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Villa Spalletti Trivelli

Rome, Italy

Imagine being a 16th Century Roman Lord in your own stately home, boasting coveted literature in your personal library, resting in your plush private gardens and soaking in the spa after a long day touring the town. The warm and elegant abode offers antique furniture and prints.

When In Rome

Lodged in between a central shopping street and train station, you will find everything for your wandering needs. The communal gardens are a sizeable and proper, with heated seating on cooler days and an aperitif honesty bar for your 24-hour tipple needs.

The Location

With their own winery in the vineyards of Umbria, Villa Spalletti Trivelli can take you on a sensory tour of Italy right from the comfort of the Spalletti Trivelli in Rome.

The Rooms

The first night's stay could feel like a night at the museum after walking through such an affluent reception, however inside the rooms, you are greeted by rich fabrics, pastel-hued walls and bedcovers, Fiandra linen sheets and alpaca or cashmere throws.

Nibbles & Tipples

The included breakfast, which is a huge spread with plenty of just-baked pastries and fresh fruit, plus a full range of hot options to order with afternoon tea being served in the Sala del Camino

Experience the opulence of old-time Rome at the Villa Spalletti Trivelli. Antique art, formal gardens and such attentive staff who - if given the chance - would lend you the shirt off their backs.

God is in the details

Bathed in sunlight, the rooftop terrace invites you to chill on a sofa, flip through the pages of your favourite book while sipping a cocktail; it's time to admire the fabulous panorama of the Eternal City from above.


Via Piacenza 4
Rome - Italy

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