10 Days In Fiji

Travel Journal

A place with dazzling white-sand beaches, spectacular underwater marine life, fascinating cultures, colonial architecture and so much more, recently we escaped to the magical Fiji islands — where the dreams of heaven on earth truly do come true.

Formed of over 50 individual islands, with only ten days to explore, we knew we had to fully immerse ourselves in the famous Yasawa Islands. Located just north of the main island, Viti Levu, we were truly walking into a secluded paradise surrounded by glistening clear blue waters and perfect palm trees. Our 10-day journey began on the tiny island of Barefoot Manta, a place filled with magical flora and fauna.

If there’s one experience from this island that has truly stuck, it has to be the completely breathtaking underwater vistas. Entering the enchanting underwater world, we explored the hidden depths of Fiji’s untouched coral reefs. Known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’, you can swim with schools of different species of fish and manta rays, indulge in the out-of-this-world colours and allow your breath to be taken away by the sights that enveloped our vision.

Advancing to Nanuya Lai Lai, we were welcomed with warm hospitality and delicious cocktails. Here, we watched the sunset over the horizon floating in the middle of the Pacific in a tiny wooden boat, sang and danced with the locals on the beach and tantalised our tastebuds with some delicious fresh food. If there’s one thing we would seriously recommend (although the entire experience is high up on our hotlist), it’s to explore the Sawa-I-Lau-Caves. Amid ancient limestone formations, you can swim in the blue lagoon inside the caves and watch as the sun glistens for a purely spectacular display. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted that’s for sure!

From island to island, beach hut to beach hut, we spent our last day exploring the colourful Hindu temple of Sri Siva Subramaniya, located in Nadi on the mainland. Although the entire experience was truly unforgettable, it wouldn’t have been the same without the warm hospitality and open arms of the locals. They welcome you and say their farewells, singing traditional Fijian songs on their small guitars, making you entirely feel at home on a desert island.

While Tom Hanks may have led us to believe in the struggles of being deserted on a Fijian island, we wouldn’t have minded swapping places with him!

Handy Tip: Be sure to respect and maintain the local cultures and the people around you.

Recommendation: Make sure you buy some Batu Rum! Brewed in Fiji, this traditional Fijian rum is absolutely delicious!

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