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Many of us have jumped onto the home revamp train during this pandemic — after all, what else is there to do? How about redesigning your bathroom into a more indulgent and relaxing place?

Since we’re not able to travel freely at the moment, and are advised to stay at home during these uncertain times, what better way to fill our days than to transform our bathrooms by drawing inspiration from some of your favourite hotels. There’s nothing more luxurious than a hotel-style bathroom design — a serene place where you can unwind after a long day (or a place just to relax after a full day of Netflix watching). We’ve put together a selection of some gorgeous hotel bathroom designs that will help inspire you. From compact WCs and beautiful bathtubs to glamorous shower rooms and stylish en-suites, discover some of these magnificent bathrooms to fuel your inspiration and help recreate the five-star bathroom of your dreams!

Compact En-Suite

From tiny bathrooms to compact en-suites, a small bathroom can make those morning and evening routines a lot less… motivating. But there are many ways to transform them into a stylish part of your home and not somewhere that stresses you out every time you step foot into it.

First comes first, if you want your compact en-suite to feel as spacious as possible, take inspiration from our charming hotel in UK’s Berkshire, Hurley House. This former pub turned multi-award winning boutique hotel is filled with tastefully decorated cosy, chic rooms.

Something that is really important about making a space appear bigger is by ensuring you use a neutral colour palette. Pale neutral colours are the obvious choice to encourage the illusion of space. Alternatively, painting or placing dark coloured tiles or wood panelling on the lower half of the walls and floors can also create the perception of depth, hiding the fact that the room is small. We recommend placing a large wall-to-wall mirror either above the sink or next to the bath which will guarantee the illusion of more spaciousness. If you have the option, we would advise swapping out your old bath, and replacing it with a gorgeous freestanding bath. Not only will this look super stylish and give you a more luxurious feel, but its small and compact structure will fit nicely into your bathroom as the ideal focal point for a new and glamorous en-suite!

Take A Walk On The Dark Side

Who says bathrooms have to be that clinical, crisp white? From dark cool concrete to inky slate greys, taking a walk on the dark side truly rules when it comes to blissful bathing.

Using dark colour palettes doesn't mean you’ll have a moody space — it’ll bring a sense of sophistication and elegance to it. Since the colour shockers of the 70s, having a deep shade or dark coloured bathroom has become a popular alternative in recent years, compared to the crisp white/neutral-looking ones. Evoking richness and luxury, having a dark bathroom creates a mysterious yet calming vibe for everyone who steps foot in it.

Discover minimalistic splendour nestled within the Himalayas. The Kumaon is a unique mountain retreat with an ethos of tropical modernism that resonates throughout the buildings, with an abundance of natural light blurring the boundaries between man and nature. Whilst most of the hotel is graced with a natural theme, following the wooden floors, neutral linens and large windows looking over the mountains to give a sense of calm and tranquility, their bathrooms tell another story.

The dark and spacious semi open-air bathrooms are designed in harmony with nature. Surrounded by dark and natural concrete tiling, wooden features, growing flora, a fantastic ray of natural light and of course, a rain shower...

“The Kumaon is architecturally striking while being minimalistic in its design. It gives you space and time to think, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.” Raghav, owner

Tiles, Tiles, Tiles

Some people love bright coloured bathrooms, others like keeping it sweet and simple. If you’re going to invest time in creating the bathroom of your dreams, why not go all out and choose some magnificent tiles to create an authentic and tactile backdrop? Rather than having the bath or furnishings as the centerpiece of the room, allow some gorgeous tiles to complement the rest of the space. In our opinion, the most exciting part of designing a bathroom is choosing which stylish materials and colours are going to take the spotlight of the room, and this is where the tiles come in!

If you take a look at one of the sleek, marble bathrooms at Villa Lena, how could you not want the tiles to be the spotlight of your bathroom? Filled with the newest Fattoria selection, floor-to-ceiling tiles gives a bathroom a distinct and unique appearance, making it the centerpiece of the house. This trend gives bathrooms a cohesive, united look, not to mention, utterly spectacular. However, for those of you who prefer a little more of a neutral aesthetic, a bathroom wrapped in tiling may be a little overwhelming. So when choosing your tiles, are you going to go big or go home?

Wet Rooms

If you have a large bathroom and are looking at ways to take advantage of the space, have you ever thought about creating your very own wet room? This new approach to bathroom design is where you throw away the tub, get rid of the shower curtains and screens and use an open-plan design for your shower to open up the entire bathroom. Unless you already have wet room plumbing installed or are a highly skilled plumber, we do recommend you seek a little help when creating your perfect wet room bathroom in your home, as waterproofing the space is highly necessary.

Give your new bathroom a spa-like makeover and draw some inspiration from Colombia’s eco-friendly Hotel Playa Koralia. The simplicity and harmonious luxury culminate beautifully at Buritaca’s charming bungalow retreat. Be sure to try out a more minimalistic and natural theme by using a neutral colour palette, stone flooring, walls and matching sink area, and take advantage of any natural light that comes into the space. Not only will this great lockdown project spruce up your plain bathroom, but it will also give you a sense of rejuvenation every time you step foot into this newly renovated wet room of yours – you’ll never want to leave!

Bring The Outside In

There’s something about bringing nature inside and having some greenery in our homes that provides us with a sense of calm, especially when we’re advised to stay at home at the moment. Incorporating plants, natural light, earthy colour tones and elements such as wood and stone into our homes, especially our bathrooms, truly brings tranquil healing properties into our mental space.

Whilst it’s not possible to escape and jet off to the marvellous tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, you can still be inspired by the immersive natural wildlife retreat of Gal Oya Lodge. This eco-friendly hotel overlooks the Senanayake Samudraya Lake, surrounded by a magnificent glide of animals such as elephants, crocodiles and over 100 species of birds and more. Whilst most of us don’t have the luxury of living off the beaten track surrounded by such magnificent wildlife, we can draw this eco-friendly design into our bathrooms. From natural wooden walls to stone flooring, boost the efficiency of your showers with some water-saving technology to ensure your everyday activities are more efficient and less wasteful. Add some bathroom friendly plants to add a touch of colour, use some bamboo ladders to hang up your towels and feel as if you’re in the tranquil retreat of Gal Oya Lodge. However, you may struggle spotting the odd elephant here or there walking past your bathroom at the moment!

Walk-In Showers

We don’t know about you, but there’s something about a walk-in shower that has the magical ability to wash all of your stresses and problems away…

A well-appointed and magnificently designed walk in shower will make your bathroom all the more glamorous. From stylish fittings and lavish showerheads, to brightly patterned tiles and captivating design, be sure to draw some walk-in shower inspiration from the fantastic Maison La Minervetta. This magnificently decorated nautical abode is located on the stunning coastline of Sorrento and the Bay of Naples, where stripes and nautical patterns take centre stage in all corners of the hotel.

Why not spruce up your shower room with some patterned tiles that fill the walls and flooring? Whether you choose pops of colour to fill the space or looking for something a little more traditional, we highly recommend tossing out that shower curtain or foggy glass shower screen and opt for a see-through glass door to enter through. Not only will this showcase the cool design inside and make it the centrepiece of your bathroom, but it’ll also make the space feel a lot more spacious and less claustrophobic.

Studio Rooms

Many of us who live alone in the city may be in a converted house turned into a selection of studio flats. Whilst some may feel a little small and others are pretty spacious, one way to not only spruce up your studio room but also your bathroom, is to draw true inspiration from a magnificent hotel room such as Hotel Heureka. This opulent boutique nestled in the heart of Venice is the perfect place to inspire those looking to redesign their homes and bathrooms.

If you’re into that aristocratic style, filling your spaces with a sense of majesty and brilliance, look no further than Hotel Heureka. Fill your space with vintage finds and old-century furnishings; choose your lighting correctly to emphasise certain corners of the room that you want to highlight and make use of deep royal colours or a selection of coppers, golds, silvers and brass to bring out that sense of luxury. And last but not least, we highly recommend investing in a roll top bath to place at the end of your bed. It’ll give you that sense of luxury and relaxation, just like you get when you step foot into a glamorous hotel room. Whilst most of us are advised to stay at home at the moment, what better way to indulge in some luxury than by rolling out of bed directly into an elegant bathtub!

A Touch of Greenery

Bathrooms can be so much more than functional. They’re not only the practical place where we clean ourselves and spend our morning and evening routines, but where we can escape to; where we relax, think deep thoughts, pamper ourselves, come up with new and creative ideas, laugh, cry, and so much more. Making your home bathroom as serene and calming as possible is terribly important.

Adding a natural feel to your bathroom with a touch of greenery can go a long way. Presenting the epitome of relaxing retreats, surrounded by a nature-inspired swimming pool, a yoga shala, acres of tropical trees and fauna, be inspired by Galle’s family-run boutique, Why House. Temper with some neutral shades in your new bathroom, add some stone or wooden accessories such as a bath caddy, panelling on the walls, or even a wooden shower mat, with the addition of some greenery to create that calming oasis. If your bathroom is on the top floor, Velux windows will definitely ensure that you’re flooded with gorgeous amounts of natural light each day.

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