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Surya Samudra

Kerala, India

Surya Samudra was the first resort to embrace the extraordinary beauty and charm of Kerala. Originally owned by a professor of Germanic studies at Madras University, it started as a collection of authentic teak fishermen's houses, reassembled on an idyllic point flanked by two sandy beaches. In an organic fashion, other buildings and facilities were slowly added, including a spa and a stone swimming pool in the shape of Ganesh (elephant god).

Swaying Palm Peninsula

Guests are housed in teak cottages that once were original dwellings of local fishermen. It's an extraordinary opportunity to experience an indigenous, vernacular architecture, which if it were not for Surya Samudra would have been lost forever. Cleverly, the beautifully detailed cottages are combined with extravagantly spacious, outdoor bathrooms.

The Location

Situated on an idyllic headland with a beach on either side, Surya Samudra consists of a collection of traditional teak houses, scattered around the lush green of a tropical coconut plantation. It is tranquil, sophisticated, and blessed with one of the best views in Kerala.

The Rooms

On an idyllic point, not far from Trivandrum, Kerala's capital (the location of the airport), this property is perched on a rocky, palm clad slope, leading down to two sandy beaches that are still used by local fishermen to pull in their daily catch. Its beauty is further enhanced in that it is surrounded on both sides by coconut plantation.

Nibbles & Tipples

The sea facing bar is a magnificent place to lean back and breathe in the cool ocean-scented air.

Dine in a tile-roofed airy veranda or perched on a bluff promontory, both afford you breath-taking views of the ocean waves as you linger over a delicious meal.

God is in the details


Kovalam, Pulinkudi
Kerala - India

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