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A resplendent fusion of time-honoured tradition with the ultra-modern, Hotel Heureka promises all the magic of Venice, without any of the stress. Set within an oasis of calm, in the Cannaregio district of Venice, this 16th century villa is a hidden jewel far from the madding crowds.

We’ve all heard the expression, ‘a home away from home’, well Hotel Heureka, would be your Venetian Palazzo away from home. This spectacular boutique hotel has been lovingly restored by Austrian business partners Angela Silarna Valach and Erwin Krause, in the hope of providing guests with the experience of living like nobility. From restored Venetian murals to ancient terrazzo floors, every inch of this stunning hideaway shouts luxury, Venetian-style.

Born from a dream, Angela and Krause quite simply fell in love with the property, and its surrounding areas, and set out to make it a reality. Sitting on the lagoon side of Venice, beside the calming waters of Madonna dell’ Orto, the original listed building held much promise for those seeking grandeur, off the beaten track. Transforming the old villa into the marvel it is today was a two-year labour of love, and came with its own challenges. The idea was to restore the original architecture, which falls between the Renaissance and Baroque periods, whilst injecting bold, modern elements throughout. According to Angela, the result is “a coherent and harmonious mosaic of shapes, colours, materials and styles from different cultures and eras.” And they certainly didn’t fail.

The metamorphosis into the boutique hotel it is today, required the most meticulous attention to detail. Valach, who happens to own her own design company, MasterPlan A, in Vienna, enlisted their expertise to source all the materials and furniture that would be required to bring their vision to life, through her discerning eyes,

“Every detail in this palazzo, however small, carries a personal touch because there is nothing that has not passed through my hands.”

From Asian antiques to Christian Lacroix signed upholstery, the fusion of design styles came together in such harmony, you’d think it was always that way, whilst always capturing the essence that can only be Venice, their ultimate source of inspiration.

It should come as no surprise that this stylish getaway has been chosen to host some of Venice’s most upscale private events. Since its opening in 2017, the exclusive ARMANI Beauty Suite was held at Heureka, during the 75th Venice International Film Festival. February 2019 saw the hotel’s first Carnival Party “Viaggiatori nel Tempo”, inspired by the great travellers of bygone days. By May 2019 Artist Julian Khol chose this hotel as the venue for the opening Party of his Temporary Art Exhibition. In fact, Hotel Heureka has exhibited the works of this young Viennese artist since its opening, which can be found displayed within its splendid rooms and suites as well as in the communal areas and garden. Angela cites the entrance of Heureka, as one of her favourite parts of the hotel – a façade arranged around a central axis with stone balustrade balcony and lancet windows.

“It’s like a view into the heart of Venice”

she says, and we couldn’t agree more. The pulsing heartbeat of this great city can be heard within every corner of this opulent palace. Whether it’s the tinkling of the ivories on the grand piano, in the hotels’ music room, beneath the large crystal chandelier, or the humming of the birds heard from beyond the high walls of the secret garden. The essence of Venice is never far away.

Ask Angela what she feels best defines a hotel and sets its standards, she will tell you – unique interior design, a highly motivated team, and exceptional service. Needless to say this 10 suite masterpiece delivers on them all.

Within a short period of time, this exceptional boutique hotel has grown to become very well respected, drawing in esteemed clientele and offering the most idyllic location for a wedding, or any other special event close to your heart. Once you’ve come, there’s no denying you’ll be declaring, Heureka, I’ve most certainly found it!

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