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Owner's Stories

Nothing shouts “‘retreat” more than the wellness-inspired South Tyrolean Hotel Petrus. Nestled within the stunning Dolomites, with direct access to Kronplatz Mountain, this alpine gem is owned and run by two generations of the Aichner Family.

Hotel Petrus invites guests to a spa-like stay within an atmosphere that succeeds in being both modern and cosy, all at the same time. From the spectacular mountain views visible from every suite, (some even come with their own infrared sauna or outdoor jacuzzi) to the Dahoame-Spa itself, offering stress-busting treatments, saunas, swimming pools and your own private Hamman, all encapsulate the aroma of Swiss Pine. However, the notion of calm doesn’t end there; set amid nature itself, lush forests and fragrant meadows, it’s easy to see why this fairy-tale setting was chosen to build the boutique hotel. It was at this very spot, some four decades earlier, that Papa Hans stood with their architect when he had his epiphany:

“Let's build the house in the same way the mountain is formed so that it harmonises with the energy of the mountain and faces south. That way our guests will get to enjoy the sunshine all day long!"

And that’s exactly what they did. The 50-room Petrus has since become synonymous with an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing and family; in this case, Papa Hans, Mama Gerti, along with their three daughters, Brigitte, Christina and Daniela, all of whom help to run this superior 4-star hotel.

If you’re looking for the best-kept secrets in cross country trails or ski routes, Papa Hans is your man. He’s also the one responsible for keeping the place in check, so you can thank him for your comfortable stay. Mama Gerti is the heart and soul of Petrus, and as her husband will tell you, “She takes care of simply everything.” Rumour has it that she can also tell you which summit has the best acoustics for yodelling. Perhaps if you ask nicely enough, she might invite you to listen?

The reception desk and customer services are the role of the eldest daughter, Brigitte. But her duties don’t end there; a fully trained sommelier and gourmand, Brigitte is also in charge of the amuse-bouche menu and should be your primary go-to for any dining recommendations. Her expertise may even be thanked for the kitchen’s feature in the prestigious Gault & Millau. Another passionate golfer in the family (with several tournament wins under her belt) is Christina, the unofficial head of the house coordinating all of the departments. The baby of the family, Daniela is only on-site two to three times a week, mainly working behind the scenes, but if you’re lucky you may find her front of house, staffing the bar or even the reception desk. And last but by no means least, is Lila, the furry, four-legged member of the family. Lila is ‘available’ to go on walks with guests or even hiking, and preferably in the winter; because there’s nothing she enjoys more than rolling in the snow. But you didn’t hear that from us (woof.)

Ask any of the Aichner family what their goal is at the Petrus, and they will tell you;

“One family, one great team. We are a team as a family and as hoteliers. Our common goal is that our guests enjoy a wonderful holiday here with us and we do it all with passion and joy. Each member of the family and team takes care of the areas that he or she is most passionate about. That way we all enjoy what we do and our guests feel that.”

Needless to say the many regulars who have been loyal to the hotel for decades, are testimony to this.

Sadly Hans’ father, Peter Aichner, passed away just three months after the hotel was opened. In his memory, and also in honour of the patron Saint Peter, to whom the village church is dedicated, the house was re-named, Hotel Petrus. St. Peter holds the ‘keys of heaven’ which has become the symbol of the hotel. Book a stay at the Petrus and perhaps you’ll experience a taste of heaven for yourself.

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