Creative & Craft Activities To Enjoy This Autumn


There’s nothing more fulfilling and stimulating for the mind than activating your imagination and trying your hand at a new skill or craft. Perhaps you know a few things about camera composition, or perhaps you’re interested in using your hands to form some beautiful fabric dye creations? If you’re open to learning something new this autumn then take a look at these creative and crafty activities that will have you creating something to be proud of in no time.

Get creative on the farm at Los Poblanos

Given Los Poblanos’ fine reputation as an historic inn and farm, there’s no doubt that its offering of immersive activities and excursions make expert use of its 25 acre surroundings. Despite the recent uncertainty of the last few months, the Los Poblanos team have gone forth undeterred, offering up a whole new host of creative programming for the rest of 2020 and the new year beyond.

Kicking off in October, you’re invited to take a walking tour of the ranch which will let you in on all the secrets of the history of the property including its marvellous art and architecture. You’ll unearth the stories of influential architects of the southwest and the revered artists that have graced the property, which became a hub of Albuquerque’s society in the 1930s.

If capturing the beauty of nature’s gifts sounds more like your go-to, then try your hand at the 'Golden Hour Photography Class' whereby you’ll spend time with award-winning professional photographer, Barak Naggan, who will provide tips on composition, creating depth and taking portraits, all underneath the glow of the sun as it begins to set. Whatever your ability, you’ll come away with some carefully depicted mementos from your time on the farm. Guided by intimate knowledge of the Los Poblanos property, discover some of the most iconic photography locations, including the silos, lavender fields and the historic Hacienda, as well as some lesser-known gems.

For the crafty minds, November sees the introduction of the 'Wildcrafting Workshop', with the first session being an autumnal New Mexico handicraft. Using dried red chillies, native corn, branches and other materials harvested from around the farm, you’ll learn how to construct this beautiful New Mexican decoration for use in your own home or as a festive gift. Led by head distiller and flower arranger at Los Poblanos, Jamie Lord, her expertise in native botanicals and creative decor will guide you to create a truly spectacular new addition to your home.

For the creative minds, Los Poblanos brings forth a plethora of activities to keep busy hands and minds occupied, all while encouraging its guests to soak up the atmosphere of being on a working farm.

Please note: Any individual traveling to New Mexico from states deemed high-risk based on COVID-positivity rates will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of their entry into New Mexico or for the duration of their stay in the state, whichever is shorter. Face coverings are required for all visitors and residents in New Mexico.

Creative workshops at La Baye des Anges

Where slow living is concerned, La Baye des Anges captures its very essence. Using upcycled materials throughout this villa rental has sowed the seeds for the experience you can expect to have here. Why not try your hand at a spot of indigo fabric dyeing? Owner, Meilin, has organised various workshops in her studio for guests, including eco-printing and indigo fabric dyeing. You can learn about the ancient Japanese technique of Shibori, known as the pleat and bind technique, by dyeing with indigo in order to create your very own personalised cushion cover or tote bag. The process typically involves the process of folding, twisting or bunching cloth, binding it, then dyeing it in indigo, with the end result producing some truly spectacular results, and a wonderful souvenir to take home with you.

Whatever your creative desire, Meilin will be happy to organise the use of her studio, including an introduction to natural dyes, eco printing and the creation of home-made maintenance products. Any crafts involving dye would need to be carried out over a three-day minimum so if you book the villa for one week, this would be the perfect activity!

Wine tastings at La Segreta

Set on a 70-acre nature reserve, this rustic property and surroundings are enough to ignite anyone’s creative imagination. Having planted their vines in 2008, owners at La Segreta soon learned about the strong Umbrian sun and the other ample conditions for cultivating grapes. Locals from the community collectively pick the grapes from the vineyard to harvest the crop and produce the delicious wines that La Segreta is known for.

Throughout these last few months, harvesting has continued with fervour, and now, private chefs can still come to your farmhouse or villa and prepare meals and wine tastings in their organic vineyard which will be held on the outdoor terrace. Available throughout September and October, expose your tastebuds and your creative side to the delicious flavours of Segreta wines, including Cinino (“Tiny One”), Pottarello (“Little kid”) and Marmocchio (“Rascal”).

Find out more about La Segreta’s wines by clicking here.

Human plaster casting with Locanda al Colle

Imbued with art around every corner, Locanda al Colle lets you in on its secrets through the variety of artworks and sculptures scattered around its property. The nearby town of Pietrasanta came to be the meeting point for sculptural artists and is where the tradition of bronze and marble came to full fruition in nearby workshops. One of those such places happened to be at Locanda al Colle and still today, guests can appreciate the works of art with regular exhibitions. To experience it fully, you must try the 'Sculpting Your Body' session. You’ll retreat to the city centre where you’ll be welcomed by an artist at their studio, learning the background of the old marble laboratories where many of the most well-known sculptures were realised.

During this session, you’ll learn in depth the technique of plaster casting. From here, you’ll start to create your self portrait in plaster and uncover a real 3D experience. The choice will be left up to you whether to cast your face, hand or foot, and will finalise with your masterpiece taking its physical form as you daydream about where it will sit in splendour in your house.

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