Six Incredible Dining Experiences For Foodies

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Calling all food enthusiasts! If you consider yourself a true foodie and love indulging in extraordinary culinary adventures, we have just the thing for you. Prepare your tastebuds for a journey through some of HIP Hotels’ most exceptional dining experiences. From Michelin-starred establishments to hidden gems tucked away in luxurious hotels, this list of six incredible dining experiences will take your gastronomic adventures to new heights. Get ready to savour exquisite flavours, innovative creations, and impeccable service as we guide you through a culinary exploration like no other.

Local Culinary Journey

Hotel: The Kumaon
Location: Almora, India

Locally sourced, farm fresh produce makes for a splendid culinary experience at The Kumaon. While one can go foraging for various ingredients in the forests with the team, insights into the sustainable local cuisine can be found in complex fibre and biodynamic superfoods that are native to the region. Here you can try a variety of seasonal produce like black soybean daal, bhang chutney made with ground cannabis seeds, and millet flatbreads. A combination of indoor or al fresco dining can be enjoyed at the gourmet restaurant that sits in a cantilevered structure of floor-to-ceiling glass with an adjoining main terrace area. Elevated above the valley floor, the area offers panoramic views of the Himalayas with scrumptious yet healthy dining that includes a mix of Kumaoni delicacies, served in a traditional Kansa thali and the world cuisine for a delightful indulgence.

Aperitivo In A Wheatfield

Hotel: Susafa
Location: Sicily, Italy

Take a break from everyday life and join Susafa for a completely indulgent stay. With unspoilt nature, authentic food, peace and quiet right at your fingertips, marvel at the light of the sun setting in the surrounding wheatfield as you indulge in a delicious six-course tasting menu; made from seasonal produce grown in the hotel’s gardens. Accompanied by some of the best Sicilian wines paired with each course, this is a truly special activity not to be missed. Susafa truly captures the essence of Sicilian gastronomy. Immerse yourself in the rich flavours, rustic elegance, and warm hospitality of this rustic farmhouse for an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Sicily's countryside.

Omakase Dining

Hotel: Hurley House Hotel
Location: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Nestled in the picturesque village of Hurley, Berkshire, Hurley House Hotel is a hidden gem that offers a luxurious and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its elegant design, exceptional service, and culinary excellence, this boutique hotel is a haven for travellers seeking refined comfort and a quintessentially English countryside experience. We’re thrilled to announce that Hurley House have now launched a new ‘Omakase Sushi Bar’ to the mix – a unique dining ritual, in which your meal is carefully chosen and crafted by the head sushi chef right in front of you!

Omakase dining is an exclusive experience for all to try. Here guests can select from two tasting menus, where they will be taking on a tantalising journey through Japanese delicacies. From the 12-course Lotus menu to the 16-course Dragon menu, a special drinks menu, with a carefully curated selection of Japanese sakes and whiskies, will also be available at the Omakase Bar. Open for two evening sittings, at 18:30 and 20:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, two additional private sittings on Thursdays at 19:00 or Sunday at 13:00 can also be arranged.

Secret Picnic

Hotel: Hotel Petrus
Location: South Tyrol, Italy

Timeless, traditional yet modern, and totally fun, there’s no better way to enjoy some delicious food and drink than by indulging in a picnic. This year, Hotel Petrus are hosting a secret picnic for guests to enjoy in the heart of the Dolomite mountains. Something for you and your partner, or the whole family, start by embarking on a treasure hunt through the hotel grounds with your personalised map, and you’ll discover a delicious ending with your very own hidden picnic. Featuring a tasty mix of local delicacies and scrumptious aperitivos, private alfresco dining in the Reischach/Riscone nature has never been more idyllic.

Food & Art: The Good Life Duo

Hotel: Kandima Maldives
Location: Dhaalu Atoll, Republic of Maldives

From meat grilled to perfection at their in-house restaurant ‘SMOKED’, to the Catch of the Day at ‘AZURE’ and destination dining on the beach under the stars, Kandima is never short of culinary experiences to suit all tastes. For summer 2023, pick your favourite dish to learn under the guidance of the island resorts culinary masters, giving you a recipe to recreate long after your trip ends. Artistic souls can also join art classes taught by Kandima’s resident artist in the KULA Art Studio, set at the edge of a natural lake with calming views. This game-changing island resort is an affordable lifestyle destination that reimagines peoples’ lifestyles. Kandima stands for smart, playful, rooted, and responsible hospitality. This 3-kilometre island resort is a place with an authentic Maldivian soul!

Spaghetti Night In The Tower

Hotel: Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1
Location: Florence, Italy

One of the highlights of dining at Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1 is the opportunity to indulge in a meal on the hotel's rooftop terrace. From this elevated vantage point, guests can savour their dining experience while enjoying magnificent views of Florence's historic skyline. Bringing back ‘Spaghetti Night’ for the summer of 2023, “Restaurant The Tower” provides an unforgettable setting for a truly memorable meal. From the tasty Pomodoro e Basilico to the mouthwatering Carbonara, you really don’t want to miss the ultimate spaghetti night here in the heart of Florence! Expert chefs will skillfully prepare each dish using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity – every bite is a delectable journey through the rich culinary heritage of the region.

The historic setting of Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1 adds an extra layer of charm to the dining experience. Housed in a mediaeval tower that dates back to the 13th century, the restaurant exudes a sense of history and authenticity. The elegant décor, vaulted ceilings, and original architectural details transport guests to another era, creating a unique ambiance that enhances the overall dining experience.

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