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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to work from home rather than in our offices or co-working spaces. Whilst this offers a more flexible work-life dynamic that we’ve come to recognise as the new norm, with a third wave of national lockdowns keeping us from returning to our usual workplaces, keeping our home working set-ups as calm, productive and stylish as possible has never been more important.

For those of you falling into the ‘working from home’ category, have you ever thought about taking advantage and seeing this situation as a serious interiors and design opportunity?

We’ve put together our favourite workspaces from some of our boutique hotels. So take a look and draw inspiration from these magnificent spaces to encourage your creativity to flow during your time working from home. There’s no better way to work than working from home in style!

For the traditionalist...

If you’re one to have your home filled with dark oaks, traditional woods and warm colours, with a hint of artistic flair, infuse your at-home working space with a sophisticated blend of contemporary and vintage materials — a traditional home office usually has a classic and stately appearance. A place to get down to business and be truly productive, having a traditional home office style is the perfect arrangement for those looking for a genuinely classic look, without leaving it feeling stuffy or intimidating. From ornate, carved wood furniture, to large wooden desks and substantial bookcases, in order to truly spruce up your surroundings, add some traditional art to your walls — anything from a framed map to a landscape painting.

A chic retreat nestled amongst the sandy dunes of Uruguay’s Playa Mansa, if you’re looking to escape the home office, discover the perfect workspace for the traditionalist. Bahia Vik José Ignacio really embodies the essence of HIP by using traditional patterns and warm colours throughout the hotel. With works of local artists exhibited in every room of the property, this accommodation will inspire you with its traditional artistic awareness.

For the modernist...

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci

Birthed at the turn of the 20th century, the modern style manifests itself in a superbly delightful balance of clean lines and cosy accents; think natural and environmentally-friendly materials, an earthy palette and plenty of room for artistic self-expression. Whilst many modern homes have been designed with wide open spaces and the odd nook and cranny to create a more artistic flair, creating a modern workspace in your home is perfect for those with both large and small spaces. You can make any area in your home a work zone, as long as you have some sort of desk surface and a comfy chair — you’re in for a win!

CHAO Beijing is one of our innovative and contemporary members — the perfect place to draw inspiration when it comes to architecture and design. This magnificent hotel located in China’s capital, strives with its modern yet minimal spaces, complemented by earthy and neutral tones, natural light and artistic hints around the building. Located within the bustling city of Beijing, it’s highly popular with business travellers who are drawn its magnificent interior design and cool, modern spaces — the perfect inspiration for your home work office.

For the industrialist…

There’s something absolutely fascinating about the industrial themes and designs that have become popular within office, cafe and home environments in recent years. Exposed brick walls and pipes running along the ceiling are now trendy, unpolished finishes give an artistic and ‘imperfect’ aesthetic, and industrial products are being repurposed into furniture and accessories. Unless you already live in a classic city loft or factory conversion, be sure to choose this on-trend theme and turn your home work space into an industrial-styled haven. From reclaimed wood to metal and concrete incorporated into useful furniture and accessories, hardworking materials are the key to the look. Not to mention, the best place to start is with a neutral colour palette!

Take some inspiration from The Trilogy House, a 1920s converted townhouse filled with rustic, exposed walls and high ceilings complementing vibrant pops of colour, in a stylish yet playful industrial setting.

For the minimalist…

Sometimes less is more in this manic society of high expectations and material possessions. So why not discover a more stripped-back, basic definition of luxury, in which you can find beauty in the small details of design? Unless your entire home follows the iconic and trendy minimalistic style, there’s no better place to make a minimalist corner than your home workspace. A clean and well-organised workspace is ideal to achieve great concentration and an uninterrupted workflow. As it’s known, less visual clutter can lead to less mental clutter, resulting in better focus and increased productivity. Not to mention, it makes it easier to find any equipment and files you need at hand a lot faster with less fuss too!

Minimalism is all about physical and mental space. When creating your minimal home work space, try to place yourself near a window. Allowing natural light to fill the space can truly do wonders for your mood and energy levels. It also takes the strain off your eyes and decreases any fatigue. It’s also very important to be placed by plug sockets, as you don’t want the visual clutter of long extension leads along the floor making it look messy and distracting. When it comes to a minimal desk, well… it’s pretty simple really. Whether you embark on having a simple desk with the odd shelf or built-in drawer, or even just a large but sturdy floating shelf to use as your base, make sure that you keep the things on and around your desk to a minimum. Think, “do I actually need this? Or can this be stored elsewhere?” Neutral colour palettes with the odd splash of colour from a house plant or colourful desk lamp are the perfect decorations to have in your minimal home work space.

Take inspiration from our alpine haven, Hotel Schaguler. Filled with local materials and customised furnishings, the use of local chestnut wood mixed with minimal design makes for the perfect relaxation space. Cosy yet sophisticated, remember, if you don’t have enough space in your home to place a desk, there are many other ways to create a comfortable and stylish space.

For the maximalist…

The complete opposite to minimalism, when it comes to maximalist decor, the brighter, the busier and the bigger it is, the better. Think eclectic furniture, busy patterns, bright colour palettes and gorgeous textures. Maximalism was once known as a music, visual art and literature category, but now it has expanded into the world of interior design, and we couldn’t be happier. Whilst it does embrace the idea of excess, it’s not the clutter you would imagine.

The best way to start creating your perfect maximalist home workspace is to start slow. Unless you’ve already adopted this style in your home, start by adding some colour here and there, layering your chosen patterns and displaying sentimental pieces of decor around the chosen space. Choose a nice and bold desk, complimented by a comfy yet stylish chair, organise your books and files on shelves accompanied by some plants or flowers and cool artwork, then if you have the space, add a coupe of patterned cushions and bold colours to add a little comfort. However, keep in mind that a maximalist space could end up looking cluttered, therefore try to avoid over accessorising!

The family home of the riverside mansion, The Van Cleef, adopted certain aspects of maximalism throughout their hotel. Exquisite memorabilia adorn the walls, striking contemporary art and fabrics fill the spaces, and its stately grandeur makes it all the more inviting. Eclectic and completely artistic, for some more inspiration, indulge in this boutique hotel's fantastic interior design to inspire your workspace.

For the naturalist…

There’s nothing better than bringing the outside in by sprucing up your spaces with plants, natural light, earthy tones and wooden elements. There’s something about nature that provides us with a sense of calm and serenity that man-made spaces alone can’t quite deliver.

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work from a desk. For the more laid-back days, where you’re feeling productive but wanting to feel a little cosier, a comfortable seating area can be just the change of scene you’re craving, without needing to leave your house. If you’re into the iconic boho-chic vibe, why not fill your space with some rustic-styled furniture, neutral fabric textures, rattan chairs & lamp shades, and of course, plants. Whilst we’re currently dreaming of the time we can finally escape to the beach and feel the sand between our toes, sprucing up your home workspace with a beautifully-decorated naturalist design is the next best thing, keeping that boho environment around us and allowing us to dream.

An elegant combination of minimalist, mid-century design and relaxed coastal living, Bask and Stow is the perfect place to draw naturalist inspiration from. This family-run boutique in Byron Bay, embodies the true meaning of tranquility — using beachy blues and crisp white interiors, alongside bohemian scatter cushions and cosy fringed rugs. Why not add a fun and stylish cane swing to your home workspace to add a little more excitement to your day?

For the aristocrat…

We don’t know about you, but there’s something about the aristocratic style that fills us with a sense of majesty and brilliance. The inspiration of this design comes from the iconic 18th and 19th century aristocratic homes. Think lavish drapes, rich fabrics, velvet armchairs, grandiose chandeliers, Georgian terraces, four-poster beds — you name it —it’s just the beginning of the meaning of old-time luxury.

Characterised by its ownership of one of Europe’s largest crystal chandeliers and enchanting 18th century history, be inspired by Hotel Kungsträdgården’s magnificent interiors for your opulent home workspace. Whilst it’s not common for a lot of us to have chandeliers acting as our light shades throughout our homes, there are many ways to draw the aristocratic inspiration into your home design. From vintage furniture to old-century furnishings, design your home workspace with the romantic atmosphere of this opulent composition and feel a sense of grandeur every time you set foot into your space, inspiring you to dream bigger, be more productive and of course, feel like the royalty you are.

For the colour enthusiast

While we’re all for the tried and true neutral colour palettes, there’s something so captivating about a room that bursts with bright colours. If this is the first time you’re thinking about adding some colour to your home, dipping your toe into a sea of colour for the first time can be a little daunting. The best way to start is with a blank template (if possible), and then discover colour palettes that represent your best interests. Whether you’re looking for a statement coloured wall in your home workspace, colourful furnishings, or both, reclaimed furniture will truly add glamour to your quirky and chic environment. From bright yellows and oranges, to deep blues and reds, don’t be afraid to clash colours if you like the way it looks — that’s the fun and brilliance of it!

A place where classic meets modern design, bold accent colours fill the walls of this 16th-century coppersmith’s workshop, turned charming boutique hotel. Salzburg’s Hotel Goldgasse has truly taken bold design by storm. With prints of opera and concert performances adorning the walls from the Salzburg Festival to accent furniture and colourful SMEG refrigerators, be inspired by its eclectic charm and design. Everything about Goldgasse screams a celebration of modern art in a historical town.

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