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JuLi & MaFFa

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JuLi & MaFFa (@ju.ff.a)

Travel Couple & Globtrotters

Last visited: Paris, France

HIP: Tell us a bit about the last place you visited; what inspired you to go there?; what would you recommend?

JuLi & MaFFa: The last place we visited was Paris. Paris will always be a special place for us because we spent our first New Year's Eve together in this beautiful city. This time, we went there because we wanted to visit Disneyland which was great fun, but we also spent 2 days strolling around in the city. Besides visiting the iconic places like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe etc. we totally recommend just strolling around the streets, enjoying delicious food (croissants, cheese, seafood) and breathing in the city's magic. Also, flea markets in the different districts are very stylish and nice to visit.

HIP: Which destination is next on your wishlist?

JuLi & MaFFa: For us, it's hard to say which destination is next on our wishlist. There are so many places that we want to see. There is Japan, Zanzibar & Tanzania, Peru, Iceland, Morocco. We just love to dive into different cultures and have a true experience. We are also already looking forward to a road trip around Europe next year!

HIP: What is your best travel experience to date?

JuLi & MaFFa: Our best travel experience together was definitely Mexico (Yucatán). We had a great mix of culture, adventure, and beach. Mexico is a true experience if you just rent a car and explore it on your own. The Mayan culture, the jungle, the wild animals, fresh coconuts ... we just loved it! Also, the Mexican people welcomed us openly and we never had any moment where we felt uncomfortable.

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