Some of the Mediterranean's most to-die-for beaches, rugged landscapes, traditional passeggiata, and a host of culinary specialities. This is Sardinia.

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Famed for its pristine and ethereal turquoise waters, the Sardinian coastline is multifaceted, from the popular Emerald Coast, to hidden coves and untouched shores. From vast mountainous ranges such as Gennargentu, to the lesser known woods and pine forests, the green lungs of Sardinia. From golfing, boat trips, scuba diving, hiking and horseback riding, this place has something for every type of traveller imaginable. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, expose Sardinia's gemstones, including Porto Cervo, a cove resembling the antlers of a deer and Porto Rotondo with its prized view overlooking the Gulf of Cugnana into the villas and piazzas below. Scattered across the mainland are Sardinia's Nuraghe, blocks of stone built around a cone-shaped tower, denoting strength and power and dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries B.C.; rejuvenation and culture all rolled into one unforgettable holiday.

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art gallery
Galleria D'Arte Di Bellino Andrea
If you're looking for unique works of art, be sure to visit the Galleria D'Arte Di Bellino Andrea. Exhibiting works by various artists from all over the world such as; Mark Kostabi, Mario Delitala, Ernesto Treccani and more, this fascinating art gallery opened its doors in the 1970s and has one of the best...
Parco Museo S'Abba Frisca
A wonderful ethnographic museum in a beautiful location, showing Sardinia's agricultural, farming and cultural history. Lakes, fountains, cascades and giant-stone pathways are taking you back to a time where people lived a simple, but beautiful life.
point of interest
Compendio Garibaldino di Caprera
Anyone with an interest in Italian history should visit Garibaldi's house in Caprera, where the "Hero of the Two Worlds" spent almost more than 2 decades of his life. Entirely fascinating and informative.

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