Glistening white sands, lazy palm trees, a brilliantly coloured underworld of coral reefs, and rugged volcanic islands, Oceania is home to both the world's most cosmopolitan cities and the most remote and culturally isolated.

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With Oceania encompassing the well-known islands of Australia and New Zealand, it's an expanse of the world that is continually represented as highly desirable and dreamy, but also one that's full of mystery due to the remote and far-flung Oceania islands such as Necker and Nihoa, Palmerston in the Cook Islands, and Pitcairn and Hendersen in the eastern Pacific. Oceania is a versatile place; whether you seek a partying atmosphere or a quieter experience of secluded stretches of coastline, Oceania offers a bit of everything. The laid-back attitude of the islands is infectious and you'll be encouraged to let loose and go with the flow from the onset. From alpine ski areas to lush forests and serene beaches, the Pacific Islands are well worth the visit.