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What’s more inspiring than walking into a gorgeously decorated space that incorporates some of the best interior design ideas that you hadn’t even thought about before? When you’re in the mood for revamping parts of your home, it certainly provides the motivation you need to get started.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen or wishing to create a more grand-looking hallway, you need to think about what kind of interior shouts YOU and what kind of impression you want to give your guests when they can finally visit.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than walking into a hotel, big or small, and indulging in its unique luxury. Everything from the colour schemes and crisp bed sheets to the marvellous finishings. If you’re looking to inject an element of luxury into your home, we’ve put together a list of fantastic HIP Hotels that will allow you to recreate some of the serious design envy you’ve encountered and hopefully help inspire the interior design in every room in your home.

Home Exterior - CasaBurano

First thing’s first, let’s start with the outside of the house.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and we agree, this may count for most things. But, unless you’re living in a rented property, the exterior of your home paints a picture of what you can expect inside? With so much attention devoted to the design of the interiors of houses, the exterior of a home is often overlooked as it can be a much harder process and there’s more to consider due to weather resistance concerns. However, it is the first thing people see when they’re coming to visit. So if you own your home and are not the biggest fan of its exterior, how about you give it a little TLC and spruce it up?

Depending on what kind of home you own and the materials it’s made from, you can never go wrong with a little bit of paint. Whether that’s painting the door a bright colour or going all out and painting the entire facade, you’ll ceratinly draw some inspiration from the exquisite rainbow haven of Burano, Venice's colourful sister — a picturesque island in the northern part of the lagoon, famous for its lace-making and brightly coloured fishermen houses that are proudly and boldly repainted every year for all to enjoy. CasaBurano shimmers in its vibrancy on this rainbow-coloured island and its minimalist interiors with quirky design pieces truly are highlighted by the eccentricity of its exterior and surroundings!

Entrance Hall - LaLiT London

Next up, the entrance hall or hallway as many of us know this as.

Once people enter your home, this will be the first thing they see. Having an elegant hallway not only welcomes your guests, but also introduces them to your home’s personality. Ideally you want to consider having a foyer that sweeps your guests off their feet, regardless of how big or small the space is. From grand chandeliers and matching mirrors complemented by some fantastic marble flooring, to a more cosy feel of warm-coloured wooden flooring and pops of colour coming from a bouquet of potted flowers — having a nicely decorated entrance hall truly sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Take this space to showcase some sleek yet unique touches that shout out your personality. Whether that’s adding an upcycled console table that’s gorgeous and practical, a vintage chest with a couple of added cushions on top, and even a bold painting or sculpture to add a touch of colour — utilise this entrance space to add elegant decor details that will not only elevate the overall ambience of your home, but is always practical in many ways.

The magnificent LaLiT London, a former Grade II grammar school turned magnificent hotel will be sure to inspire you. Set on the banks of the Thames, you can feel like a Maharaja as soon as you step foot into this repurposed Victorian schoolhouse. From Indian embroidered fabrics adorning the walls, to remnants of its grammar school heritage put forth through original fireplaces and decorative ceilings, its sleek yet traditional modernist entrance hall truly gives the perfect vibe for all its guests. Not to mention, they welcome their guests to experience limitless hospitality, with a traditional Indian Namaskar!

Lounge - Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge & Retreat

A place where you relax after a long day at work, a place where you invite guests to enjoy a nice movie night or even just a cup of tea or coffee — having a well-designed living room is crucial for both you and your guests. It’s key to make this space both comforting, practical and well-designed.

If you’re looking to discover some living room ideas that will transform your lounge, or even elevate an open-plan family space, then you’ve come to the right place. Whilst our collection has many hotels that have utilised all kinds of design; minimalist, modern, traditional, industrial, naturalistic, aristocratic, colour-enthusiastic — you name it — today, we wanted to take a more ‘maximalist’ approach with our lounge inspiration. Think eclectic furniture, busy patterns, bright colour palettes and gorgeous textures. Not to mention, maximalism was once known as a music, visual art and literature category, having now expanded into the world of interior design. Whilst it does embrace the idea of excess, it’s not the clutter you would imagine.

Take a look at one of our newest members, Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge & Retreat. Nestled amongst 600,000 acres of natural land in the USA’s San Diego, this gorgeous hotel is a sanctuary of solitude and mindfulness, and the perfect place to draw some inspiration when it comes to redesigning your living room. The suites reflect the majesty of nature that resides all around and the lounge decor is utterly spectacular. From pink vintage sofas and antique side tables and chairs, to eclectic Buddhist artwork and finishing touches, you don’t always need a minimalistic surrounding to feel relaxed and grounded!

Kitchen - Ocho Suites

The heart of the home — a place where memories are made, tasty food is indulged and lots of laughter is shared — the kitchen is much more than simply a place for cooking. It’s an important part of your home, as well as being one of the most used rooms in the house. Aside from its functioning appliances, having a well-designed kitchen that you will love for years is so important. Whether you’re just looking for a quick and simple refresh or you’re wanting a complete remodel, there are many different ways to create your ideal kitchen.

This week, we are completely inspired by one of our newest members, Ocho Suites. Nestled within Palma’s cool and historic neighbourhood of La Lonja, this spectacular boutique hotel was designed with a gorgeous Swedish twist in mind. Compelling and utterly eye-catching, the kitchen design in this city-centre manor house strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, with its dark coloured cabinets complemented by copper taps, matching sinks and cabinet handles. From personalised salt and pepper grinders to classic wooden chopping boards, there are myriad ways to revamp your kitchen without having to go full out!

Dining Room - Villa Gilda

Next up, the dining room. Whether you have a completely separate room for the dinner table or you have a dedicated space in your open-plan kitchen and living room area, be sure to breathe some new life into your dining room this 2021.

Some may think dining rooms are very formal, others may completely disregard that area of the house. However, having a well-designed dining room or area in your home is crucial. This is where you would usually host dinner parties, special occasions and family gatherings, or it may just be a place where you sit down and relax to eat every day. No matter the size of the space, breathing a bit of life into your dining room or space is always a good idea. From elegant matching dining table sets to ambient lighting and table accessories, you’ll certainly be inspired by the magnificent dining room of Villa Gilda.

Nestled within the gorgeous Tuscan town of Montignoso, Villa Gilda is a storybook haven. Once a private family villa, now a spectacular boutique hotel, all rooms within the hotel are characterised by soft palettes of grey and beige, combined with parquet, marble and unique Italianate style. The classical but cool wicker dining chairs are complemented by the gorgeous old stone arches, framing over 8000 sqm of olive groves, citrus trees and mesmerising views of the Apuanian Alps; the well set up cutlery and wine glasses are highlighted by the tall candles and downlights above the table; and the bouquet of flowers with surrounding plants truly add a touch of colour to this magnificent space. No matter how you’re looking to revamp your dining area, even adding a couple of new cushions, table cloth and some table accessories to the space already does so much!

Studio Flat - Bellonias Villas

For those of you living in studio or compact one-bedroom flats, having the luxury of separate hallways, living rooms, dining areas and kitchens may not be available to you. But, being short on space doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of what you have!

All you need is a little inspiration and some clever design ideas to help you make the most of the space you have. From room layouts and colour paints, to furniture placements and lighting, be inspired by this magnificent suite in the heart of Santorini. Bellonias Villas is filled with an array of studios, apartments, suites and honeymoon rooms. With its clean, modern interiors with pressed cement flooring, having a natural and pure colour palette within a small space instantly makes the room look bigger than it already is, allowing you to use it as a blank canvas whilst you add touches of colour through hanging paintings, sofa cushions and side tables.

If you haven’t already, have you ever thought about creating more space and jumping on the loft bed bandwagon? Unlike a standard bed frame, take advantage of how much ceiling height you may have and watch the room expanding magic that happens with a loft bed. Conjuring up additional floor space for storage and activities, building a cool yet elegant loft bed such as this one from Bellonias Villas will truly change how you see the space in your studio flat!

Bathroom - EALA My Lakeside Dream

Oh the bathroom… a serene place where you indulge in invigorating morning showers and a haven where you can relax and soak in the tub and gather your thoughts after a long day, our bathrooms truly are the centre of wellness within our homes. That being said makes it all the more important to ensure they’re well-designed. We need our bathroom spaces to comfortably balance all our needs in one room. From compact WCs and beautiful bathtubs to glamorous shower rooms and stylish en-suites, work with what you have and redesign your bathroom into a more indulgent and relaxing place.

If there’s one place where fantastic interior design dreams come true, it’s EALA My Lakeside Dream. An exclusive home nestled on the glittering Lake Garda, this luxury hotel is one of our newest additions to the collection and we couldn’t be happier. Elegant shapes, fine materials and rich colours of pure white, blue, grey and silver, all are given names related to Celtic culture; Albus, Nemos, Alisia, Argantos and Awen, revealing the essence and secrets of the suites at EALA. Be inspired by their awe-inspiring bathrooms; with marble adorning the walls and floors, introducing you to the meaning of pure elegance, their gorgeously modern freestanding bathtubs, glorious wet rooms and beautiful intricate details that are highlighted by the perfect lighting and well-designed mirrors, if there’s one place to draw inspiration from when it comes to redesigning your bathroom, it’s here.

For more bathroom design inspiration, please click here.

Staircase - Lido Palace

They always say that you never get a second chance when it comes to giving a first impression. So, what sort of impression are you looking to give? You’ve already wowed your guests with your entrance hall, now it’s time to wow them with your staircase.

Unless you already have a magnificent winding staircase or you’re completely revamping your home, most of us have to work with what we have when it comes to our staircases. In most homes, the staircase is often the first thing you see when walking through the front door so you want to make sure that just as much interior design attention has been given to the staircase as the hallway. Make this space a place that encourages you to smile and wow your guests, as well as a fantastic focal point.

There are many ways to ‘zhuzh’ up your stairwell. Whether that’s getting creative with some wallpaper, paint or textiles, adding winding lights through the banister is a great way to light up this fantastic piece in your home — both practical and beautiful. Draw some inspiration from this utterly magnificent staircase in Lido Palace. A palatial stay overlooking Lake Garda, the mixture of contemporary luxury whilst preserving the retreat’s former royal glory is the perfect blend of luxury. It's no wonder that their staircase is one of the most "spotted" points on social media! Imagine yourself walking down your staircase, big or small, all dressed up ready to go out when things have opened up again. You want to make a grand entrance, so whilst you wait until you can feel like luxury, walking down the winding staircase of Lido Palace, be sure to redesign your staircase of your dreams so you feel like royalty 24/7 – even if it’s just for running down the stairs to greet the postman!

Bedroom - Lake House

The main part of the house where you feel like a true king or queen, a place where we rest, where we retire after a long and hectic day, where we dream, a place away from daily worries – our bedrooms really are our safe havens. So having a well-designed bedroom catered to your every design need is a lot more important than you think.

In another article we’ve spoken about the importance of having a well designed bedroom. Your bedroom plays a key role in enabling you to get the correct amount of sleep your body needs. Getting a good night's sleep is so important for our physical and mental health — it boosts our productivity, leaves us feeling refreshed and can help with a lot of health problems, so discovering the best way to sleep is of paramount importance. Therefore, there’s no better way to improve your quality of sleep than ensuring the environment in which you rest your head is fully optimised. From quirky wallpapers to match your decorative, fluffy pillows, to magnificent headboards and furniture, having a beautifully-designed bedroom is crucial to make you feel completely tranquil.

Take some time to relax and be inspired by Lake House, a wonderful creation of two visionaries, chef Alla Wolf-Tasker and artist husband Allan. Gracing the charming banks of Australia’s Lake Daylesford, we can’t get enough of the beautifully designed bedrooms in this hotel. With its gorgeously patterned headboards with matching scatter cushions, luxurious dark-coloured bedspreads highlighted by downlights either side of the bed, and beautiful white furniture to let the accessories be the star of the show, the bedrooms in Lake House are a place of pure luxury and indulgence.

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Work From Home - Tenuta Duca Marigliano Boutique Hotel

This one’s for those of you falling under the ‘working from home’ category.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us have had to work from home rather than in our offices or co-working spaces. Whilst this offers a more flexible work-life dynamic that we’ve come to recognise as the new norm, with a third wave of national lockdowns keeping us from returning to our usual workplaces, keeping our home working set-ups as calm, productive and stylish as possible has never been more important. You need a place that will not only look good in your home, but also to encourage your creativity to flow during your time working from home. So what are you waiting for? This situation is a serious interior design opportunity!

There’s so many ways you can jump on this ‘WFH’ trend. Whether you’re lucky enough to have your own home office that you can take advantage of to revamp, or you’re looking to spruce up the corner of the room where you’re now set up to work, we have something for everyone here. From traditional dark oaks and warm colours, to a room bursting with bright colours, how about we keep it a little more minimal and stylish? Tenuta Duca Marigliano Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to draw some inspiration from. Formed of two nineteenth-century structures located in Italy’s gorgeous Paestum, the impeccable interior of the hotel rooms are utterly beautiful. Simple and stylish with fantastic features that complement each room, we’re totally loving their all-white desks with clear designer chairs and a bouquet of fresh flowers to add a touch of colour and elegance. So if your WFH desk is in your bedroom, lounge or another corner in the house, why not keep it simple yet totally elegant? Tenuta Duca are experts.

For more stylish home workspace inspiration, please click here.

Outdoor Terrace - Hotel Petrus

As most of us are still advised to stay at home, but the days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer and of course, with the warm weather comes the urge to soak up the sun, dine alfresco and enjoy those summer evenings surrounded by fairy lights under the stars; now is the perfect time to revitalise that outdoor terrace of yours that you’ve been neglecting all winter!

Whilst it is outdoors and revamping your patio truly is weather dependent, make sure you give it some love this year ready for the summer time. Whether you have a balcony, a rooftop patio in the city, a sprawling garden or a terrace that needs a little bit extra TLC, it’s time to revive your outdoor oasis ready to invite friends and family over once we are allowed. This truly will become your new favourite hangout in the house (or shall we say outdoors)!

Now, it’s all about working with what you have. Take advantage of the space you have, imagine the kind of environment you want to create and use this as an opportunity to bring back those DIY skills you learnt over the first lockdown. As we have so many hotels with gorgeous outdoor terraces that you can draw inspiration from, we thought the stunning private patio of Hotel Petrus was perfect. Whilst you may not be luckily nestled within the Dolomites mountains, we’ve completely fallen in love with the design of this enchanting alpine hideaway. From the cool blonde pine and minimalistic design that fills the hotel, adding touches of wood to your outdoor lounge furniture to match the surrounding fences is a great way to keep a flowing, stylish balance. Be sure to add a couple of solar paneled lights around the terrace, add some plants for colour, gather some nice and cosy blankets ready to be used in the evening and, what’s stopping you from getting a hanging chair too to add that little extra bit of luxury to your outdoor oasis? However you choose to redecorate your terrace, get inspired and create your own savvy interpretation to fit the space!

Nooks & Crannies - Kalukanda House

Last but not least, the most important part of the house — the nooks and crannies of your home. Overtime, the corners and nooks and crannies in our homes can often get neglected or left empty, or tend to transform into a place where we may accumulate things that we’ve been ‘meaning to get rid of’. It can be difficult to know how to fill the space without making it seem cluttered or out-of-place. Well we’re here to help!

Depending on how much space there is in these corners, you want to keep it sleek and stylish. You are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating nooks and crannies in your home; add a pop of colour to the corner with an indoor plant on a modern stand or in a wicker basket to make it look a little more trendy; paint an old wooden ladder and rest it against the wall, using it to hang extra blankets, hats, bags etc (practical and stylish); place a circular table with a couple of inspiring coffee table books and a vase of fresh flowers to give it a more cosy feel; add a statement-making floor lamp to really highlight the corner; or in this instance, how about adding a chair with matching side table like Kalukanda House?

A colonial-style Sri Lankan villa whose awe-inspiring original architecture sows the seeds of exactly what to expect at this family-run boutique hotel, the antique furniture and handmade artwork that adorn the walls are truly inspiring. Following that natural, slow-living lifestyle, the interiors of this home-away-from-home truly is a place of wellness and relaxation. So if you’re looking for a more minimalistic and slow-living vibe for the corners of your home, be sure to draw some stunning inspiration from Kalukanda House.

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