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Nestled within the romantic city centre of Rome, you’d be forgiven for assuming Villa Spalletti Trivelli was simply your typical stay in the Eternal City, with its classically elegant facade and historical feel. It is only when you step inside this discreet and intimate villa, that you soon discover the exclusivities that set it a cut above the rest.

Having the pleasure to talk to Owner and Director of Sales & Marketing at the villa, Andrea Spalletti, we discover the rich history that lies behind the doors of his family’s villa and how that philosophy intertwines itself into the service they offer at their home. To him, Villa Spalletti truly is his home, having been in the same family for over one hundred years, and that becomes apparent through his dedication and determination to continue offering the true “Roman house experience” that his “great great grandmother used to do back in the early 1900s when she was hosting her guests”.

Steeped in a rich history and heritage, the property was originally purchased by the widow of Count Venceslao Spalletti Trivelli who appointed the architect Domenico Avenali to transform the land in front of the gardens into the homely Villa Spalletti Trivelli, with influences from esteemed artists and artisans, like Edoardo Gioja. Akin to how effortlessly the villa transforms into a personal Roman home for its guests, this becomes even more apparent and authentic when it is revealed how the residence has been passed down from generation to generation. It was only in 2004, that the son of Count Piero, Giangiacomo Spalletti Trivelli, converted the family’s historic home into an exclusive luxury residence for refined travellers.

Nowadays, the villa is primarily managed by brother and sister duo, Andrea and Raimonda Spalletti, who began working in other areas of the villa initially to hone their operational expertise; “If you’ve never worked on the operational side of the business, it’s very hard to manage one”, Andrea expresses, explaining how he worked as a bellboy, front and back office, kitchen, and housekeeping in the first couple of years, and Raimonda carried out a year and a half in front office. Andrea originally studied at university in Milan, and it was at this time that his parents set to refurbishing the property, restoring its former glory. Moving back to Rome after three years, Andrea describes his involvement with the villa as a “very lucky coincidence”. Bringing the villa into a space that still manages to be successful in appealing to a contemporary guest, Andrea abides by the philosophy that “we were born to give a Roman house experience to our guests more than a hotel stay and that’s what we want to keep doing”. For Andrea and Raimonda it was a dive into the unknown with sparkling results.

The fifteen luxury bedrooms and suites certainly cater for that feeling of being at home, offering nobility, quality, discretion, style and of utmost importance, attention to every finer detail. The level of privacy is a reward that sets the experience apart from other hotels in the Rome area. It’s simple, Andrea stresses, “if you need us, you ring a bell and we’ll come to you wherever you are”. The villa has always been a private house; no unauthorised access is permitted, and guests are free to help themselves to the bar, without being issued the bill or the chance of being overcharged, since if you were in the comfort of your own home “you’re definitely not signing a bill every drink you order”. One can rest in the “tranquility of their own drawing room”, and enjoy the same Italian aristocratic service from over 120 years before, notably, discretion and sensitivity to each and every guest’s desires.

From Andrea’s time spent managing Villa Spalletti Trivelli, he’s delightfully welcomed not only new guests but warmly greeted returning ones, who love the authenticity and exclusive feel of the villa. As the property turns twelve years old, we ask Andrea the secrets to the successful running of a luxury hotel, and there’s one aspect that shines brightly from all other factors; the staff. The warm hospitality of each and every member can make or break the experience of staying at a hotel, with Andrea painting a beautiful story that demonstrates the wondrous, unwaning impact of his staff, approximately sixty-percent of whom have been at the villa since the grand opening.

“My concierge went to New York, and he was invited by one of our guests for drinks and dinner, and that’s the kind of relationship that makes this place a success.”

Throughout every endeavour and every new and existing service provided at the villa, Andrea always returns to the feeling of ‘home’ as the central ingredient in the recipe of success. The property’s unique philosophy, traditional Italian hospitality and history transform this stay into much more than your ordinary visit to the Eternal City.

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