Quiet Beaches To Enjoy This Summer


Who doesn’t love a beautiful sandy beach? Whilst a busy one may be enough to make the hairs on the back on your neck stand up at the present moment, the thought of a quiet, secluded or private beach will certainly send you into a hazy daydream of pure bliss! In particular, with the current pandemic affecting destination choices, somewhere with a selection of empty beaches may be just the deciding factor for your getaway this year.

Here’s a selection of some of the best secluded beaches that you can find near some of the hotels in our collection, from utterly private and exclusive stretches of coastline to remote beaches that feel like your world’s away from any commotion.

The Chedi Muscat, Muscat, Oman

Where serene luxury is concerned, The Chedi Muscat doesn’t get much more exclusive. Set along a private stretch of beach surrounded by expansive grounds, the overall vibe is one of Middle Eastern aesthetics blended with modern minimalism.

Its 370 metre private beach near Al Ghubra is relatively small but there’s plenty of loungers, so whether you decide to plunge into the beachside Chedi Pool, then leisurely dive into the sea’s waves, or simply unwind on a lounger, the choice is yours.

For when your tastebuds need some tantalising, The Beach Restaurant will be sure to oblige — enjoy a creative seafood menu that emphasises the sublime location and panoramic vistas of the Gulf of Oman. If you happen to visit The Chedi Muscat at the time of the full moon, be sure to spend a romantic evening on the Chedi beach as you indulge in a five-course dinner underneath the moon’s luminous presence.

Privacy doesn’t get much more luxurious.

Weligama, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s coastline is one rife with bays and beaches that never falter in offering tranquility and a place to simply unwind. That’s what makes many of them so popular, and often, rather busy! Nonetheless, there are still a few hidden gems to fill your beachy-needs, and you’ll have to travel to Weligama to find them.

The sandy bay of Weligama is far less travelled to than other resorts in Sri Lanka, making it a quiet and serene alternative to the busier beaches in the north. Novice surfers, snorkelers or divers will appreciate the safety of being protected by shallow coral reefs. But, perhaps Weligama’s most prized feature, is Taprobane Island, a rock island housing a famous villa built by Count de Maunay after his exile from France. Since then, it has passed between owners including several famous authors, composers and performers, and is truly a sight to behold, rising from the waters.

For an extra helping of exclusivity, Kalukanda House is a private and exclusive use luxury villa filled with cultural delights and an appreciation for the slow living lifestyle. Designed with a passion for craftsmanship, antiques and sustainability in mind — this, paired with the quiet beaches that surround it, promise a stay to be relished at every moment. If you tire of Weligama Bay, Turtle Beach is located just 100metres away, where you’ll find a seasonal beach bar and one of the best spots to sit and enjoy the sunset.

Asturias, Spain

With its fertile valleys and beautiful coastline, Asturias is home to its fair share of picturesque beaches. Famed for its unspoilt surroundings, varied landscapes of mountain peaks and expansive coastline, it certainly makes a good choice for those considering a getaway to Spain. It’s even home to The Beach of Silence, so you can pretty much guarantee you’ll find a quieter sandy place to rest within Asturias.

Playa de Vega in particular, is a truly spectacular wild beach overlooked by rolling green hills, where walks along the shores can be enjoyed in perfect tranquility. As it is more difficult to access than other beaches in Asturias, its hidden gem qualities come to light. Since there aren’t many shops or businesses in the area, it is advised to take a picnic to make the most of your day, and for those interested in surfing, this exposed beach benefits from consistent waves at any time of year.

If you wish to extend your stay in Asturias, El Gran Sueño offers a charmingly blissful boutique overlooking the wonderfully historic and diverse landscape. Each five guesthouse rooms feature characterful flourishes, and three self-catering suites offer that extra level of privacy, which I think we can all agree is much appreciated at this time. Add this to its sublime location atop a twisting road, and the intimacy and romanticism of this country retreat will be difficult to resist.

Why wouldn’t you want to stay in a location that has widely been regarded as one of northern Spain’s best kept secrets?

Paraty, Brazil

The colourful town of Paraty situated on the southern tip of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, beckons you into a world of colourful houses and charming fishing boats. A boat trip around the bay of Ilha Grande is a must, where you’ll encounter secluded beaches and idyllic islands.

Praia da Lula is one of Paraty’s most secluded and beautiful beaches, with clear and clean waters, perfect for a spot of diving or snorkelling. Backed by the forest, this is a charming beach for those who will appreciate the stark contrast in landscape of sea and foliage, and its calm waters are enough to send you into a hazy daydream. With no restaurants or shops within its vicinity, the opportunity to disconnect and relax are endless. Included as part of the boat tours in the area, Lula Beach can get busy depending on the time of the year, but time it right and you’ll be able to bask in having the beach almost entirely to yourself.

If you want to make the most of soaking up the tranquil beaches of Paraty, then a stay at Casa Turquesa Maison D´Hôtes will provide you with the final component. Located approximately a 35 minute drive from Praia da Lula, you’ll experience an extension of Paraty’s colourful atmosphere, with rooms that aim to provide guests with a personalised and intimate experience. It is possible to enjoy a boat tour in Casa Turquesa’s private sloop including picnic on board, encountering the colourful whaling boats and engaging in your peaceful surroundings.

Las Alamandas Resort, Jalisco, Mexico

Does it get much more exclusive than a private beach resort? Formed of colourful villas and lush gardens set on a private ecological reserve, Las Alamandas offers the ultimate in Mexican escapes. With four private beaches to choose from, you really will be spoilt for choice. Enjoy a private picnic, surf in the warm Pacific Ocean and soak up the beauty of Las Alamandas’ diverse coastline. Wherever you lay your eyes, the untouched beaches that surround you will bring you peace and calm — you may even spot the sea turtles laying their eggs and spy the habitats of numerous species of birds on the lagoon and in the streams. With La Palapa Beach Club in close proximity, you can ensure your appetite stays satisfied with a wide array of delicious Mexican and international fare.

With only 16 suites, offering the atmosphere of an entirely private space, you can expect only the highest standard of service and hospitality from the caring staff. Describing itself as “an ideal space for truly relaxing getaways, romantic escapes, honeymoons, family get togethers, and intimate weddings”, if you’re searching for a stay this year that is exclusive, safe and private, then Las Alamandas is the perfect hideaway. Every morning, you’ll awake to the soothing sounds of the Pacific, from where you’ll have complete freedom to spend your days exactly as you wish, and return home feeling entirely rejuvenated.

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