant region in the Vorarlberg Museum. Be sure to hop onto the cable car that takes you up to the famous Mt. Pfänder to take in the picturesque views over the city!

Another incredible element of Vorarlberg is its delicious cuisine. Influenced by its neighbouring countries, typical traditional dishes from this charming region include its Käsespätzle (the macaroni and cheese of Austria – made from flour and egg noodles topped with cheese and onion), the Flädlesuppe (a dish derived from savoury pancakes, in a broth), and the tasty traditional German pastry of Apfelküachle (sliced apples covered in batter, then baked or deep fried till golden brown).

Hosted on an incredibly designed floating stage, be sure not to miss he annual Bregenz Festival in July and August! Having been a magnet for music lovers for years, enjoy some spectacular opera shows against the magnificent sunset over Bodensee lake.

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Perched 480 metres above sea level, be taken back in time at the medieval castle of Schattenburg. With its name derived from the word stem "schatte, schad" meaning "protection, shield", there's a museum inside for visitors to explore – showcasing a room each dedicated to a different aspect of Feldkirch's c...
point of interest
Arlberg (Lech)
Located in the largest interconnected ski area in Austria, Ski Arlberg represents a new dimension of skiing pleasure. With over 300 breathtaking ski-downhill kilometres, 88 running cable cars and more than 200 kilometres of deep snow runs, Arlberg is one of the snowiest regions in the alps and one of the l...
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Hop onto the Pfänder cable car and venture 1064m up to the top of the mountain to indulge in the sweeping vistas over Volarlberg's capital, panoramas of Lake Constance and the snowcapped mountains of the neighbouring Alps in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Not to mention the Alpine Game Park Pfänder is a...
Vorarlberg Museum
Founded in 1857, the Vorarlberg Museum in central Bregenz exhibits insights into the charming regions cultural history and art. Whilst over 16,000 concrete blossoms adorn the exterior of the museum, the dark interior invites visitors to admire the constantly changing scenery of Lake Constance from an enor...
art gallery
Kunsthaus Bregenz
Designed by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, Kunsthaus Bregenz is one of Europe's leading museums of contemporary art. It's nestled right on the enchanting Lake Constance and is the perfect place to indulge in spectacular art exhibitions. Not to mention its incredible exterior is made of glass plates, st...
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Bregenz Festival
For one month every summer, incredible performances by the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra take place on the world's largest floating stage at the Bregenz Festival. Overlooking the magnificent Lake Constance (Bodensee), there's no better way to indulge in the Vorarlberg evenings than here.

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