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Le Pigalle

Paris, France

Sexy French cool comes to life at Le Pigalle, found in one of Paris' most loved and decadent neighbourhoods. Providing a gloriously vintage and utterly contemporary setting from the moment you step foot inside, this chic boutique embodies the spirit of this arty local district. The 40 rooms convey a specific image of Pigalle: historic, modern, decadent, multicultural, musical. Here you can expect monochrome decor, vintage furnishings, modern sound systems and eclectic artwork. This is quintessential Paris - passionate, flighty, stylish and cool. Every corner here reflects the neoclassical architecture that Paris is known for. Make yourself at home at Le Pigalle and be seduced by the très chic design that surrounds you.

Oh La La

Love is in the air here, especially in this locally focused hotel, lit by the famous neon lights of the cabaret shows. From its open-plan lobby that’s a passionate distillation of everything that makes Pigalle such a special place, filled with a full vinyl library, custom scent candles, to its bustling atmosphere, guests come here to eat, dance, listen to music, make new friends and so much more!

The Location

Feel the beat of the southern hill of Montmartre as everything here is local; from the music mixed by a local DJ to the croissants baked just around the corner. The youthful spirit of this neighbourhood is the perfect place to indulge in Paris' more eclectic and seductive side.

The Rooms

With a strong Parisian identity, each room has been individually decorated with a Nouvelle Athènes feel - characterised by neoclassical architecture and inspired by artists and poets in the late nineteenth century. Indulge in bright illustrations that adorn the walls and relax on 50s and 70s vintage furniture. Rooms here are more like a friend’s bedroom than a cookie-cutter hotel room…

Nibbles & Tipples

A quirky take on the French café, the hotel’s restaurant has a seasonal, eclectic menu with homemade preserves, jams and pickles. Working with local suppliers and businesses that are sure to delight every kind of palate, the flavours here reflect the diversity of the surrounding neighbourhood. Not to mention the restaurant is open from 7am to the early hours of the morning!

Retreat to Café Pigalle and discover your perfect hangout. This cosy corner of the hotel is the perfect place for those who love a good cup of coffee. Choose one of their homemade delicacies or a spot of lunch to round off the experience. There’s even a little hidden room at the back, perfect for an intimate dinner or private event!

God is in the details

Some of the rooms are more pied-a-terre with views over a gorgeous courtyard. Vintage furniture and a modern sound system give you the best of both worlds.


9 rue Frochot
Paris - France

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