Long-Stay Destinations To Work Remotely


In the midst of the pandemic, working remotely has become a new way of life for many of us. Offering a more flexible work-life dynamic that we’ve come to recognise as the new norm, more and more companies are deciding to implement telecommuting into their long-term plans, or even going so far as to entirely ditch the office in favour of flexible working in a more permanent sense.

For those of you who fall into this category, have you ever considered that your remote working location options could be endless? Maybe now is the time to transform into the digital nomad you had always pictured yourself to be. With many countries still requiring quarantine periods, how about turning your getaway into a long-stay that mixes work and leisure in the best way possible?

There are many locations around the world that are becoming increasingly catered for remote workers, and co-working spaces with fast Wi-Fi are popping up in convenient spaces around the globe, encouraging like-minded remoters to feel motivated and productive.

Allow us to highlight the very best remote working destinations for travelling entrepreneurs, experienced digital nomads, and those new to the scene, alike.

Canggu, Bali

Decidedly one of the main havens for remote workers from around the world is Bali. With its year-round warm climate, the easy transition of work to play allows for a flexible balance and is a convenient way to relieve the stress of a busy working day. Imagine working on your laptop by the pool and then taking a dip whenever you feel like a break is due — isn’t that heaven?

Canggu is one particular area that has seen a growing entrepreneurial community take over its shores. With its super laidback way of life, these beachy surroundings are the perfect antidote to a day of working remotely. Think surfing, tropical sunsets, quaint boutique hotels and villas, refreshing cocktails, and a bustling social scene that allows you to connect on a casual and professional level with other like-minded individuals. You might even find your next business venture.

There is a convenient selection of co-working spaces to choose from if you need a bit of dedicated time to concentrate, including Outpost and Dojo, that both offer a setting designed to aid creativity and productivity levels. Both give off a Balinese beach-house vibe, whilst still offering modern focus spots to really get your productivity cap on. With high-speed internet, ergonomic chairs and relaxing indoor hubs and outdoor spaces to collaborate, being comfortable whilst working comes to the forefront of these two co-working spaces.

If you wish to merge your work-play dynamic, perhaps a stay at Hotel Tugu Bali may attract you. Just 10 minutes walk away from Outpost and Dojo, and leading directly onto Canggu beach, this restored Javanese palace exudes the very best of the art, soul and romance of Indonesia, kitted out with a host of weird and wonderful antiques. From suites to villas that feature plunge pools and sunken baths, relaxation has never looked so good.

The lobby, restaurants, and private corners offer the perfect space to get your concentration face on, all amid the whimsical atmosphere of this Javanese palace. The hotelier has recently reopened its Ji Rooftop Terrace which is conveniently open from 7am to accomodate those guests wishing to rise early and catch the inspiration of the sunrise and enjoy fresh Java coffee from their Kawisari plantation.

Marrakech, Morocco

Likely not the first remote working centre that comes to mind, in recent years, Morocco’s cities have begun to harness their own entrepreneurial communities, influenced by many cultures that have created a diverse marketplace. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Marrakech, which is now home to some co-working spaces for startups and entrepreneurs.

You could work from the comfort of your own home, or, you could step out of your comfort zone into an excitingly new and vibrant location to call your office. They do say productivity rises if you change the scenery every now and then! You may even uncover some new-found creativity amongst the enchanting sights and sounds of bustling Marrakech, from the iconic medina to the inspiring heritage threaded throughout beautifully intricate buildings and landmarks.

For a heady, hazy environment to work and relax, Dar Assiya offers a refuge to collate your thoughts and wind down in a classic Moroccan riad. With marble floors, shady courtyards, calming pools, and rooftop cabanas, rejuvenate your mind and body, and as night falls, be treated to views overlooking the twinkling lights of the medina.


With a good infrastructure, Mexico offers a range of destinations ideal for a work-play balance. Mexico City scores highest on the list, with many distinctive neighbourhoods characterised by a great sense of community, a cafe culture, and growing number of co-working spaces springing up across the city. Rich with cultural history and beautiful sites to unearth, transitioning from exploring to working is extremely easy.

Perhaps you work best with a bit of background noise, in which case, one of La Condesa’s many coffee shops will be happy to accommodate your productivity splurge. Most of them offer free Wi-Fi and delicious foods to fuel your creativity, and you’ll also find lots of international expatriates to socialise with or bounce ideas off of.

Nearby Casa Decu is a discreet stay that still oozes with undeniable character and style. You can choose from 27 expertly-designed suites that offer a Mexican oasis in the city and an ideal companion to your work-leisure trip.

For a more beachy atmosphere, Tulum, at the southern end of the Mayan Riviera offers a plethora of eco-resorts and wellness centres that act as an ideal backdrop to a work-leisure trip. Since the Wi-Fi in Tulum can be slightly unstable, Playa del Carmen just along the coast may be a better option. It has a larger digital nomad community with more co-working spaces, whereas Tulum offers more of a laid back, upscale atmosphere — switching between the two is highly recommended to get the most out of the working portion of your getaway.

Situated just north of Tulum along Soliman Bay, you’ll find Jashita Tulum. Take some time off and go diving or snorkelling amongst the coral formations in front of Jashita beach. This is where tropical tranquility prevails; where you can while away the day in your private hot tub or sun lounger, getting a well-needed post-pandemic break.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

For a long-stay trip, Zanzibar is the kind of escapist destination that allows you to be your own boss. One minute you could be wandering with white sands under foot, snorkelling or kitesurfing — the next, working on an important project from the comfort of your own beach villa. Paje is a trusty and peaceful space to fuel your concentration, with a few scenic coffee shops offering an idyllic spot to work from whilst enjoying your tranquil surroundings.

With the white sands of Paje beach on your doorstep, Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa offers up to 1500 square metres of your own private space. Picture waking up to the sunrise over the Indian Ocean amid the natural ecosystem thriving all around, and when the day gets into full swing, try kitesurfing, fishing, or a dolphin tour. Nestled amongst tropical vegetation, the turquoise waters are the absolute best interval to your work-leisure holiday.

With so much more of the global population currently working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, rather than short city breaks or stopovers, we’re going to need to adapt. This year will be all about long-stays and destinations where we can mix periods of remote working with leisure.

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