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What is happiness? And how many of us are in pursuit of things that simply don’t deliver?

It was 2007, when Pierre Lang, General Manager of Alila Seminyak, experienced his very own Eat Pray Love moment, soul searching at a Thai Monastery. During the 10-day silence retreat, it was possibly the first opportunity for Pierre to truly ask himself that question and change the course of his career.

With over twenty-five years in the hospitality industry, fifteen of which were spent at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai and Berlin and the Park Hyatt in the Maldives, along with the prestigious Armani Hotels & Resorts brand, Pierre decided to take a break, and go travelling. German national, Pierre, explored Nepal, China and Thailand, falling in love with Asia, one fascinating country at a time. So when he learnt that Alila Seminyak would be opening in Bali, he saw his opportunity and was invited for an interview, effortlessly securing the position.

Alila Seminyak would mark Pierre’s seventh opening, where his vision became clear — to bring happiness and authenticity to the table:

“I think our guests celebrate life every day. They appreciate what they have, they live life to the fullest… This comes back to happiness; it comes from within.”

And within every square inch of this stunning 5-star boutique hotel, Pierre’s positive influence is clear to see.

Alila offers a chic, laid back vibe, allowing guests to have time for themselves, whilst enjoying a lifestyle that’s both genuine and in tune with nature. Set on Bali’s upmarket southern coast, the star attraction here is undeniably the beautiful unspoiled beach, which acts as the backdrop to this 176 room sanctuary (140 of them being suites, plus the penthouse which comes with its own infinity pool). The minimalist décor, whilst chic and elegant, doesn’t even try to compete. Instead, the contemporary lines harmoniously unite the inside with the outside, using a palette of wood, limestone and terrazzo. But don’t be fooled, simplicity doesn’t translate to the absence of luxury. In fact, the Alila team had to be on-site for a whole year before any guests arrived, ensuring they were prepared not only to meet expectations for their discerning guests but exceed them. Alila Seminyak attracts a particular clientele; one that prizes excellence as well as reconnecting with the simpler things in life.

The impact on the environment is something that Pierre and Alila take very seriously. The open-air design ensures lighting and cooling requirements are kept to a minimum, whilst its water conservation and management programmes ensure it meets Earth Check’s stringent standards, earning the hotel its silver certification. The use of both local and recycled materials further adds to their sustainability whilst supporting local communities too. In Pierre’s dedicated hands, Alila is fully committed to being as eco-friendly as can be.

One of Pierre’s many gifts is to craft special experiences for his guests, which led to his “Surprisingly Different” tagline. Enjoy a Twilight for Two Experience, a crafted culinary journey for a night to remember, or perhaps the unique Sunset Symphony — a concept where the DJ or live band play along with the flow of nature, following the sun as it sets or harmonising along to cloud formations. And it doesn’t stop there — Pierre’s rebranding of “The Restaurant” into “Seasalt”, which boasts simple, organic, and carefully sourced dishes, earned its place as one of the Top 10 restaurants in Seminyak, adding to Pierre’s many notable achievements.

The Alila Seminyak experience is one where guests come to relax, unwind and reconnect with nature. There are even free daily yoga or meditation classes on offer but if a pampering spa treatment is more your style, then the array of indulgent treatments fusing Asian medicine with Balinese therapies will ease any remaining stresses away. At the end of the day, Pierre wishes for his guests exactly what he would want for himself:

“Authenticity. I love to make guests happy and create unforgettable experiences.” And he has delivered. A stay at the outstanding Alila Seminyak is just that, simply unforgettable.

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