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Al Piglio

Piglio, Italy

A captivating retreat for the discerning traveller, Al Piglio is perfectly nestled amidst the rolling hills on the outskirts of Rome. This hidden gem of hospitality offers an unparalleled experience to those seeking a harmonious blend of luxury, tranquillity, and authentic Italian charm. From its stunning architecture to its exceptional services, Al Piglio – Maison De Charme beckons visitors to immerse themselves in an idyllic haven where time seems to stand still. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a scene straight out of a postcard – a centuries-old stone building exuding rustic elegance, flanked by verdant vineyards and olive groves. The architecture seamlessly fuses the charm of yesteryears with modern amenities, offering an ambiance that is both sophisticated and inviting.

A Glimpse Of Elegance

Beyond its luxurious offerings, Al Piglio is committed to sustainable practices and community engagement. Taking pride in supporting local artisans, farmers, and producers, thereby contributing to the region's socio-economic growth, the efforts to minimise its environmental footprint through eco-friendly initiatives showcase the hotel’s dedication to responsible tourism.

The Location

While this enchanting retreat is a destination in itself, its location offers access to a myriad of experiences. The town of Piglio is renowned for its vineyards, making it a haven for wine enthusiasts. Guided tours through the vineyards and wine-tasting sessions are arranged for guests interested in discovering the nuances of the region's wines.

The Rooms

Boasting a handful of thoughtfully-designed suites, each accommodation is adorned with unique furnishings and decor that pay homage to the region’s rich cultural heritage. Whether it’s a suite overlooking the vineyards or a cosy room with a freestanding bathtub, every space has been meticulously curated to ensure maximum comfort and aesthetic delight.

Nibbles & Tipples

One of the highlights of a stay at Al Piglio is undoubtedly the culinary journey it offers. The onsite restaurant sources fresh, locally-produced ingredients to create a symphony of flavours that capture the essence of Italian cuisine. Guests are treated to gastronomic delights that showcase the region's culinary prowess, from homemade pasta dishes to sumptuous desserts paired with the finest wines from the surrounding vineyards.

Guests can bask in the warm Italian sun on comfortable loungers that line the poolside. Whether it's a leisurely swim in the morning, a refreshing dip on a hot afternoon, or a romantic evening by the pool, the hotel's surroundings offer the ideal setting for moments of sun-kissed serenity.

God is in the details

Al Piglio Maison De Charme stands as a testament to the notion that travel can be more than a mere change of location; it can be a transformative experience. This retreat is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of history and modernity, luxury and simplicity, relaxation and exploration.


Contrada Fisti 16, 03010 Piglio (FR), Italy
Piglio - Italy

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Seasonal Offers - Get ready to elevate your getaway experience at Al Piglio with their exciting offerings for the upcoming season! Discover the beauty of the surrounding areas with ease by renting an ebike from us, perfect for exploring highlights like the Big Bench on the cycle lane. Dive into relaxation with their pool opening exclusively for guests from May to October. Indulge in the flavours of Italy with freshly harvested lemons, used to craft our signature Limoncello and delectable lemon cakes. Plus, take advantage of their special vouchers valid until October: from the Wellness Pack for a serene escape, to a Food & Wine Pack, offering a 2-night stay in a suite, 2 dinner tastings, a wine tasting, and another olive oil tasting.
Immerse yourself in the essence of Italian hospitality and culinary excellence at Al Piglio.

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