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Owner's Stories

Set on the island of Grado, along the glistening beaches of the Adriatic, is the family-owned Hotel Savoy Grado. Today this sophisticated establishment provides guests with a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity in one of Italy’s lesser known regions, just waiting to be explored.

The story begins 70 years ago, in 1952, when an Apulian wine merchant by the name of Michele Rossiello, bought “Villa Azzurra” (as it was then called.) Michele was inspired to own a piece of his beloved homeland, a place he could spend his summers, and enjoy with friends, family, and ultimately guests, all of whom shared his love of the region.

Under the skilled management of the second generation, Mara Rossiello along with her husband, Richard Soyer, transformed the original property into an elegant hotel that was to form the foundation of the hotel it is today. Boasting 80 spacious rooms, an à la carte restaurant, bar and the first seawater pool to ever grace the island of Grado, by 1967 Villa Azzurra officially became Hotel Savoy. Today this family hotel is run by the third and fourth generations – Anna, and her parents, Thomas and Ulli. It is testimony to the passion and dedication of the owners that Hotel Savoy Grado succeeds in not only delivering first class accommodation, but also hospitality that is second to none. In fact, the Rossiello/Soyer family pride themselves on providing a healthy environment to guests and staff alike, creating a fertile environment where those in the hospitality industry are able to grow.

We really want to be more sustainable in the future, towards nature and community and we are working on that. ~ Anna.

The owners are currently undertaking a renovation project to transform an unused space they used to call “Piscina Vecchia” (since it used to be a pool) into an area dedicated entirely to their staff. There will be brand new changing rooms, a cafeteria, a green outdoor space for relaxation, and a new cooking chef’s office. The happiness of their staff is of equal importance as that of their guests, and by extension, the world around them.

Today this beautiful property is also home to an impressive beauty club and spa - 1000m2 dedicated to wellness and self-care, where guests can genuinely unwind in an atmosphere of luxury. There is also Grado beach itself, the nearest seaside resort to Austria, where guests can enjoy a private section of this 3km south facing paradise, reserved by the hotel. Grado beach is well known for psammo therapy (also known as sand bath therapy) - a very special thermal treatment where your body is covered with hot sand and sea water, known to help joint conditions and rheumatic disorders. The magical properties of this sand have undoubtedly contributed to holding the impressive “Blue Flag of Europe” for 16 years.

The hotel’s accommodation is no less impressive with stylish and spacious rooms that vary in style from 60’s inspired décor to contemporary elegance. Enjoy views overlooking the lagoon or gardens, and marvel at beautiful works of art painted by local artists.

Tucked away in the northeastern part of Italy, bordering Slovenia and Austria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, is the perfect destination if you’re looking to get away from it all. Off the beaten tourist track, visitors can enjoy Roman ruins and Austro-Hungarian palaces, with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Hotel Savoy Grado mirrors its region in offering guests an authentic and very personal touch, or “so savoy” as la familia like to call it. This May they celebrate 70 years of outstanding hospitality; why not share in the celebration with them.

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