Unleash The Wanderlust In You With Our HIP Travel App


Covid may have showed up uninvited this year, but here at HIP Hotels, we haven’t let that put the brakes on developing new and exciting ways to continue to inspire you to travel.

We are extremely pleased to bring you the new and updated HIP Travel App — a simple yet innovative way to browse our destinations, our collection, and recommendations, from quiet beaches to avoid the crowds, to al fresco dining, to the stories behind our iconic collection of hotels.

The most significant and dedicated feature is the ability to scan a QR code on our destination pages, where you’ll gain exclusive access to top travel tips for the relevant destination, including transportation and events by month.

Without further ado, let us go into more depth on exactly what to expect when using HIP Travel.

Browse by what inspires you

What inspires you to travel? Is it the thought of barefoot luxury and whitesand beaches? Or perhaps it’s the art, culture, or design of a city that draws you to its surroundings? Maybe you like hotels with a minimalistic feel, or perhaps eccentricity is more pleasing? Whatever it is, our Inspiration tab has you in mind. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect hotel that encapsulates exactly what interests you and encourages you to set off to fulfil those desires.

Discover a new destination or revisit one you love

Here at HIP Hotels, we’re all about discovering new destinations and finding original ways to experience the ones we already love. The Destinations tab on our app is an easy and quick way to find out more about the next place you want to visit, with a few hotel recommendations of course! From the Amalfi Coast to New York, fall in love with some of the world’s greatest regions and cities.

Introducing our top travel tips via QR code

Using our expertise and love of all things travel, we bring you our exclusive travel tips, to help you get the most you can out of your trip.

This content is available exclusively on our mobile app and can only be accessed by scanning our QR code.

When navigating to a Destination page, at the bottom you’ll see that you need to scan a QR code. By finding the same page on our website, you’ll see the QR code — either scan with your mobile’s camera if you are near another device, or tap on the code to gain access.

You’ll now be able to ‘View travel tips’ on the App, a space that encourages you to immerse yourself in your chosen destination. Not only is this guide a companion for your holiday but it will also help you to discover events and places you may not have considered before.

Discover our Capture it! tab, a selection of go-to photo hotspots to capture some seriously impressive moments, or our What To Eat section, an easily accessible guide of traditional foods to try and average prices to expect. Say It will bring you up to speed with the latest lingo, allowing you to mix like a local with ease, and our Explore and Move Around sections will keep you to up to speed on events to expect each month, transport options and some useful tips that will have you accustomed to your surroundings in no time.

We know that a great travel experience is one where you feel familiar with your environment, which is where our travel tips section lends a friendly and welcome hand.

Click here to view our travel guides (you'll need to have our HIP Travel app downloaded in order to access).

Be inspired to travel through our Stories

We see it as our objective and passion to inspire you to travel, through imaginative recommendations and authentic stories. Whether it’s delving in depth behind some of the memorable and striking narratives of our hotels regarding the awe-inspiring origins behind their successful properties, or sourcing top picks of staycation destinations, interior design trends or food tasting experiences, we seek to bring you expertly-curated Stories that will stimulate your wanderlust and whisk you away to those exact inspiring places you read about.

Whichever part of HIP Travel you decide is best suited to what you wish to gain from your getaway, treat it as your travel pal or companion that will always be there for when you need a helping of inspiration.

Available on iOS and Android.