Chef of Hotel Zoo Berlin's GRACE Restaurant

Martin Bruhn

Guest Pick

Renowned for its creative quirks and historical landmarks, visitors to Berlin remain mesmerised by its endless offerings of vibrant culture, storied history and a bustling nightlife and fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be dissipating anytime soon. That creative flair thoroughly shines through at Hotel Zoo, a design-conscious, decadently-draped historic property settled on Berlin’s famed Kurfürstendamm boulevard.

But, Hotel Zoo doesn’t just stop at its immensely elegant rooms, with its sophisticated GRACE restaurant and 1920s-themed speakeasy bar dressed in premium materials and sultry colours of deep purple and green. 2020 sees GRACE celebrate its 5th anniversary of creating some of Berlin’s most inventive fare in a cosmopolitan yet cosy atmosphere. Chef Martin Bruhn is the brains behind the flavourful success of the restaurant, with an endless invention of new dishes populating the menu. Garnering inspiration from his travels to the culinary capitals of the world; Bangkok, Paris, Tokyo and Mexico City, Bruhn’s flavours take the form of a bold blend of Asian and European finesse that keeps visitors returning for more.

We got the chance to chat with Chef Martin Bruhn regarding the inspiration behind his menu and what has contributed to such a great success for the GRACE restaurant.

HIP Hotels: What is your favourite aspect of working at GRACE restaurant?

Bruhn: GRACE is the place to be, at the heart of the West City in Berlin for every kind of visitor, both national and international, from VIPs to locals and business people, for an elegant yet easygoing vibe. It’s cosmopolitan yet cosy and makes a chic and sophisticated setting for guests to enjoy a perfect dinner night!

I love our great employees and super team spirit that continuously advances our GRACE family project every day.

HIP Hotels: Are there any new dishes or ideas you are currently working on?

Bruhn: We are always working on new dishes. It takes a lot of time but the inspiration for the new menu was taken from my travels to the culinary capitals of the world: cities like Bangkok, Paris, Tokyo, and Mexico City. I bring these experiences to the GRACE kitchen, where I work with my energetic and creative team to blaze new culinary trails.

We currently have some new GRACE style dishes:

Scottish Mussels Tom Kha & Sake

Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak Marrowbonebutter & Broccolini

Blackberry Karamell Pistachio-Yoghurt

HIP Hotels: What is your favourite dish on the menu and what’s the inspiration behind it?

Bruhn: Salmon Coconut Ceviche Soy, Avocado & Plantain Chips

This dish was inspired by Latin American ceviche and the fact that there are so many different variations and ways to create a unique invention. In this way, it’s designed in the GRACE-style with signature spices and textures.

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