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Owner's Stories

Enchanted forests and mystical mountains — the setting for the impressive Eco Hotel Saltus comes straight out of the pages of a fairy-tale, but the magic of its history is firmly founded in Mother Nature herself.

The story began in 1954 when Great Grandfather, Franz Wenter, decided to open a hotel in the San Genesio/Jenesien area of South Tyrol. When asked “Why here of all places?”, given there was only a cable car to the village, he spoke of the healing “Riviera-like climate” and the myriad health benefits it supposedly encompassed. And he was correct, for this health-promoting air was scientifically proven to do just that (AMAS Altitude Study 2000), not to mention, Japanese researchers found that spending just three hours in the forest can boost immunity by up to 40%. This was territory optimal for a hotel devoted to wellness!

With such an astute and visionary grandfather at the family’s core, it should come as no surprise that his family followed in his footsteps, with the new building of Saltus opening its doors in 2019, with Franz’s daughter Hedwig, alongside her two daughters, Nadja and Claudia, at its helm. This trio of strong, capable women joined together to develop a business model that would contribute to the common good:

“Our mission is to provide the impetus for a sustainable lifestyle in order to preserve the impressive natural power of our planet in its purity. We believe that the concept of sustainability goes beyond environmental protection. Our tradition and culture must also be preserved.”

With a rich past spanning various careers — a primary school teacher, yoga instructor, trade unionist and sommelier, Mama Hedwig brought a wealth of skills to the table — a dedication now beautifully placed 1100 metres above sea level.
Meanwhile, her eldest daughter Nadja bid farewell to her years studying and living abroad in Portugal, Canada and Ireland to join the team, along with her sister, Claudia. Unlike the others, however, Claudia was always crystal clear on her goal — to work with people on a relaxing holiday, rather than the stressed out masses — and what could be more fitting than creating a haven of tranquility at their new eco hotel. The philosophy behind the Eco Hotel Saltus is built around three simple questions:

“What two pieces of advice would you give your grandchildren?”

“What is missing in your everyday life?”

“What concerns you the most?”

This female-run hotel encourages you to ask yourself exactly this. Perhaps you will find the answers as you dip into the calming waters of the 17-metre-long rooftop infinity pool, eye level with the majestic peaks of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites. Or, perhaps indulging in one of the many holistic treatments on offer at the hotel’s Forest Spa, quite literally immersed within the fragrant firs. Or, could it be as you reconnect with your soul during some serious Forest Bathing, breathing in the health-inducing air? ‘Biophilia’ is the connection between humans and the nature around us, which has been found to support both physical and psychological well being. The options for rest and recuperation are endless at the Eco Hotel Saltus. Yoga, art, horse riding, hiking, or simply fine dining — as you savour the exquisite tastes of South Tyrolean dishes passed on through the centuries, all sourced from local farmers and producers, you’ll experience a truly sustainable circular and delectable flow.

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