Top Activities To Reconnect With The Great Outdoors


If there’s one thing that has remained unchanged throughout the past few tumultuous months, it’s that we are certainly lovers of the great outdoors. Not only do they provide a haven of adventure and tranquility, but it has been stated that the coronavirus poses less of a threat in outside spaces. Not that you need a reason to, but you’d really be doing yourself a disservice if you weren’t to take advantage of the brilliant outdoor activities that permit you the freedom to cast your woes aside and just be.

Without further ado, discover some of the exhilarating activities our hotels have to offer.

Nature hikes with The Kumaon

Nestled among surreal frames of forests, terraces and mountain peaks, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a plethora of ways to lap up the true vitality of this beautiful Himalayan paradise at The Kumaon. Formed of 10 luxury suites, a library, a sun lounge and a gourmet restaurant, The Kumaon offers plenty of immersive spaces to soak up the intimate atmosphere. The Almora city is famed for its esteemed history of attracting artists, pilgrims and scholars, from DH Lawrence to Bob Dylan, and The Kumaon’s guides will take you along different hiking routes, where they’re sure to have wandered and garnered some of their creative productivity.

There’s a range of hiking excursions to choose from. The Kasar Devi Round Trip will expose you to the enchanting magnetism of the Nanda Devi temple, from where you’ll be able to soak up the magnificent views across the valley all the way down to the town of Almora. This ancient temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga so you’ll be able to feel all of the magical mysticism that reigns across the region.

For a taste of Kumaoni culture, the Naini Kali From Kasar Devi will take you through Balta village and all the winding fruit orchards and old thatched houses. This will give you an insight into the agricultural practices and lifestyles of the region, allowing you to feel a deeper sense of connection to your surroundings.

For appreciators of aesthetics, the half day Waterfall Hike takes you down into the adjacent valley, through local villages and beautiful terraced fields farmed by villagers. In warm weather, you can bathe under the waterfall, but even in colder weather, this hike still manages to enchant all who come along for the journey.

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Water sports with Filario

Prized with the wondrous setting of Lake Como, Filario Hotel is a design hotel that places you in perfect harmony with your surroundings. With panoramic vistas, here, you are in the heart of one of the most naturally beautiful and sought-after destinations of the Italian peninsula, so why not make the most of adventures outdoors.

Filario is hosting an array of water sports activities to get the adrenaline pumping. With kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and pedal boats available on the property, it’s easy and safe to get onto the water and soak up all of the beauty of the lake. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, Filario has collaborated with a nearby club where you can take advantage of wake-boarding, wake-surfing, water-skiing and acqua-tubing.

Even if you’d rather stay on land for your next getaway, the staff at Filario will be more than delighted to organise a nature hike or arrange a cycling experience with professional riders that will take you around the famous paths of the Giro d’Italia.

And when the day feels full to bursting with fulfilling activities, you'll get back to the Filario, relax beside the infinity pool or private beach and enjoy some world-class cuisine within an inviting and modern space.

Delight in the Gateway to Scotland at The Dunstane Houses

Having reopened their doors on the 15th of July, The Dunstane Houses has wasted no time in getting their dazzling array of offerings back on track. Spread across two townhouses, the hotel’s enviable location awards guests with the delight of being a moments’ walk from Edinburgh's city centre and just a short drive from some of Scotland’s most picturesque beauty spots.

You may be satisfied sitting in your roll-top bath overlooking the Pentland Hills, but to truly realise the majesty of your surroundings, you really need to put yourself among it. The Dunstane Houses will be happy to organise exclusive tours for your party and expose you to some of the best adventures outdoors. Covering over 20 miles of land, explore the fabled peaks and uncover the enchantment of what can only be described as an outdoor playground. Explore further to the mystical shores of Cramond Beach, Gullane or Elie which are within an hour’s drive, all of which will allow you to discover how exceptionally beautiful Scotland can be. With its quaint, whitewashed houses and old fishing village feel, Cramond Beach is rugged coastline at its finest, offering beautiful views towards Firth of Forth. Further along the coast, the pretty village of Gullane is best known for its golfing climate, and Elie, on the adjacent coast, offers a picturesque seaside resort with a quaint harbour.

Whichever activity you choose to fill your Scottish itinerary, a stay at The Dunstane Houses is not only convenient, but will provide all the comforts and refined relaxation you could possibly imagine. If that wasn’t exclusive enough, you can fill out a pre-arrival questionnaire so that your stay is completely tailored to your individual tastes and requirements. When can we check in?!

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A diversity of outdoor activities at DasPosthotel

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or you simply like to appreciate your surroundings, the Zillertal Valley is ripe with an endless list of activities to enjoy. With 4 ski regions, 125 km of cross-country trails, numerous ski tours spanning all difficulty levels, snowshoe hikes, several ice skating rinks, winter hiking paths, 14 of the best prepared toboggan runs, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and ice climbing, the Zillertal is a paradise, come summer or winter. For mountain bikers and cyclists, the Zillertal offers alpine mountain bike tours as well as family bike tours through the valley. There is also golf, climbing, swimming, or e-biking.

By staying at DasPosthotel, all the hard work of planning and organisation is taken out of your hands. The hotel will help you put together your own personal program, so whether that’s discovering the hiking hotspots, horse riding, or taking to your cycle on a mountain bike excursion, the way you decide to uncover the beauty of this valley is entirely up to you. The surrounds’ excellent network of routes and trails allow you to unleash its full picturesque potential and leave feeling satisfied that you’ve traversed its beauty.

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Take to the water with Jashita Tulum

Surrounded by the lush, white sands of Soliman Bay, this is the kind of barefoot luxury environment where you’ll want to spend all of your days outside. With suites that place you moments from spilling out onto the shore, the tropical Tulum is an endless enticement of relaxation and tranquility.

The team at Jashita Tulum can organise a range of activities for your enjoyment. Jump aboard a kayak and try this sport in complete safety atop the Caribbean Sea, where you’ll be able to appreciate every minute detail and beautiful range of colours, not visible from the shore. You’ll even be able to see the beautiful seabed with coral and fish in their natural habitat, enough to relieve the stresses of the last few months.

Another pastime that has increased in popularity in recent years, and can be enjoyed at Jashita Tulum, is stand-up paddleboarding. Suitable for both beginners and advanced, paddleboarding offers a new perspective of the lush bay and its coral reef, allowing you to truly feel like you’re on top of the world, or as Jashita likes to call it, “walking on water”.

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Great Italian summer experiences with Hotel de Russie

This year, the Rocco Forte collection is focusing its efforts on creating intimate and exclusive outdoor experiences for its guests. Forget the indoors, it’s far too overrated anyway! At Hotel de Russie, it’s all about those intimate outdoor spaces and exclusive and private outside excursions, and their full-day packages certainly have a lot to offer.

How about hiring a private helicopter to take you to Ponza, an island residing in the middle of the Gaeta Gulf which was once used by Ancient Romans as a holiday resort. Feel a sense of history being unleashed as you’re flown to this marvelous island, approximately 40 minutes from Rome, and allow the expert guide to unveil the wonders of this unique gem.

Fancy a spot of horseback riding? Travel in style along one of the oldest and important roads of the Roman Empire, the Appian Way, and get back to the roots of one of Europe’s first and most crucial highways.

If picturesque and untouched vistas sound more up your street, discover a world of untouched nature and beautiful landscapes at The Garden of Ninfa, a reflective kaleidoscope of lakes and crystal clear streams that mingle with the ancient ruins of medieval Ninfa. Creating photogenic panoramas, the space brings forth images of a rustic secret garden and is truly a humbling environment to find yourself in.

To continue the romanticism of this Roman region, a stay at Hotel de Russie will certainly provide, where luxurious living comes to fruition and where every desire is fulfilled.

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On the water at Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas and Spa

If there’s one thing that has remained the same at Zanzibar White Sands, it’s the scale of exhilarating yet safe outdoor activities on offer. Sitting lovingly on the shores of Paje Beach, you’ll be blown away by the variety of things to do. With its year-round winds and calm shallow waters, this is where water activities find a sure home. In particular, Paje is one of the most well-known top kitesurfing spots in the world, and Zanzibar White Sands offers its own club, Zanzibar Kite Paradise, where you’ll benefit from a quality service, high-end equipment and unrivalled experience.

Whether you choose to try your hand at diving or a spot of snorkelling, Zanzibar White Sands can organise an island hopping trip, and is a must when it comes to experiencing the best that the island has to offer. With its perfect position on the beachfront, you’ll be treated to up to 1500 square metres of private luxury and able to make this little corner of paradise entirely your own — a holiday that won’t be forgotten.

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A cycling adventure with Palazzo de Noha

Cycling enthusiasts assemble! With 17 cycling routes in Lecce, the surrounds of Palazzo de Noha offer ripe opportunities to get the sun on your back and your leg muscles activated. Cycle across an amazon of olive groves, sleepy fortified villages and castles, pass WWF nature reserves, and enjoy lunch at a delectable seafront restaurant, enjoy a spot of sunbathing and swimming before a round trip that ends back in Lecce. All equipment will be provided and the route is approximately 50km in total. Never fear about losing your way, as the palazzo’s expert guide will keep you motivated and entertained along the way.

Described as the "Florence of the south", Lecce is a gem in the Puglian countryside. With its treasure trove of baroque buildings built by 17-century architects, it is truly a joy to be outside in this city. If you’re more of a culture fiend, traversing the spectacularly preserved historic centre is a must. It’s home to a diverse artistic heritage dating from Roman to Renaissance — thanks to the Spanish domination in the 17th century, Baroque art surged across the city, imagined and brought to life by the Salento artists.

Extending this architectural prowess of the city, Palazzo de Noha blends the best of contemporary fine art and design into spaces that feel elegant and minimalist. Equipped with a rooftop solarium with infinity pool and charming terrace gardens, the palazzo blossoms with an intimate playfulness, inviting guests to soak up the ambience of this lifestyle design hotel.

For a dose of both architectural delights and outdoor exhilaration, Palazzo de Noha provides the perfect base.

The colourful variety of Burano with Casa Burano

You may know of Burano due to its famous coloured buildings, but you may not be so familiar with its lace-making, or even its fishermen. More than 100 fishermen still continue the traditions for catching clams and crabs on the island, and you can learn their ways by joining them on a tour. As you enter the lagoon on a traditional fisherman boat, you’ll discover hidden and unspoiled places and how the locals enjoy their time. The fresh and delicious seafood sourced by the Buranelli in the lagoon is often sold at Rialto Market and can be found in the dishes of many restaurants on the island. To extend this trip, you can hop aboard a traditional bragozzo boat and head towards the untouched lagoon waters of native Venice, to Torcello and the island of San Francesco del Deserto, whilst you unravel the true history of the area. Don’t forget to take along a picnic lunch prepared by Osteria Contemporanea from Casa Burano's sister hotel, Venissa.

If you feel like getting active, rent a kayak and discover the lagoon come dawn or sunset, and meander along the islands and sandbars of native Venice. It will be an entirely new and unforgettable perspective by day or night.

As the only hotel on the island, Casa Burano provides the perfect base to explore the island like a local. Wait until all of the day visitors have started to disperse to really unveil Burano’s majestic potential.

Exploring the Italian Riviera with OMHOM

Situated close to the border between Liguria and Toscana, OMHOM awakens the senses and encourages you to return to the simplicity of everyday life. Host, Luca, will be more than happy to organise a range of activities that can be enjoyed in the beautiful outdoors of Trebiano.

For those who love to hike, this Italian Riviera offers an abundance of beautiful routes, passing through picturesque Cinque Terre and even so far as the Apuan Alps, which can be organised as a day trip. Luca will help you plan the activities you wish to experience, including a tour by boat of the Gulf of Poets to admire the impressive cliffs and fortresses, or to explore the vast wild slopes of marble in Carrara, where you’ll get an insight into both ancient and new excavation processes that have provided marble across Italy for thousands of years. To be outdoors in the Ligurian Riviera is to uncover its wondrous gems.

With two completely independent suites, your safety is kept in mind at all times whilst staying at OMHOM, with all common areas available in exclusivity and disinfected after every visit. Each of the suites offer enchanting views and an individual atmosphere, providing a magnificent space to unwind whilst sipping a drink from the honesty bar.

As outdoor activities become an increasingly crucial part of getting away, these hotels prove that the open-air is far more satisfying and fulfilling than we’ve given it credit for, and it is only now that we are all appreciating its vitality in full technicolour.

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