North America

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Glittering city skylines, majestic Canadian mountains, ancient Mexican ruins, awe-inspiring Alaskan glaciers and more, North America is a fantastic continent burgeoning with diversity within every nook and cranny – it is the ultimate microcosm of nearly every ethnicity and culture, climate, landscape and category of wildlife. Its vastness is overwhelming and its shimmering turquoise coastlines, even more so.

In terms of magnificent sights, North America is the queen of the beauty pageant; a contestant blessed with an abundance of variety and plenty of pure knock-you-out wow factor. However, what makes this gorgeous continent so special and different to others is how it lends itself to intrepid discovery without a guide. From celebrity spotting in Santa Monica to log cabins and check shirts in Canada and along the Great Lakes, there's something for every kind of traveller in North America, so get ready to explore!