Luxury Bedroom Design Inspiration For 2021


Our bedrooms are our safe havens. A place where we rest, where we retire after a long and hectic day, where we dream, a place away from daily worries – bedrooms really are the primary place of relaxation. Having a well-designed bedroom catered to your every design need is a lot more important than you think.

Whilst many of us have jumped onto the home revamp and redecorating train within the last year, there’s no better time to focus on rejuvenating our bedrooms than now. Not to mention, our bedrooms are the place where we spend a third of our lives, so it really is the most important room in the house!

Getting a good night's sleep is so important for our physical and mental health — it boosts our productivity, leaves us feeling refreshed and can help with a lot of health problems. According to health experts from the Sleep Better Council, your bedroom plays a key role in enabling you to get the correct amount of sleep your body needs, so discovering the best way to sleep is of paramount importance. There’s no better way to improve your quality of sleep than ensuring the environment in which you rest your head is fully optimised — fluffy pillows, indulgent mattresses and beautiful design to make you feel completely tranquil.

From modern and minimalistic trends to something more grand, or maybe even a little rustic, discover our top pick of luxury hotel designs to inspire the bedroom of your dreams.

Colour Scheme

Regardless of the theme you’ve decided for your bedroom, the colour scheme is key. Not only setting the tone for the room, but also creating the right mood and atmosphere you’re looking for, finding the right colour palette for your tastes is crucial!

What are you exactly looking for... Is it something colourful but not clashy? Bold and quirky? Or are you looking for some more minimalism in your life? These relevant questions should hopefully help narrow down the colour palette you’re searching for. Remember, if you’re looking to recreate hotel-inspired luxury living, the colour palette must require a little uniqueness and sophistication.

Let’s start with the wall colour. Wallpaper is used pretty extensively in luxury boutique hotels to bring out the textural interest, patterns and depth within the space. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more minimalistic vibe with a splash of colour, try an accent-coloured wall, a contemporary way of combining both paint and wallpaper together!

Colour schemes in hotel rooms are truly key when it comes to what impression they’re trying to give to their guests. Whether they’ve chosen the palette to help reflect its enchanting surroundings, to keep it sweet and simple, or to reflect the passion of its owner, all colours are carefully selected to show the character they wish to portray. The bold colours and eclectic wallpapers that adorn the walls at Bomans Hotell follows the owner’s, Kristin Boman’s, quote “more is more, less is a bore”. The aristocratic excellence within Boutique Hotel Villa Sostaga (photo above) with its vibrant colours and intricate details are highlighted by its intimate surroundings of Lake Garda. The opulent pinks and romantic hues of L’Hotel achieves that romantic and boutique feel of Paris. The Nordic-modern feel of Walliserhof set against the exhilarating backdrop of the natural landscapes of Austria’s Vorarlberg and the rustic exposed brick and minimalist furnishings of 18 Micon Str. creates a perfectly chilled, contemporary atmosphere. Hopefully some of these hotel colour palette designs may give you some inspiration to begin creating your ideal bedroom.

Take a look at the photos below to discover some more inspiration!

Bed Frames

Map out how much space you have in the room and how much space you have to play with to fit in your ideal bed frame, as this piece of furniture will likely be the largest piece of furniture you’ll have in your bedroom. Be careful not to choose a large bed if you have a tiny space, or a small bed in a large space – it could either be super overpowering or could end up drowning the space!

Wood, metal, leather and fabric, high bed, low bed, four-poster bed, you name it, when it comes to different types of bed frames you’re truly spoilt for choice. Let’s draw some inspiration from some of our favourite hotel bed frames here at HIP Hotels…

Whether you’re looking for the frame to be the statement piece or a simple base with or without a bold headboard to help bring out the magnificence of the bed coverings and surrounding furnishings, our hotels are the perfect place to start drawing inspiration. Follow the design of Monsieur Jean, L’hote Particuler, and make your bed frame the bold centrepiece of the room by investing in some vibrant colour patterns and fabrics. Maybe you want your headboard to be the centrepiece? Prague’s Design Hotel Neruda (photo above) knows a thing or two about magnificent headboards, so be sure to garner some inspiration from them. What about trying something a little different and investing in a uniquely round bed frame? The rustic and understated style of Pegasus Suites & Spa provides an immediate sense of calm the moment you walk in. Or perhaps you want something minimalistic, reserving the attention for your bedding & furnishings — be inspired by the cool and cosy Design Hotel Tyrol.

Take a look at the photos below to discover some more inspiration!


Next up, furnishings. When it comes to choosing which furnishings you want to have in your bedroom, keep in mind the space you have. Depending on the other furniture you want in your room, you’ll want to ensure it fits in nicely and doesn’t overcrowd any given spaces. Unless you’re blessed with a lot of space, or you have the advantage of built-in wardrobes and shelves, ensure to pick your bedroom furniture wisely. You need to consider how much space you need for things such as storage, clothes and accessories before deciding on furnishings.

Bedside tables, free-standing wardrobes, chest of drawers, ottoman benches, statement chairs, dressing tables, a chaise lounge, the list goes on… There are so many furnishings out there to truly make the space both magnificent and practical. Unless you like a true mix-and-match of furnishings, you want to make sure that the furniture follows your decided theme.

The aristocratic furnishings inside Rome’s charming Villa Laetitia, a luxurious former Belle Époque glory designed by Anna Fendi Venturini, offers a true sense of grandeur. The furnishings inside the rooms of Australia’s Dairy Flat Lodge and Farm (photo above) present a true mix of modern and vintage pieces, blending the spaces together in perfect harmony; having just a vintage free-standing wardrobe and bench at the end of the bed to complement your bed frame is a great way to explore the ‘less is more’ trend. You could also draw inspiration from the magnificent heritage Italian furnishings passed down from former owners at Borgo di Carpiano. Whether you have a large or small space to work with, filling your walls with large mirrors like they do at Palazzina will guarantee the illusion of spaciousness. Or how about indulging in the true meaning of maximalism — be inspired by Portobello Hotel’s quirkily variety of rockstar rooms.

Take a look at the photos below to discover some more inspiration!


A lot of people may overlook the importance of lighting when it comes to styling the perfect luxury hotel-style bedroom. Lighting is possibly one of the most important factors within this whole process. Whilst colour palettes, bed frames and furnishings can create the mood and atmosphere, you’ll certainly need lighting to help achieve the full effect, accentuating corners of rooms and playing with light and shadow.

Whether it’s soft and diffused bedside table lighting, bright and bold hanging lights or LED twinkling fairy lights, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to have in your bedroom and which corners of the room you want to highlight. From highlighting each side of the bed with downlights or bedside table lamps, and floor standing lamps to arch over your reading chair in the corner, to a centrepiece chandelier brightening up the entire room and hidden LED lights running around the perimeter of the ceiling or floor, it’s a great idea to get bold with your lighting and lampshades if your furnishings are on the minimalistic side.

The copper downlights in HUUS Gstaad not only light up one side of the bed, but also really gives that warm and cosy feel to the room in contrast to the soaring snowy mountain tops of Switzerland’s Gstaad. Don’t be afraid to get a little experimental too when choosing your lighting – MOSS Boutique Hotel (photo above) features a perfect blend of modern and eco-friendly design and has many feature lightings consisting of a branch with hanging light shades, cool and practical! Masseria Susafa features some trendy rope lights attached to the ceiling wooden beams to highlight certain areas of the room; Downtown Camper by Scandic utilises a classic headboard light, perfect for those who like to read before they go to bed! Whatever style of lighting you choose, the correct selection can truly add a real ‘wow’ factor to your bedroom.

Take a look at the photos below to discover some more inspiration!


Think of accessories as jewellery for your bedroom — the objects that make the empty spaces sparkle & complement the rest of the room. You want to add a little bit (or a lot) of texture within the room; from bedding and extra blankets, rugs and cushions, to paintings, candles, plants and more. Adding textural variation to the room not only injects vibrancy into certain areas, but it’s what makes our bedrooms complete, and injects elements of our very own personality.

Choosing accessories for your bedroom can sometimes be difficult. You want it to look nice and pretty, not over-crowded and cluttered. Real (or faux if you’re not good at the upkeep) plants and flowers are a really good way to start, introducing a pop of colour and a more organic and natural feel to certain areas of the room. Add a luxury scented burning candle or two on your bedside table to add to the feeling of relaxation and dreamy atmosphere as you recharge after a long day. You could even try blending lighting and accessories by placing a neon sign on your wall.

Maybe you want to be a little more creative than that? The Pinnacle Athens adds some extra personality to its rooms’ surfaces with joyous antiques and artworks including teapots and old books, creative prints, etc. The intimate 15th century hotel of Dar Assiya individually decorates its five rooms with Moroccan handicrafts, cushions and throws from the local Medina, blending in with a traditional Moroccan style and its surrounding atmosphere. If you’re looking for something a little bolder and more minimalistic, Seehotel Ambach has a unique style of accessorising. Whilst their furnishings are the main artwork of the hotel, the use of 1970s pastel-coloured telephones & retro televisions, wooden toys, colourful sand timers and plants truly shines. Or, if you want to accessorise your bedroom with a little more effortless simplicity, draw some inspiration from OMHOM and indulge in that slow living atmosphere with some timeless accessories made from local craftsmen and artists such as bowls, baskets and handcrafted branches from the local area. Not to mention, a vase of some fresh flowers and some bright linen can never go a miss.

Take a look at the photos below to discover some more inspiration!

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