Travel Influencers Diary With Instagram's @wanderthisway

Katherine Pryde

Guest Pick

Katherine (@wanderthisway)

Visited: 95 countries

Based in: Canada

Last visited: Holbox, Mexico

Next destination: Kenya

HIP: Tell us a bit about the last place you visited; what inspired you to go there?; what would you recommend?

Katherine: The last place I visited was Holbox, Mexico. I have an unhealthy love for flamingos and beaches and well, this place has an abundance of both. Holbox sparked my interest as I once heard it described as the type of place Tulum used to be, before it became more mainstream, you know more off the radar and truly boho-chic. I really had no clue what we were in for but once we arrived on the island, after a quick 2-hour drive plus a ferry ride, I instantly fell in love. The vibe is so relaxed and unassuming, I literally wore jean shorts and bathing suits all day and night and barely wore shoes. It is one of the only places I truly got to relax and disconnect. Lucky for us there was a trusty HIP Hotel there, Casa Las Tortugas, which I will honestly say made the trip. The hotel was the best on the island, so well designed and maintained, the staff were so good to us and it had the best beachfront - we had to force ourselves to leave the premises.

HIP: Which destination is next on your wishlist?

Katherine: I am currently finding myself constantly daydreaming of all things Kenya, again it comes down to flamingos and beach. I have been to a few countries in Africa (Namibia, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa) but I really want to experience the diversity and abundance of Kenya. I have never done a “big five” game safari and I think it would just be an incredible experience to do this in Maasai Mara park, and obviously I have had my eye on a trek to Lake Nakuru to see the flamingos! I am also very intrigued by the little rustic beach towns and island in the Lamu Archipelago, it just seems like such a unique place to visit.

HIP: What is your best travel experience to date?

Katherine: I would have to say Brazil for two reasons. The Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro with their level of service and care blew our minds, we felt like celebrities. They took care of every detail, made navigating the city as easy as possible and sourced a relatively more economic helicopter ride of the city, which I would say was one of the highlights of my travel life! Then, just when I thought I couldn’t be more blown away, we arrived on the Bahia coast, near Praia de Itacarezinho, about 30 minutes south of Itacaré. I have never been so overcome with the beauty and vastness of a place and its scenery. It’s a place I hope everyone gets to experience at least once in their lives.

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