The HIP Hotels Leading the Way for Sustainability and Tips You Can Learn


Sustainability is a buzzword that is becoming increasingly common, and rightly so! With global emissions hitting record levels over the last decade, the path to sustainable living is being walked by millions in an effort to prevent us hitting the point of no return. Entire countries as well as individuals have begun to pave the way for others, implementing both large and small scale changes to reach a way of living that is entirely sustainable for the years ahead. Travelling less may seem like an option towards that goal, but our hotels have been making big changes towards complete sustainability, so you can be sure that a visit will not negatively impact on the environment in any way! Check out some of our hotels below, and allow yourself to be inspired - who knows, maybe you’ll get some ideas from them about how to be sustainable yourself!

Viceroy Los Cabos

Nestled on the enchanting coastline of San José del Cabo in Mexico, and elegantly connected by elevated walkways, Viceroy Los Cabos is a sleek and minimalistic retreat that strips luxury back to basics. The hotel has been engaged in a process of implementing environmental and sustainability initiatives for years now. Viceroy Los Cabos’ water conservation practice is one of the most dedicated we have seen; using a desalination plant, the hotel produces its own water from the ocean, the fixtures throughout the property are low-flow, and they have a specialised chlorine usage reduction system to maintain their many pools. Every product used at Viceroy Los Cabos, from the cleaning products to the bathroom soaps, are eco-friendly, and their spa treatment line is free from silicone, parabens, artificial colours, animal derivatives and is manufactured using renewable electricity!

Reusable glass water bottles are used for their guests, biodegradable straws and cups are used throughout the hotel, water dispensers have been installed in the gym to discourage the use of plastic bottles and they use a specialised garbage separation system alongside a comprehensive recycling programme so that nothing goes into waste that doesn’t have to, all to assist with meeting the Plastic Neutral Los Cabos scheme they are a part of! Tesla and E-vechicle charging stations have been installed, a complimentary shuttle bus service helps employees to reduce their own personal carbon footprint, and they have a Green Purchasing Policy that makes sure they purchase sustainable, eco-friendly products. We really could go on and on about Viceroy Los Cabos’ sustainability initiatives!

Tip: invest in low-flow water fixtures to save water, get yourself a reusable water bottle if you don’t have one already, and consider transitioning to using eco-friendly products!

Design Hotel Tyrol

Design Hotel Tyrol is situated within the Tyrolean mountains, overlooking the magnificent Dolomites, and was designed with wellness and eco-consciousness in mind. The hotel is a proud member of the Climate Neutrality Alliance, which works with hoteliers and business owners to calculate their CO2 emissions and define measures in which to minimise their carbon footprint within a certain amount of time. Design Hotel Tyrol’s aim is to bring their CO2 footprint to zero in just a few years, and have been making huge progress to get there for many years already.

Certified with the “EU Ecolabel” for the first time in 2016, Design Hotel Tyrol was able to reduce a considerable amount of their energy and waste volume in only a handful of months. They support young trainees and collect their produce from small local farms, helping to grow the local industry. Until they are completely carbon neutral, they are compensating their emissions by supporting climate projection projects in developing countries, and are contributing to the sustainable growth of those areas, an important milestone in the journey towards complete sustainability.

Tip: whilst learning how to become as carbon neutral as possible, consider offsetting your emissions by supporting local businesses and projects fighting for sustainability!

ME Cabo

ME Cabo is an adults-orientated resort situated on the Medano Beach of Cabo San Lucas, and offers the perfect spot for those seeking an unforgettable combination of an energetic escape and sophisticated relaxation. Committed to the Paris Climate Agreement, ME Cabo has outlined specific environmental objectives to do their part in combating climate change. Their main goals for 2020 included reducing water usage and ensuring that 70% of their energy supply came from certified renewable sources. Despite the global pandemic shutting travel down for a while and therefore their plans, ME Cabo remains committed to continuing to contribute to the United Nations 2030 agenda, using innovative technologies and the support of strategic allies and experts to meet their objectives.

Meliá, the company behind ME Cabo, operates along a framework that protects destinations and fulfils their environmental commitments, and they are tackling that right through the supply chain, making sure the products are sustainable and their services respect the environment in every possible way. They are also reducing waste from the ecosystem, leading training programmes to raise awareness amongst their employees, and have joined multiple public initiatives over the last 13 years including the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Members of the Cluster on Climate Change of Forética, both of which strive to reduce the impact of the travel industry on the environment.

Tip: look up local initiatives in your town and see if they have any programmes you can sign up for to learn about and contribute to reducing your carbon footprint!

Alila Villas Uluwatu

One of the most architecturally unique members of HIP Hotels, Alila Villas Uluwatu is located atop (and over the edges of!) a plateau of limestone cliffs with mesmerising views of the ocean. Architecture is not the only thing that Alila Villas Uluwatu go big on, as they are hugely committed to being an allround sustainable business, through a combination of social, cultural and environmental responsibilities. Their goal to be completely environmentally sustainable began in the construction of the property and their efforts lead to Alila Villas Uluwatu being the first resort in Indonesia to receive the highest level of certification from EarthCheck for Best Practice Building Planning. They used local materials and plants, sustainable and recycled materials when local wasn’t available, protected the local environment and used rain gardens to conserve water.

Once complete, Alila Villas Uluwatu has continued to be a leader in paving the way for hotels to be more sustainable. They have a Zero Waste Policy (that’s right, ZERO) and have an on-site laboratory where they process every piece of waste and transform them into products and services such as compost and glass for further recycling. They have also replaced all plastic drinking bottles with glass bottles, produce their own drinking water via a water purification system and as of June 1st 2021, they have eliminated all single-use plastic items throughout the resort, including in the kitchen and behind the scenes. Also giving back to their community through two local foundations, Alila Villas Uluwatu is committed all-round to creating a better, more sustainable future.

Tip: when next doing your grocery shopping, try out some farmers markets and zero-waste refill shops to cut down on single-use plastic packaging - don’t forget to take your own bags and containers!

Monsieur Jean L'hôte Particulier

Complemented by all the beautiful luxuries of a stunning hotel, Monsieur Jean L'hôte Particulier offers the comforts of home in complete elegance. Every guest is hosted by the allusive founder Monsieur Jean and it is his vision that has made the hotel the stunning escape that it is today. Not only does Monsieur Jean have a vision for hospitality, but he has a vision for reducing the environmental footprint of the hotel whilst remaining committed to providing incredible health and well-being services to his guests.

Some of the steps Monsieur Jean has taken to keep the environmental impact of his hotel to a minimum are switching out standard showerheads and faucets for low-flow fixtures, using energy saving LED light bulbs throughout the hotel, using paper towels and toilet paper made from recycled fibres, giving guests the option to limit the replacement of towels to prevent further washing and using low-flow toilets, the latter of which has saved more than 35,000 litres of water during its first year of operation! Whilst staying at Monsieur Jean L'hôte Particulier you’d never guess that so many things are different to how they otherwise would be, as the changes do not take away from the mesmerising experience of a stay at this vibrant hotel in the slightest. So relax in luxury and be inspired by the ecological focus and commitment that this unique hotel has adopted!

Tip: the next time you organise a party or event, remember that however luxurious you are planning it to be, there are always ways to make its carbon footprint that tiny bit smaller - every amount counts!

Special Mention

We couldn’t finish discussing sustainability without mentioning how much of a positive impact growing your own food can have on the environment. By doing so, we don’t contribute to the carbon emissions produced when the food we buy is transported quickly across countries, between growing locations and grocery stores. Many of our hotels grow their own produce and herbs to use in their kitchens to create delicious food, and some even have their own processes for the sustainable production of oils. Masseria Dagilupi produces their own Olive Oil from their hundreds of olive trees, Los Poblanos distills their homegorwn lavender into oil, which they then use to make an array of products, Masseria Susafa embraced organic farming over ten years ago and deeply focuses on the sensitivity and attention to the environment, by growing their own fresh and herbs sustainably as well as their high-quality olive oil.

Tip: clear a space in your garden or buy some big pots, and get your hands dirty planting seeds for some homegrown goodness!

Masseria Dagilupi

Los Poblanos

Masseria Susafa

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