Historical Hideaways


Take a trip back in time and visit some of Europe’s most astonishing historical hotels. From hidden old farmhouses to ancient restored palace walls, be inspired by our recommendations and find your perfect historical hideaway.

Villa Spalletti Trivelli - Rome, Italy

Situated in the centre of the famous historical city of Rome lies the classic Villa Spalletti Trivelli. Boasting antique furnishings, rich fabrics, classical artwork and elegant style, this classical boutique is your perfect historical hideaway.

With over 100 years of cultural heritage, Gabriella Rasponi, widow of Count Venceslao Spalletti Trivelli and President of the National Council of Italian Women, purchased the land where Spalletti now sits and turned it into an important political and cultural meeting place. From visitors such as Romualdo Bonfaldini and Sidney Sonnino to the 1913 Nobel Prize winner of Literature, Rabindranath Tagore, the villa has been passed down by many generations and has now been converted into the homely Villa Spalletti Trivelli, offering guests that true ‘Roman experience’.

Imagine being a sixteenth-century Roman lord in your own luxurious home filled with classical antique literature, relaxing in your own private opulent gardens and indulging yourself in the spa. Experience just that here at the magnificent Villa Spalletti Trivelli. Enjoy freshly baked pastries for breakfast every morning, then venture up to the rooftop terrace, take a dip in the jacuzzi and enjoy the panoramic views of the Eternal City of Rome with a cocktail or two in hand.

argos in Cappadocia - Uçhisar, Turkey

Once a monastery, argos in Cappadocia is a truly awe-inspiring experience to check off your bucket list. Nestled in some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, this unique hotel is formed of a series of tunnels, caves and terraces with contemporary international luxuries and has carefully restored the remains of its historical dwellings.

Visiting Turkey’s enchanting Cappadocia feels like you’re landing on another planet. Known to the locals as ‘The Fairy Chimneys’, lava and ash scattered around the area over sixty million years ago and after these years passed, it created the magnificent region of Cappadocia. Now, you can admire its honeycombed hills and gigantic boulders as well as the fantastic panoramic views of this otherworldly landscape. It truly feels like it has been picked from a fairytale.

Choose from ancient cave rooms or suites at argos in Cappadocia and feel at one with history. Some rooms come with their own cave pools, others with private terraces. Explore the ancient history of the tunnels and caves that form this quirky yet unique hotel, discovering stone fireplaces and intimate nooks and crannies throughout.

Dine at the hotel’s in-house restaurant terrace and enjoy the local produce used in the favourite Turkish dishes from the menu. Watch the sunset behind the magnificent Mount Erciyes, indulge in the wine crafted from the owner’s own vineyard and take a step back in time within these ancient surroundings.

Hacienda De Abajo - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Situated on the island of San Miguel de la Palma lies the historical town of Tazacorte, the most important agricultural area of the Canary Islands. Hotel Hacienda de Abajo is the result of a loving rehabilitation and tribute to its past as an old sugar plantation estate of the seventeenth-century.

Hacienda de Abajo was the first hotel built in Tazacorte. Its eccentricity has been recognised officially through their classification as the first “emblematic hotel” in the Canary Islands – a category that only exists in the islands marking the finest historic buildings, and is a true gem with a historical past. Spaces filled with museum-worthy artwork, gilded furnishings, lavish chandeliers and reclaimed wooden doors; the hotel restores its historical heritage in a contemporary display of beauty, offering its guests an exquisitely hospitable and refined stay. Its main building, Casa Principal de Tazacorte, is the esteemed property of the noble family of the House of Sotomayor Topete, and has passed down its heritage centuries on. Hacienda de Abajo is now an luxurious adults-only hotel formed of 32 spacious rooms filled with statement pieces and individually decorated antiques.

Take in the enchanting panoramic views of the ocean and banana plantations, and enjoy one of the best climates in the world on these magnificent Canary Islands. Rejuvenate yourself at the hotel spa, be spoilt for choice with the large variety of massages to choose from, take a dip in the hydromassage pool then relax in the ancient flora and fauna space that reflects the old ruins of the European gardens.

Hacienda de Abajo gives you a true taste of the ancient history of the area combined with a modern taste of La Palma, and is your perfect historical escape.

Borgo di Carpiano - Umbria, Italy

The medieval estate of Borgo di Carpiano was once an ancient castle of the tenth-century, a church and has now been restored into an enchanting historical escape. Just over twelve kilometres away from the medieval town of Gubbio, this exclusive farmhouse is surrounded by rolling Umbrian hills, its own olive trees and unforgettable panoramic views.

Made up of three stone buildings, the castle was restored with original materials and has eight rooms that echo the rustic surroundings, with medieval walls, dark wooden beams terracotta flooring and heritage Italian furnishings passed down by former owners. In the main building, the restored church has now been refurbished as a library, retaining its original design and hosts classical music events and concerts.

The warmest Italian hospitality awaits you every morning with fresh homemade bread and cakes, local cheese and of course the best Umbrian coffee. Enjoy all of this in front of a huge medieval fireplace, then take a dip in their wonderful salt-water infinity pool whilst enjoying the wonderful historical surroundings and discover the magic of being in your own medieval country village!

La Villa - Piedmont, Italy

Built in 1600, La Villa is the perfect hidden paradise. Situated near the UNESCO protected vineyards and framed by the magnificent Alps, this fifteen-room villa is more of a historical country house than a hotel. It’s owned and run by a British family, who have transformed this seventeenth-century Italian villa into a truly chic retreat.

Discover the history of Piedmont, a region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland that became the springboard of Italy’s unification in the 1800s. Its name came from the medieval Latin word ‘pedemontium’, meaning ‘at the foot of the mountains’. It is now one of the world’s best wine regions and you can arrange a tour with the hotel, explore the magnificent vineyards and talk with local producers whilst you enjoy a glass or two of the local wines. Piedmont is always very busy with events; from food and wine tasting to festivals and historical reenactments. Why not explore the historical region of Piedmont and take part in some of these great events.

The rooms in this seventeenth-century villa will make you feel like you’re checking into a magazine. Inspired by what was uncovered during the restoration, the owners kept the original tiled floors and filled the rooms with local antiques and handcrafted furniture. The overall aesthetic is one of country-style chic decor that goes perfectly with the grand rustic rooms, giving the villa a grand sense of history.

Having previously worked with Gordon Ramsay and Albert Roux, indulge in the mouthwatering ingredients cooked by the award-winning Chef, Ian Simpson, at La Villa’s award-winning restaurant, La Vie. Why not take one of their cooking classes, learn how to make fresh pasta, pizza and traditional Italian dishes and feel at one with true countryside Italian heritage.

L’Albiousse - Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Behind these enchanting old-fashioned wooden doors lies the sixteenth-century townhouse of L’Albiousse. Formed of only five bedrooms, this chic boutique has preserved the classic way of French living. Its historical charm welcomes travellers with pretty cobbled courtyards, an ethnic-urban style and high ceilings with typically large French windows..

Take a trip back to the middle ages in the historic town of Uzès, a UNESCO heritage site in southern France hidden from tourist traps, and admire the well-preserved white stone buildings and incredible architecture. Wander through the narrow cobbled streets, discover historical monuments through alleyways and the old relic of the cathedral, and enjoy fresh bread and locally made cheeses at the weekly markets.

L’Albiousse delicately combines contemporary chic, informal elegance and historical charm behind its enchanting doors, with a discreetly refined atmosphere of five rooms and suites. All have the perfect blend of eighteenth-century and twenty-first-century comfort. Privately owned by Welsh owners, the historical townhouse has a quirky edge making this boutique even more charming to travellers.

Enjoy some locally made French pastries in the plant-laden courtyard and indulge in the elegant dining room, decorated with handmade chandeliers made from old ventilation pipes.

Palazzo Radomiri - Dobrota, Montenegro

Explore the history of this restored eighteenth-century mansion set in the heart of Boka Bay, Montenegro. Having once belonged to shipowners and famous sea captains, it has now been restored to its former architectural glory. Invigorate your senses with an ambient stay at Palazzo Radomiri and take in the regal surroundings. Discover the original character of the building with its antique, baroque details and exposed stone walls that complete the delightful furnishings.

Back in the 1700s, the main waterfront building of Palazzo Radomiri was built by captain, Marko Tomov Radamir, and became a home to so many brave captains throughout the years. Centuries passed and many foreign rules had worn out the walls of the remains of the noble ship owners' family house. The great earthquake of 1979 had also devastated the complex, leaving only walls remaining — a weak memory of its past glory. Thankfully, many years later, a family spotted the beautiful ruins of the palace and the uniqueness of the area and decided to restore its history. Every single stone and detail was brought back to life through sheer dedication and determination in order for this exquisite palazzo to be enjoyed in its full splendour. In order to respect its history and ancestors, the name of the hotel combined with the architecture became, ‘Radomiri’.

Formed of ten antique-filled rooms, exposed stone walls, baroque details and delightful furnishings make you feel at one with its beautiful history. Wind down and enjoy alfresco dining at their in-house restaurant, enjoy the Mediterranean-style dishes and take in the captivating sea views.

L’Agnata di De André - Sardinia, Italy

Nestled in the rural paradise of Sardinia, lies the ivy-covered manor house of L’Agnata di De André. Once the home of the famous Italian singer and poet, Fabrizio de Andre, this historical escape is a hidden corner of country bliss.

In 1975, Fabrizio and his wife, Dori Ghezzi, bought the manor, which was an abandoned farmhouse made of granite at the time, alongside its 150 acres of mixed woodland, pastures, crops and an old shepherds working farmhouse. The couple started their long period of restructuring the building and making it their family home. Fabrizio was deeply in love with the natural surroundings of the area, and deeply marked by the life of the singer-songwriter. He had a very established connection to the people and life of Sardinia, inspiring countless songs and poems of his, and therefore their family home became a magnificent boutique hotel in the 1990s.

“We wanted to share with others this corner of paradise”, Dori Ghezzi wife of Fabrizio De Andre.

Once an abandoned farmhouse, then a family home and now a stunning 10-room boutique hotel, L’Agnata di De André is the perfect historical escape for travellers who like to be away from the tourist areas and surrounded by the beauty of unspoilt nature.

Solar Do Castelo - Lisbon, Portugal

Dive into the heart of the old city of Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest district. Hidden away on a cobbled backstreet of the ancient area, sits the medieval Solar Do Castelo. As the only hotel within the São Jorge Castle walls, this historical boutique was built on top of the former kitchens of the Royal Palace.

This eighteenth-century building within the castle has twenty individually decorated rooms, some of which face medieval Alfama and others, the interior of the São Jorge castle. Made up of two floors, a mansard, an inner courtyard and a garden, the wooden furniture beautifully offsets the ancient flagstone floors and thick castle walls. Most of the furniture inside was specially designed for the hotel in a medieval, contemporary style.

Alfama was once the whole city of Lisbon, but now still retains a Moorish flavour from when Portugal was part of the Arabic empire. Now, it is also an area of contrasts; charming tiled houses sit next to catholic cathedrals and the red roofs and winding streets all head down to the sea.

Explore the medieval castle village, get lost in its picturesque streets and encounter its deepest and most well-kept secrets. Watch the sunset over the pastel coloured Alfama from this pretty Moroccan siren — it really is a true hidden sun spot.

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