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The winter sun in March holds its own promises — of gently warming weather as the last vestiges of the prior season dissipates. The month of the equinox has a magic all of its own, and March holidays in the sun are just what you need to recharge your batteries.

When choosing the best places to visit in March, your options are plentiful. Whether it is wide open desert landscapes, bustling cultural cities, or something a bit more remote, you are sure to find the perfect getaway at any one of these gorgeous locales.

Here are our selection of the best March holiday destinations.

Canary Islands

If you’re thinking about a warm holiday in March somewhere in Europe, the Canary Islands may be just the thing. You will experience more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in this part of the globe, and be welcomed with mild temperatures where sunbathing is most definitely on the list.

With miles of Sahara-like dunes, haunting volcanoes, scented pine forests, and lunar-like landscapes, these unique islands wear many tantalising hats. The tumbling waterfalls of La Palma and the subtropical greenery of La Gomera’s Parque Nacional de Garajonay provide a surreal party of colours unsurpassed for such a small land mass.

Tenerife is the place to go for a varied experience, where temperatures hover between 18° C and 24° C. Visit Teide National Park and Anaga Rural Park, where the hiking is superb, but with the rise in elevation, ensure you have some sun cream to hand as well as some layers! Exploration is a central theme, where you can seek out rustic wooden balconies, leafy patios and cheery painted facades typical of Canarian architecture in the streets of Tenerife. Visit charming palm-shaded churches dating back many centuries.

Visit the Gran Canaria on the neighbouring island, where the spectacular and surreal go hand-in-hand with enormous abstract sculptures by Martin Chirino. Then for a bit of recuperation, relax on Fuerteventura’s unspoilt beaches and soft rolling dunes. Whatever you choose, these islands are a wonderfully varied pocket of Spain, interwoven with the mainland, yet worlds apart.

Bangkok, Thailand

A city that is as familiar as it is exotic, Bangkok is one of those places that you never tire of visiting. The food alone will have first-timers swooning, with a view to come back again and again. Here you will find the perfect blend of culture, nightlife, shopping, and a charming grittiness unrivaled anywhere else in Asia.

March is when things start heating up! Still in the dry season and sunny, expect temperatures to be a balmy 28° C to 34° C. Here in the tropics, humidity is your friend, so dress accordingly!

Undoubtedly, The Grand Palace is Bangkok’s most famous landmark; the home of the Thai King and the seat of government for 150 years. Its intricate detail and inspiring architecture have awed visitors throughout the ages.

After a day of sightseeing, to truly get all the kinks out, a traditional Thai massage cannot be missed. It’s an ancient form of stress-relief developed by Buddhist monks 2,500 years ago to reinvigorate the body’s energy lines and balance your energy systems.

For a fantastic base, you should definitely try The Siam, a luxurious villa-style boutique hotel next to the Chao Phraya waterside. Enjoy an incredible spa, screen room and even a cooking school surrounded by lush green gardens, perfect for the winter sun. Its monochrome interiors are indicative of 1960’s colonial Thailand.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a veritable playground for the shopaholic, the social butterfly, the party animal and the hardcore professional in equal measure. The desert city provides an extravagance that at the outset seems too good to be true, but it quickly proves itself with exciting activities and beaches galore.

March in Dubai brings incredibly mild weather, with temperatures ranging from 17° C to 28° C. With about 9 hours of sun, there is plenty to do during the day, and even more entertainment to keep you busy after the sun dips below the horizon.

Currently the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is an 828-metre-tall megastructure and a testament to the city’s ambitious vibe. See a birds-eye view of the magnificence of Dubai at the top. It is a great way to see the sun rise over the desert!

If Dubai is known for anything, it’s the theme parks, and the Garden Glow is the shining star here. It uses recyclable material culminating in fine works of art. At night they glow, giving the entire park a surrealistic aura. Live performances, a tasty food pavilion and a separate kids’ zone is a reason to take the whole family.

The Dubai Frame is a technological wonder and like a beacon towering over the landscape, with visions of the city’s past, present and future. With two galleries and an observation deck at the top, this is a must-visit in the City of Gold.

Venture a little further away from the city to a desert safari. See the sunset behind the horizon, take a camel ride, or take that Instagram photo in traditional Arabic garb while enjoying an unlimited supply of beverages and belly dances.

Maldonado, Uruguay

Summers in the off-season in South America have pleasant weather conditions, making Uruguay one of the best warm holidays in March. With average temperatures from 17° C to 25° C, you will only need a light jacket to protect you from the elements.

After the throngs of Carnival have departed, you will find almost deserted stretches of beach along the country’s dynamic coastline. The pounding heart of the summer scene is Punta del Este and surrounding towns of La Barra and Manantiales, the go-to beach destinations along the Atlantic coast. A walk along the port’s wooden promenade conjures up images of romance, and the excellent restaurants nearby are made for gastronomic indulgence.

The sprawling and luxurious city of Maldonado encompasses a variety of attractions. The Ralli Museum holds an incredible collection of contemporary Latin American art, with a healthy mix of European and Post-Modernist pieces.

Then, a short drive to José Ignacio is an escape from the glamourous Punta del Este, while still having access to quality stores, art galleries and restaurants.

Your downtime is best spent at Estancia Vik José Ignacio, where you can soak up the extravagant lifestyle and winter sun on a private beach deck. It is the epitome of contemporary design with each suite showcasing Nordic-inspired architecture with a blaze of white — a nod to sustainable practices in its use of solar energy.


One of the best places to go in March, Morocco offers much for the adventurous and curious. Temperatures grow warmer during the day, and the evenings cool quickly once the sun goes down, so be sure to dress in layers! Expect average daytime temperatures of 20° C to 24° C.

That said, the beginning of spring is a beautiful time of year for this country, and tourist traffic is still pretty light, giving you full reign for enjoying the sights without navigating the throngs.

If you opt for a visit to the Sahara Desert, this is a wonderful choice – just be prepared for possible snow in the higher elevations! The extremes between daytime and nighttime temps can be as surprising as they are exhilarating.

The coastal temperatures along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast are pleasant, but for a good hiking experience, head to the gorgeous green Rif Mountains. Alive with rich history and beauty, be sure to explore the local medinas of Casablanca or Marrakech, and don’t miss a visit to the oldest surviving medieval city of Fez, the cultural center of Morocco.

Ibiza, Spain

Since the late 90s, Ibiza has been plugged into popular party culture. During March, some of the clubs are closed for the season, but there are still great parties to be found! And when your dancing feet become sore, you’ll be able to soothe them by wiggling your toes on the famed Ibizan beaches. Ibiza is on an island after all, and the laid-back vibe is not only prominent but encouraged.

March is a grand time to visit, as the weather gets noticeably warmer and temperatures hover right around a pleasant 13° C to 18° C. While it’s considered the wet season, the rains are generally kept at bay.

While swimming in the sea is not common, there is no shortage of things to do in March. And even if you aren’t the party type, be sure to take a guided walk or cycling tour. This is where you can unravel a different side of Ibiza, and gain a greater appreciation for its beauty underneath the glittering façade. Ibiza around this time is sure to be a great deal more relaxed, free from the noise and crowds of summer.

Take a leisurely stroll around the markets, where famous artisans offer their colorful wares. Then take a trip to the north side of the island and visit the Cova de Can Marca Caves.

End your days at Ses Pitreras, a stylish boutique with impeccable design and welcoming staff, ready to cater to your tastes and desires while you soak up the winter sun. Enjoy an unbeatable sunset after a day of sightseeing and retreat to the beautiful outdoor area with its natural stone pool and alfresco atmosphere.

While spring is beginning to show its face, why not plunge right into the heat of summer with these beautiful locations. Visiting just before the crowds begin to arrive is the perfect way to return home rejuvenated, calm and completely sunned out.

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