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Utah, USA

Aman Resorts have once again lived up to their reputation of creating exquisitely luxurious resorts in extraordinary locations with the one and only Amangiri. This unusual, yet contemporary resort in engulfed by the magnificent landscape of the Grand Canyon to give you the seclusion and privacy that is essential to our being in this modern day and age.

Deserted Opulence

Designed intricately to combine aspects of modernity and sophistication, Aman have created a sandstone palace that remains hidden in the arid landscape of the canyon. This is the place that guests come to find their perfect combination of adventure and rejuvenation in a destination like no other.

The Location

The word to describe the surrounding topography of Amangiri is diverse; from mountains to canyons to mesas to gorges, there is a whole new world to be explored.

The Rooms

The focal point of every one of Amangiri's suites is perfectly framing the breathtaking view, whether you are in the bath, on the terrace or lying in bed. With an essence of minimalism, the resort wanted to create rustic yet luxurious accommodation that enhances the beauty of the surrounding aesthetic.

Nibbles & Tipples

The open-plan layout of the hotel extends to the restaurant, where you can observe the chef at work in his kitchen whilst you eat. The focus of the restaurant is going back to basics with wood-burning ovens and hot stones to create an authentic dining experience.

The lounge terrace is the prime location to enjoy a sun-downer and witness the sunset over the gorgeous canyon.

God is in the details

Indulge in this luxurious retreat and, it goes without saying, it will be impossible to leave feeling anything other than elated.


1 Kayenta Road, Canyon Point
Utah - USA

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