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Maison La Minervetta

Sorrento, Italy

Get in ship shape at Maison La Minervetta, a lovingly decorated nautical abode. You'll find yourself on a cliffside overlooking the Marina Grande, the original fishing port in the beautiful Italian town of Sorrento, with Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples on your doorstep. Its contagious Mediterranean atmosphere paired with vibrantly-coloured design is enough to serenade you your entire stay. Designed by architect Marco de Luca, the overall feeling is one of vibrancy and relaxation.

Ahoy Sailor

Large and relaxed living areas make this more like a fabulous beach holiday home than a hotel. Perfect for every kind of holiday — couples, family, singles, with delicious breakfasts and exquisite sundowners on the terrace come evening time.

The Location

From La Minervetta's sun terrace you can take in the stunning coastline of Sorrento and the Bay of Naples. Additionally, you're only minutes away from a private beach which you can access on request. Utterly sublime vistas allow panoramic views day to night.

The Rooms

Stripes and nautical patterns take centre stage here — there's no escaping them. The marine vibe is so well executed that with the Gulf of Naples below you, you'll feel like you've landed right in the centre of a Mediterranean haven.

Nibbles & Tipples

While the hotel doesn't have a restaurant, it does do a wonderful buffet breakfast including delicious bacon and eggs to order.

The fun sun terrace feels like a wonderful holiday postcard as you gaze out to the dormant distant volcano. Vesuvius is in view, creating picture-perfect photo opportunities and the chance to create memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime.

God is in the details

The hotel's gorgeous hydro massage tub is open in early summer, and from your vantage point, you can see over Sorrento. Panoramic visions stretch as far as the eye can see, providing the perfect morning pick-me-up and evening wind-down.


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Sorrento - Italy

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