A seductive land of endless lavender fields, olive groves and rolling vineyards, the dreamy, refreshing, picture perfect Provence delights your senses like no other.

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We all have the longing for open spaces, unspoilt nature, rolling hills with grass caressing your knees, wild flowers and azure blue skies and Provence definitely checks all these boxes.
Put on a large brimmed hat and lounge on an exclusivist beach in Nice or Cannes, get drunk on the sweet aroma of lavender in bloom, discover inspiring Roman remains in Aix or Arles or just marvel at the astonishing landscapes that inspired the likes of Matisse, Cezanne, Van Gogh or Picasso.
Provence is the place for art lovers, for insatiable souls in search of the essence of life, for dreamers and wanderers, a destination that fills your heart with joy. It s a region of great contrasts, of snow-topped mountains and enchanting sea resorts, of authentic villages and vibrant cities, of romantic breakfasts by the sea and delicious hilltop picnics.
Provence entices its visitors with countless wonders, hiding priceless cultural and historic treasures under a veil of simple delights.

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