From its beauty to its historical chaos, fall in love with the enchanting city of Thessaloniki and indulge in the vibrancy and energy the city has morphed into today.

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Situated on the northern fringe of the Thermaic Gulf lies the enchanting Thessaloniki. Known as the second-largest city in Greece, be enchanted by its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, remarkable sea views and cosmopolitan character. With an incredible combination of rich multicultural history and a picturesquely peaceful atmosphere, explore the ancient secrets of this magnificent city and discover the special beauty and charm that this modern metropolis has achieved after its stormy history.

Every year, Thessaloniki invites new and emerging filmmakers to its International Film Festival, one of Southeast Europe's primary showcases for independent and professional film productions from all over the world — it's an unmissable event! With so much to do, be sure to explore the Ano Poli neighbourhood, Thessaloniki’s most colourful and historic neighbourhood, and one of the only places that remains intact after the Great Thessaloniki Fire of 1917! Filled with stone-paved alleys, Macedonian and Balkan architecture, monasteries and fantastic views over the city and the gulf, enjoy some deliciously tasty mezes in a hidden taverna or cafe with the locals.

From its most famous sight, the White Tower, to a buzzing waterfront packed with diverse cocktail bars, climb up to the Byzantine walls and take in the gorgeous Aegean sunset.

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In the heart of the Ladadika district, Negroponte is nestled within a charming 1880s building. The chefs pick their fresh ingredients every morning and prepare an original daily menu for a more diverse experience. Be sure to try the fried-pork with yoghurt and zucchini cakes, it's delicious!
Located inside a stunning neoclassical building in the vibrant district of Valaoritou, Urania is a bar with an easy-going attitude. Indulge in its low-key and unpretentious vibe, taste some delicious cocktails and listen to some eclectic music ranging from jazz, electronica and house music - the perfect sp...
Modiano Market
Located in the heart of the city, the Modiano Market is one of the most authentic experiences any food lover could get in Thessaloniki! Known as one of the most traditional markets in the city, hundreds of flavours, scents and products fill this enchanting market - It's a true food lovers paradise!
jewelry store
Katerina Ioannidis & Co
An unmissable family-run boutique filled with one-of-a-kind statement jewellery pieces, Owner Katerina Ioannidis has made a name for herself and is now one of the top jewellery designers the country. Drop in and make sure you collect one of her unique designs, they're all limited!
MAREA sea spirit
Nestled in the most urban corner of the city, MAREA sea spirit is the perfect fresh fish & seafood restaurant in the city. From delicious carpaccio and crayfish tartar with passion fruit to smoked eel with wasabi, tantalise your tastebuds with these timeless yet urban dishes paired with some tasty Greek wine.
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Established in 1912, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki was designed by the Greek architect Patroklos Karantinos. Explore the findings that represent Macedonian culture and discover some of its most notable exhibits such as; the head of Serapis, the statue of Harocrates, gold medals and Medusa heads.

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