Top 10 Pet-Friendly Hotels: Pooch-Perfect Escapes This 2021

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With many people getting pets throughout lockdown and owners spending more time at home with their furry friends, the thought of leaving them behind for a well-deserved holiday isn’t ideal! Here at HIP Hotels we wanted to reassure you that you can still enjoy a wonderful break without leaving your faithful, four-legged friend behind! Whether you’re hoping to explore a new city, take a trip to the countryside or soak in the culture of a land further away, we’ve got you covered with some of our favourite pet-friendly hotels that will look after your VIP's (Very Important Pets) every need and have them feeling like the royalty we know they are!

Cowley Manor

Built in the middle of the 19th century, Cowley Manor has been renovated to provide a truly relaxing experience in the heart of Cotswolds. Surrounded by stunning countryside, the land used to belong to the Kings of England and you and your pooches will be sure to be treated like royalty throughout your stay. The perfect place for a rejuvenating break from everyday life, Cowley Manor not only provides thirty stunning rooms and suites for your own relaxation, they also have exceptional rooms reserved especially for your furry friends, located in the stable block with direct access to the exclusive surrounding gardens!

For a fee of £25 per night, the hotel will provide your loving pet with a bed, food and water bowls and of course, treats! If you and your adorable guests are fans of countryside walks, Cowley Manor is the place for you; with 55 acres of magnificent grounds to explore, your four-legged friends will have the time of their lives investigating all that Cowley Manor has to offer.

Please note: All dogs are to be kept on leads in the Sitting Room, Billiard Room, Terrace and throughout the grounds. Only guide dogs are allowed into the hotel restaurant.


The world’s first boutique hotel, L’Hotel has hosted many celebrity guests throughout its history. Renovated from the final home of the brilliant Oscar Wilde by the designer Jacques Garcia, L’Hotel is now a stunningly fashionable, bohemian escape, hidden away from the busy streets of Paris but definitely not lacking in the romance and intimacy of a classic Parisian stay. Each of the magnificent twenty rooms (and one apartment) has been individually decorated and styled to create the epitome of French chic, so much so that you’ll find it difficult to venture outside to the beautiful surrounding area of St Germain-des-Pres.

Every room at L’Hotel is pet friendly for small dogs, even the Oscar Wilde Suite, so there’s no need to worry that the room you would like to stay in won’t cater for your furry friend! For €30 per night, L’Hotel will provide bowls for food and water and a comfortable basket for your pets to sleep in, and even have a water bowl for them in the outside bar, so they don’t get thirsty whilst their owners are enjoying a cocktail or two! Let your pooch join the ranks of many celebrity pets, who have been pampered and cared for within the walls of L’Hotel.

For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

The Kumaon

Perched in the treetops 1600 metres above sea level, The Kumaon is brilliantly situated in Kasar Devi, a ridge above the historic city of Almora. The area is known for attracting artists, scholars and seekers, such as Bob Dylan, D.H. Lawrence and Swami Vivekananda, so be prepared to find it hard to leave once you’ve been captivated by the stunning surroundings of its native forests and hidden waterfalls. Spoil yourself with breathtaking views of the magnificent mountain peaks, from the comfort of your own bedroom, pieced together with locally sourced materials for a truly authentic experience.

Offering expansive trails to explore with your pooch, The Kumaon is the perfect remote escape if you don’t want to leave your pets behind. For your furry companion to accompany you on this incredible getaway, there is a charge of 1500 INR (about £15) per pet, per night, and your pet must be up to date with all their required vaccinations. That’s it! Once you’re there, be sure to absorb the centuries of heritage of the ancient Kasar Devi as you wander the great outdoors and discover the Ancient Stone Temple surrounded by the flora and fauna of the natural habitat. Once you’re back at the hotel, enjoy a delicious meal in the sky-high The Amaranth Restaurant, as you look out to the awe-inspiring views of the Kasar Devi ridge and magnificent surrounding mountains.

For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

Huus Gstaad

Tucked away amongst sprawling Alpine forests, Huus Gstaad is the snowy getaway of dreams. Within the classic log cabin exterior of the chalet lies comfort at its finest, with fireplaces, woolen throws, dark wooden panelling and stunning mountain views from the warmth of the chalet, Huus Gstaad is the perfect spot for the ultimate alpine escape. And with the romantic village of Gstaad only a short distance away, it’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking to have a more intimate getaway.

Huus Gstaad loves pets so much that they have a specialised Pet Amenities Programme, known as PAP. Available upon request during check-in, the PAP provides premium pet beds, food and water bowls, treats and toys for each of your furry companions, so that they too have a fantastic stay. In the winter months, ski the slopes, explore the snowy mountain peaks and the nearby village with your pets and unwind from your adventures snuggled up together in front of a crackling fire.

If you don’t have pets of your own or are unable to bring them with you, and you would love some canine attention, the hotel’s two adorable furry friends Charly and Piet love making new friends with their guests! They both love having cuddles with everyone who comes to stay, and are available to take on walks if you’d like a companion for an afternoon exploring the magnificent Alpine forest.

For more information on the Pet Amenities Programme, please visit here or contact the hotel directly.

Zaza Hotel Collection

Looking for a pet-friendly city escape in North America? Look no further than the Zaza Hotel collection, a small collection of boutique hotels spread across Texas. A luxurious atmosphere with quirky elements, combined with modern comforts, are threaded throughout each of their four art hotels, guaranteeing an enchanting experience at whichever one you choose. Indulge in the chic uptown area of Dallas, explore the Houston museum district or be encapsulated by Houston’s upscale memorial city district.

With theatrically chic interiors and thriving, energetic locations, each of the Zaza Hotels are fantastic escapes for you and your four-legged friends. Explore Texas with your furry companions knowing that you will be returning to pure luxury. Tantalise your tastebuds at Monarch Bistro, Zaza Houston Museum District’s beautiful restaurant, watch the city light up at night with breathtaking views of the Uptown skyline at Zaza Dallas, enjoy a cocktail whilst you lounge at Zaza Houston Memorial’s poolside bar or make full use of Hotel ZaZa Austin’s Cabana Bar.

All four of these hotels are pet-friendly and each has a pet concierge, should you ever wish for someone to take care of your companion for a few hours whilst you do some solo exploring or relaxation! They will make them feel right at home and will even take them on walks to local doggy parks, so your four-legged friend is just as spoiled as you! Whichever of Zaza Hotel’s incredible collection you stay at, there is a one time fee of $150 when you bring your pet to stay, which is put toward the shampooing of carpets and making it allergy-free for the guests that will follow. Don’t forget about the homemade treats that are available at each front desk, specifically made for spoiling each and every four-legged friend that visits!

For more information, please contact the individual hotel directly.

Design Hotel Neruda

Design Hotel Neruda is a chic and modern hotel made up of three fourteenth-century buildings. Not only is the hotel named after the famous Czech writer Jan Neruda, but it sits only a short walk from historical Prague’s main attractions, immersing you in the country’s culture from all angles. Designed by Borek Sipek, each room is unique, with an elegant mixture of natural textures of glass, wood and polished concrete combined with stylish modern comforts for a truly relaxing stay.

Furry friends of all shapes and sizes are welcome at Design Hotel Neruda. For a small fee of only €10 per pet, per night, a bed, blankets, food and water bowls and a small surprise are provided for each of your loyal pets, making sure they have as equally a luxurious stay as you do. The cobbled streets of Prague are a wonder to get lost in, so enjoy a day walking with your four-legged friends as you soak up the culture and exquisite architecture that surrounds you.

*Please note: *all owners are responsible for any damage caused in the hotel by their pets, so be sure to encourage only their best behaviour!

Monsieur Jean, L’hôte Particuler

A brilliant splash of opulence in the heart of Québec, Monsieur Jean, L’hôte Particuler is the perfect place to escape to, to let your worries melt away. Collaborating with local shops and artisans to create custom-made products and pieces for the hotel, Monsieur Jean captures the local culture beautifully, with stunning modern twists. With almost floor to ceiling windows, each room is bathed in stunning natural light, also encouraging the guests to explore the local area and create memories amongst the streets of the Old Town Québec. Imagine doing that with your favourite furry or feathered companion by your side...

Monsieur Jean is pet-friendly for dogs (of 70lb or less), cats and birds (in cages only). For only $35 per day, per pet (two pets maximum per room), Monsieur Jean will provide your furry companion with a bed, food and water bowls and of course a treat upon arrival! Be sure to state upon booking that your pet(s) will be joining you, as there are only a certain number of pet friendly suites available.

Please note: A security deposit of $500 is required upon arrival, just in case your furry or feathered friend causes any damage during their stay - but we have no doubt they’ll be on their best behavior when staying in such luxury! For more information, please see their Watson Package!

Villa Lena

Located just a 45-minute drive away from Florence, Villa Lena presents slow living at its finest. Surrounded by untouched woodlands, the 500-acre estate is a haven for not only the creative mind, but also for furry friends alike! Nestled amongst the rolling Tuscan hills, Villa Lena has an intimately remote feel. Rejoicing with a celebration of local Tuscan history, culture and food, the spaces within this hotel are designed to promote artistic expression — from the expansive landscapes and nearby towns to culinary classes and communal dining experiences.

If you’re looking for the perfect boho vibe to spend your days basking under the Italian sun, check yourself into this luxurious retreat and be welcomed by the hotel’s very own guard dog, or more realistically, the villa's mascot, Igor. Whilst the grounds are filled with a fantastic array of wild animals such as deer, boar, rabbits, porcupines and more, Villa Lena loves animals and welcomes all pets on the estate for no additional fee or charge. In order to allocate the best possible room (and to avoid scaring the housekeeping staff by being unprepared!) Villa Lena simply requests that you tell them in advance that you're bringing your pet and what size it is. Alongside a special pet towel, Villa Lena also provides your beloved companion with plenty of cuddles from all the staff! So whether you’re exploring the surrounding countryside with your pooch or lounging by the pool whilst your pet makes friends with Igor, this Tuscan escape provides an idyllic and unique environment for guests and their beloved pets!

For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

Hotel Gotham

Capturing the glamour and sassiness of 1920’s inspired Art Deco Manhattan, Hotel Gotham is the perfect place to escape to if you’re after a UK stay with an NYC feel. With sixty rooms and five incredible suites, Hotel Gotham does indulgent retro to a t, whilst symbolising New York’s fictional alter-ego and making each guest feel like a superhero. Being sassy and bold as brass is encouraged at Hotel Gotham, captured in the name of their private members club Club Brass, that is also open to all hotel guests.

If you want to share your decadent trip with your pooch, small to medium dogs are welcomed with open arms at Hotel Gotham. At only £35 per night, per pooch, your furry friend will be provided with a bed, food and water bowls. You are free to take your four-legged friends into the bar with you, but they are not allowed in the restaurant! They also cannot be left unattended in your room but worry not, Hotel Gotham has a fantastic room service menu to choose from, so you can relax alongside your loyal companion in complete, pampered luxury!

For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

Portobello Hotel

Hidden behind the facade of two Victorian Town Houses, Portobello Hotel is the ultimate rockstar hangout for both guests and their furry friends. Nestled in a quiet street in the centre of West London’s eclectic Notting Hill, the playful and delightful Curious Hotel twist is the perfect atmosphere to indulge in for the greatest London getaway. Known for its popularity with celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Alice Cooper and Robbie Williams, Tina Turner loved this quaint boutique so much, she bought the house next door!

Out of the 21 unique rooms, only two are pet-friendly, so be sure to request a pet-friendly room when you book and do so way ahead of your trip so your pooch doesn’t miss out on feeling like a celebrity! Each of the rooms has a small patio for you and your furry friends to enjoy, and a bed will be provided for your pooch, at no extra charge. Admire the stunning architecture of Notting Hill, browse Portobello Road Market only a ten minute walk away, indulge in the incredible celebrity atmosphere that still lingers in the air and make your pooch’s day by exploring the beauty of the magnificent Hyde Park!

For more information, please contact the hotel directly.

Honorary Mention: Casale San Pietro

Although this hotel is not pet-friendly for your own four-legged friends, the resident dog, cats, goats and hens that live at Casale San Pietro love interacting with each and every guest. If you’ve had to leave your own pet at home or you don’t yet have one (or two or three!) of your own, Casale San Pietro is the place to come for some adorable interaction with Bailey the friendly giant and his lovely group of friends!

Referred to as a “hometel” after so many guests feeling as if it is a home away from home, this renovated 300-year old farmhouse nestled amongst a wild corner of Italy is the perfect place to escape to for a hidden retreat full of luscious landscapes and peaceful tranquility. Relax in the pool with stunning views overlooking the olive groves, explore one of the nearby ancient cities of Anagni, Fiuggi, Acuto, Tivoli or Valmontone and spend time on the white-sandy beaches, before returning to the hotel and being greeted by the family of furry and feathered friends, eager to know if you’ve had a good day. Whatever your answer, their presence will be sure to make your day even better!

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