Six Top Travel Trends In 2021


With a new year comes a wealth of potential — whether that’s setting goals both personal and professional or making a list of places you’d like to travel to, a new year is always something to celebrate and reap the positives, no matter the circumstances. Embracing new travel trends and exploring new destinations — there’s nothing better than jetting off into the world and discovering new adventures. Whilst 2020 was a year like no other, 2021 is looking a little more hopeful due to the rollout of approved vaccines. Just think of the possibilities that we may be able to indulge in once travel gets fully back into the swing of things.

The thought of being able to hop on a plane, let alone a train has been completely alien and pretty much impossible this past year unless your travel has been essential. Due to this, we’ve discovered new ways to travel and are embracing the idea of a holiday in a different way; booking out entire hotels for your household bubble to enjoy, escaping to a country cottage in the middle of nowhere, glamping under the stars in the warmer months and enjoying staycations. Yes, some of these may not be your ideal beach getaway or all-inclusive holiday, but they’ve made us appreciate the simpler things in life and realise the beauty of what is already around us, all whilst keeping ourselves and others safe during these uncertain times.

Here at HIP Hotels, we want to make sure that you continue to look forward to travelling again. We want to keep your spirits high and above all, reassure you that everything will eventually return to normality. Let us help fulfill your wanderlust dreams this year with our go-to list of this year's travel trends. Here’s to 2021 being full of much more memory-making potential.

The Great Outdoors

With little to do and everything closed due to what seems like an everlasting lockdown, most of us have turned to the great outdoors to not only keep us occupied but to keep active whilst gyms and leisure centres have been closed.

From the physical benefits to mental health factors including reducing the feelings of anxiety, stress and even anger, taking long walks through the woods and cycling through the countryside is a lot better for us than we think — not to mention, it’s been a complete life saver for many during the pandemic. Due to this, many of us are now embracing a more active, outdoor lifestyle, which may start to change our future holiday preferences too. For a more safety-conscious holiday, be sure to embrace the great outdoors; being outdoors either on foot or cycling not only offers natural social distancing, but it’s also one of the most eco-friendly ways to see the world. Whether you decide to stay local and explore some of your country's gorgeous natural landscapes, or you desire a more nature-focused adventure elsewhere in the world, trekking, hiking and cycling trips are one of 2021’s top travel trends to follow.


Over a year ago, the thought of working from home full-time may have seemed a little unnerving, peculiar or out of reach for many of us. Since the start of the pandemic, many companies had no choice but to begin working from home. Whilst the majority of non-essential workers are continuing to do so, remote working has become more familiar than ever before. It’s safe to say that the perceptions of the stereotypical office setting has been changed forever.

According to, we’ll be seeing an enormous increase in ‘workations’ within the next year, with travellers looking to change up their “WFH” locations every once in a while by relocating. Not to mention, this will drastically change the way we use our annual leave & work holidays!

If you’re looking to switch up your working-from-home lifestyle in the upcoming months, take advantage of this freedom and flexibility, and treat yourself to a couple of workations this 2021. From lounging by the pool with your laptop or gazing out over the glittering seaside in your own private villa, having a dynamic work setting keeps productivity levels balanced. So what are you waiting for?

Safety First

During these uncertain times, staying safe whilst going about our daily routines is our most important priority. Once lockdowns begin to lift throughout the world, taking precautions to stay safe especially once we are able to travel again will take precedence over everything else. From mandatory masks in public places and regular use of hand sanitiser and washing your hands frequently, to staying 1-2 metres distance from others outside of your bubble and taking official tests before and after travelling, making safety a top priority in 2021 is the most important thing we can all do to ensure the safety of ourselves and decrease the risk of further outbreaks.


If there’s one positive we can take out of experiencing a pandemic, it’s the new-found appreciation we’ve uncovered for how much beauty we have on our own doorsteps. For those who would usually hop on a long-haul flight across the world, rediscovering your local countrysides, nearby coastal towns and more has been an unexpected bonus. If you were one of the millions of Britons who decided to ‘holiday’ closer to home last year due to travel restrictions, the word ‘staycation’ will continue to be a big travel trend this 2021. Whether you hold the magnificent privilege of having Italy directly on your doorstep, you live in one of the world’s largest continents (North America), or you’re living in the UK, we bet there are plenty of undiscovered places near your hometown that can offer just as much beauty and satisfaction, if not more, than a holiday abroad. From the Instagrammable sights of the magnificent Lake District, to a luxury cottage nestled within the Cotswolds, wherever you decide to ‘staycate’, be sure to make your 2021 staycations something to look forward to, not to mention a bit more memorable!

Travelling Sustainably

Taking care of our natural surroundings and helping improve the state of our planet has taken a backburner for far too long. Luckily, the world is starting to wake up, as we question our daily routines and travel methods. Something we’ve learnt a whole lot more about within the last year of the COVID-19 pandemic is the appreciation of the nature that surrounds us, as we learn to start treasuring it again.

We all know that planes, cars and even cruise ships are a huge cause of carbon emissions. Whilst we understand that sometimes flying to a location isn’t negotiable, trains give off 80% less emissions and are a much better and more sustainable way of travelling around — not to mention, you can kick back and relax whilst indulging in the many sights and landscapes you pass through. Or there’s always a good, old-fashioned sailing, boat — far greener and better for the environment, as well as being very romantic! If you’re having to rent a car once you arrive at your destination, be sure to ask the rental company for their most eco-friendly options & try to get as many people as possible into the car, to help reduce your overall carbon footprint. It really is the little things that matter.

Remember to also pack reusables — if you haven't heard, single-use plastics are a huge no-no. Pack some tupperware and recycled cutlery so you can eat on the go, take a reusable coffee cup and water bottle so you can refill on the go, and of course, make sure you pack some reusable bags. It’s very important and simple to help leave the destinations we travel to as beautiful as we found them. So travelling sustainably in 2021 will continue to hold much importance.

Glampervan Roadtrips

Since living in the 1-2 metre distanced society we’ve currently found ourselves in this past year, one of the ways people have been enjoying a holiday away from home as safely as possible is by campervan (or shall we say glampervan). These unprecedented times are not only making us feel more stressed and anxious due to the lack of social and human contact, but it’s also disrupted our everyday lives, leaving many of us with very, very “itchy feet” to get up and go!

As lockdowns start to ease around the world, many of us are starting to think about ways to go on holiday again without coming into contact with strangers in one small space. According to the Ohio, USA-based RV rental company, RVshare, there has been a 166% increase in campervan bookings within autumn and winter last year due to travel restrictions.

So unless you’re an avid road-tripper or have your very own campervan, what a perfect way to see the world and start an adventure from the comfort of your own vehicle? Plus, it provides the most security and gives a wonderful sense of freedom after a prolonged period of being at home. Not to mention, whilst restrictions are still in place, now is the best time to decorate your own campervan; turning it from campervan to glampervan in preparation for your big roadtrip!