The Pinnacle Athens - Owner's Story

Owner's Stories

Owner Konstantinos Konstantinidis’ family has been involved in tourism for years, in the context of organising large scale conferences and events throughout Greece. Although initially following in his family’s footsteps and completing a degree in Tourism and Business Administration, Konstantinos soon discovered “the magic of hospitality”. For the last five years he and his trusted team have opened and managed their very own properties to bring a unique experience to every guest. The joy that they give to each visitor is the driving force behind their every effort and it is the guests that Konstantinos considers to be his mentors;

“Through their personality, their stories, their special requests, they help us become better and expand our horizons in what we call hospitality!”

After many trips that Konstantinos took with friends, conversations about the hotels they were staying in were sparked by the similarities between each of the properties, and so an idea was born to create a special, unique type of accommodation that stepped away from the seemingly “copy-paste” design of standard hotels… and thus, the journey of The Pinnacle Athens began!

Along the journey, hours and weeks and months of research, design and budgeting were put into place by Konstantinos and his team. The team has been in the construction industry for over twenty years, which has brought them in contact with many demanding renovation and relaunch projects of many hotels. Through these experiences they have learnt a great deal about the details that a new hotel requires to be successful, from construction right through to the daily operations of a hotel, and have together crafted the perfect recipe for their own properties.

For The Pinnacle Athens, Konstantinos had his longtime collaborator (and the Creative Director of his company) Francis Papasifakis by his side throughout the process. Francis undertook the entire design and decoration of The Pinnacle Athens to create the stunning masterpiece that you see today, but the journey to find the perfect location and building to house his design was a long one. They were looking for an iconic building, to match the vision they had for a unique hospitality venue and after an incredibly long search, they found a mini-skyscraper designed by the well-known Greek architect Varagis in the 1970’s.

Although the building had been empty for ten years, it remained a landmark of the area due to the incredible façade that is covered in thousands of metallic tiles, glinting in the Athenian sun. The biggest construction issue they had to deal with was that the building had no windows! As it had previously been a shopping centre, there wasn’t a need for natural light, but Konstantinos and Francis were determined to maintain as much of the building’s stunning metallic skin as possible, whilst allowing the Athenian sunlight to shine into every suite they were planning to create!

Their vision was to create a space with a unique character, just like that of their guests. By bringing together an amalgam of old and new Athens, the traditional classic heritage of the past and the vibrance of the city today, they have created a stunning space of urban eclecticism. To highlight their passion to give the city a fresh new hotel, they decided to name it “The Pinnacle”, which means the most successful point. Comfort and uniqueness were both focus points throughout the process and Konstantinos wanted to take this so far as to create a space that truly feels like a home-away-from-home for every guest. That is why they decided to not create hotel rooms but instead Suites and Apartments, each completely uniquely decorated for every visitor to experience a truly individual stay!

The philosophy behind The Pinnacle is that every guest is unique and it is their duty and pleasure to create an environment that is bespoke and beautifully designed, creating a stay that is completely memorable. Guests return to The Pinnacle over and over again, never tiring of the views from the incredible roof garden, but don’t just take our word for it… The Pinnacle was awarded three Greek Hotel of the Year Awards in 2020 and three Greek Tourism Awards in 2021 for it’s concept, suites and overall brilliance.

What inspires Konstantinos is the question “What can we do better so that our guests can enjoy their stay more and more?” and so he pushes to constantly evolve and learn new ways to cater to each and every guest, so that they have the most wonderful, unique experience possible! Konstantinos wanted to create a space that truly embodies a “living organism”, by ensuring the hotel grows and evolves alongside its guests as they come and go. His vision for the future is to stay creative, and we have no doubt that much like the guests that pass through its doors, things at The Pinnacle Athens will never stop evolving.