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More than three generations of the Fantini family have been living on the idyllic western shores of Lake Orta (Lago di Orta). Long reputed as Italy’s most romantic lake, its setting is aesthetically unrivalled - lush forests of pines, oaks and firs in the midst of the Piemonte region’s majestic Pennine Alps. At the centre of the lake, the Isola San Giulio houses a stunning 13th-century Basilica and a picture-perfect Benedictine abbey. It is here in the charming hamlet of Pella that in 1947, brothers Giovanni and Ersilio Fantini started their water tap factory. Today, the eponymous Fantini Rubinetti is renowned for its sleek and modern designs, with major successes in the market of Asia, Europe and the USA. Daniela Fantini, daughter of Giovanni and currently CEO, has a profound personal attachment to the region, its cultural roots and her family’s history. The idea of a luxury guesthouse to host visitors and clients had always been in the air. I 2015, she purchased two properties on a stretch of land adjacent to the company’s headquarters.

The goal was clear from the start - create an Eden-like retreat that would showcase all the natural beauty of the lake, while pampering guests in an environment of unbridled luxury. casaFantini opened in 2017, inspired by the simple and modern style of the Fantini company’s design. The task was entrusted to Piero Lissoni, a renowned Milanese architect responsible for the creation of the company’s showrooms in Milan and New York. The hotel’s structure is composed of two lake-front buildings; one newly built and one from the 19th century, whose architectural design flawlessly meshes with the surrounding scenery. The lounge creates a cosy atmosphere where guests can enjoy photography books whilst savouring the breathtaking views of the lake through panoramic windows.

Daniela sees time as the greatest luxury of all. That is why casaFantini’s philosophy revolves around the pioneering concept of “Lake Time”.

The calm and static waters of the lake help the body and mind to relax in an idyllic setting, allowing you to savour the beauty and timelessness of nature. All eleven rooms (of which two are suites) purposely have lake views, magnifying their spaciousness. The interior design, imagined into life by Elisa Ossino, is sophisticated and trendy, with ample use of wood and permeated by neutral colours. The garden, meticulously designed to incorporate footpaths made of gneiss, is graced with a gazebo and the finest samples of local flora. A swimming pool in natural stone runs by the side of the garden, in a triumph of elegant minimalism. The Blulago Café bar in the old house, a suave combination of neutral colours and wood furnishings, is open for both guests and the public to enjoy. The attention to detail, and the appreciation of the local environment, is fully reflected in Casa Fantini’s gastronomical offering. Guests are dazzled with an array of exclusive locally-sourced delicacies - prosciutto lightly smoked on juniper wood, freshly baked cornetti, and camembert made from buffalo milk among others. Casa Fantini also offers very particular excursions, discovering the most hidden and unique attractions of the Lake Orta region. The standout ones are a visit to Mount Orta, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a tour of the delightful vineyards where the exquisite Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Erbaluce wines are made. Daniela Fantini has seemingly succeeded in her effort to offer her guests an unprecedented combination of luxury living, unmitigated relaxation and culinary ecstasy. And every morning, as the mists gently lift over Lake Orta, the term “Lake Time” reveals in full the beauty of its meaning.

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