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Wyoming, USA

Enter sublime serenity and be at one with nature in this relaxing retreat, nestled amongst the breathtaking Teton Mountains.

Mountain Hideaway

With the meaning of Amangani being "peaceful home", many of the hotel's visitors come here as a means of complete escapism. Whether you feel like bathing in the infinity pool or participating in a private early-morning yoga class, you will feel perfectly rejuvenated.

The Location

Its mountainous surroundings offer a plethora of activities for the more adventurous visitor, including skiing in the Snow King Mountain Resort in winter and hiking through the scenic terrain in the spring and summer months.

The Rooms

The hotel's interior is reflective of the natural, rustic surroundings with wooden infrastructures, stone walls and tall windows showcasing the spectacular vistas right from the comfort of your bed.

Nibbles & Tipples

What makes the Amangani restaurant extra special is that they allow guests to choose any location on the resort to dine - whether it may be in the restaurant or on their private terrace, visitors at Amangani always receive the most personalised service.

Relax in a comfortable setting with panoramic views of the natural topography, where the menu offers an impressive selection of craft beers and spirits that have been brewed locally, as well as a range of interesting artisan cocktails.

God is in the details

With views that make this resort so special to all of its guests, any trip to Amangani will certainly be one to remember.


1535 North East Butte Road
Wyoming - USA

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