Where To Enjoy The Most Beautiful Sunsets & Sunrises This Year


I think we can all agree, there is nothing more thrilling than a beautiful sunset or sunrise — with their vibrant orange and red hues, they’re a phenomenon never failing to instill a sense of perpetual enchantment into all who witness their magnificent presence. Each one you witness never appears to be the same, there is always something starkly distinctive, that never falters in putting on a fine display for all to gasp at and admire.

Since we were momentarily withheld from enjoying many of life's pleasures, it is only now that we are once again beginning to appreciate the small joys, more and more.

Some of the hotels in our collection benefit from locations that offer unbeatable views of some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Here they are…

Filario Hotel & Residences, Lake Como, Italy

Where better place to begin than with the jewel of the Italian lakes. Here, you’ve hit the sunset and sunrise jackpot, with every corner of Lake Como offering a different yet equally awe-inspiring perspective. Whether you take the funicular to Brunate where you’ll be treated to panoramic views from 700 metres up, or the iconic Bellagio, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into a painting.

For a truly remarkable and exclusive view, retreat to Filario Hotel & Residences. Each room is inspired by nature with open-plan layouts that seek to connect you further to your surroundings, but it’s the private cosy balconies that really afford you some of the most sublime vistas, and where the sunsets will come into full technicolour. With Agregno in the background, take a drink on your terrace and cosy up with your loved ones as the sun makes its impact and then slowly fades behind the slopes of the mountains, finalising a simply impeccable day on the lake.

Reopened June 26th.

Lesar Hotel Angel, Ljubljana, Slovenia

As one of Europe’s most environmentally-conscious and green cities, you’re almost guaranteed to see a clear, unfiltered sunset here in Ljubljana every evening. And where to see the most unobstructed views? Ljubljana Castle, of course! Surveying the town for almost 900 years, it’s difficult not to notice its luminous medieval presence. As night begins to fall, the sunset over the city complemented by the twinkling building lights makes for a quaint end to your evening.

Located in a prime location at the foot of the castle, Lesar Hotel Angel provides the perfect base surrounded by a charming 500-metre-squared garden that reaches up Castle Hill underneath the tower. With the city on your doorstep, the possibilities seem entirely endless, and where romance is concerned, this is an especially under-the-radar choice to say the least. The stylish and luxurious suites consider every finer detail with a neutral palette blended with period features.

Just a short 45-minute drive from Lesar Hotel Angel is the iconic Lake Bled. You might choose to drive here for an evening, and if you do, the sunset that will greet you will be one you’re likely to never forget. There are a range of different vantage points to take full advantage of this mesmerising landscape, but a few, including Straža and Ojstrica, make for some of the most enthralling views, all highlighted by the enchanting tear-shaped island that takes pride of place as the crown jewel of the lake, displaying its quaint fairytale church for all to admire.

Hotel & Chalet Aurelio, Lech, Austria

A destination that thrives in both winter and summer, Lech in Austria is where high-altitude hiking trails, ambitious treks, mountain biking, and swimming in natural pools, amongst a whole host of other activities, becomes the natural order of your stay as you become attuned to the atmosphere of the Arlberg region. From July 24th to September 6th, the wondrous hideaway of Hotel & Chalet Aurelio will reopen its doors for a summer retreat. With only ten rooms, you’ll enjoy a carefree getaway that is safe, exclusive and feels wholly intimate.

Not short of mountainous landscapes, a popular sunrise walk starts in Oberlech, a short stroll from the hotel, where the sun begins to rise above the Hasensprung — hues of blue then brushstrokes of red decorate your vision as you reach the Mohnenfluh. The night becomes day in a flurry of vibrancy, for what is truly a humbling experience amongst the magnitude of the mountains, and a refreshing start to your day.

An equally exciting, yet unmissable experience in Lech is the Skyspace, The Lightroom on the Mountain created by American artist, James Turrell. Located in Tennegg in Oberlech at 1,780 metres above sea level, approximately a 50 minute hike from Aurelio Hotel, this circular structure is open at sunrise and sunset where the changing light conditions create a spectacle of colour inside the domed building. Accessible from the public hiking trail or the ski slope, Turrell creates a unique lightroom experience, designed to make individuals aware of the perception of the world around them.

Returning to Hotel Aurelio is the icing on top of an invigorating day well spent with rooms that feel modern and ambient, and what’s more?! You’ll continue to be treated to charming views of Lech’s surrounding mountainous landscape.

Reopened July 24th.

Anantara Vilamoura, Portugal

A sunset over the palms of Anantara’s Algarve resort is truly something to cherish and remember forever. The refreshing scenery creates the perfect atmosphere to soak up the exclusive feel of the region. Two large heated pools offer a relaxing space to absorb the sunshine, and as night falls, it’s a great spot to watch the sunset, with a delicious drink in hand.

For golfers, Anantara Vilamoura offers some brilliant facilities overlooking the Victoria Golf course where you can take advantage of private transfers to one of the finest golf courses in Europe and even gain advice from Anatara’s golfing experts. But, even if golf isn’t on your agenda, Anantara Vilamoura is utterly luxurious with an award-winning spa and seasonal local produce served in all manner of ways; private dining, in-room, by the pool, in the lounge or restaurants, so there really is something for everyone.

Reopened July 20th.

Palazzo Belmonte, Amalfi Coast, Italy

With unobstructed views of the Mediterannean sea and Capri island, come sunrise or sunset, Palazzo Belmonte’s outdoor Belvedere terrace becomes the most intimate and romantically-coloured spot to soak up the golden light of a sunset. Here in Castellabate, you get to enjoy the best of the clear sea and unspoiled hills. Santa Maria di Castellabate is shrouded in legend, which only adds further to the feeling of utter enchantment that washes over a visit here.

If you’re searching for a space to experience true peace and tranquility, Palazzo Belmonte will cater. Once the residence of 17th-century Prince Belmonte, if it was fit for Kings and Queens, expect only the utmost luxury and sublime views.

Tribal Hotel, Granada, Nicaragua

Decorated by colonial churches, balconied mansions and colourful buildings, Granada is the perfect city for leisurely exploration, including an array of sightseeing tours and the chance to take a private boat trip on Lake Nicaragua. Stretching out towards the horizon, most of these trips venture to the volcanic Las Isletas where you might spot herons foraging for fish or a monkey or two surveying their surroundings. At sunset is when you’ll have the most awe-inspiring experience, as the orange hues reflect off the deep blue surface of the lake.

Another key spot is atop the bell tower of Iglesia de la Merced where you can pay a small price to climb to the top and enjoy panoramic views across the city, and stay for the vibrancy of golden hour that bathes the colourful colonial-style buildings in the most refreshing blanket of light. You won’t regret it.

As night falls, wandering back to Tribal Hotel, just two blocks from the city centre, will bring you to one of the finest boutique hotels in Granada. Step into the stylish lobby that spills onto a tropical garden oasis, exquisitely decorated with whimsical tiles and cabana-style outdoor lounging beds offering a charming setting to relax well into the warm evening. If you’d rather extend your tropical day, enjoy a delicious meal in the courtyard that transforms into a wondrous torch-lit environment for cocktails and light tapas each evening.

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