Luxury Hotels with Michelin Starred Dining


Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, one of the things we have truly missed during the ongoing lockdowns has been dining out – it’s not only a great way to enjoy the company of friends, family and new acquaintances, but it’s also the perfect way to take a deep dive into a new culture. Food is undeniably universal and truly possesses the power to bring us all together.

After such a long time away from the pleasures of booking ourselves into restaurants and trying out new and exciting hotspots we’ve been dying to try, here at HIP Hotels we thought that the best way to make a splash back into it would be to treat ourselves and dine at a Michelin recognised restaurant – we’re certainly in need of treating ourselves after the last year we’ve experienced, that’s for sure!

Whilst we pride ourselves in the uniqueness of each and every member of our collection, we’ve put together a list of some of the fantastic HIP Hotels that hold that triumphant Michelin Star. From established Michelin Starred restaurants, to hotel restaurants that have received a Michelin Plate for the excellence of their food, and hotel chef’s who have previously worked in such establishments, having brought their talents with them to the hotel, discover some of our luxurious HIP Hotels and experience the ultimate Michelin Starred dining experience.

Michelin Starred Restaurants

VenissaVenice, Italy

On the island of Mazzorbo, not far from Venice, sits Venissa Wine Resort, and within it its very own Michelin Starred restaurant. Set within its incredibly peaceful walled vineyard, the restaurant offers a truly unique culinary experience that is firmly bound to the native practices of growing within Venice. With chefs Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto at the helm, the food here is a culmination of passionate research into how best they can use the home-grown and locally sourced ingredients that are available to them in each season, to tantalise your tastebuds.

Whilst dining at Venissa’s restaurant, you can be sure to be treated like royalty, and royalty you will feel like in such a beautiful setting! Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Venice, Venissa holds all the qualities of Venetian charm but in the most peaceful landscape you can imagine. Surrounded by the vineyards that produce the grapes for its breathtaking wine, and dappled in the Italian sunshine, you’ll be forgiven for never wanting to leave. Pairing each of their dishes with their own carefully selected wines, at Venissa’s restaurant it will not be hard to appreciate why they have a Michelin Star!

Enoteca la TorreVilla Laetitia, Rome

Enoteca La Torre is the Michelin Starred restaurant that is housed under the magnificent liberty archways of the beautiful Roman-Villa-inspired hotel, Villa Laetitia. Domenico Stile and his sous-chef Antonio Autiero have introduced an infinite amount of creativity into the cuisine they craft. Notes of Stile’s southern homeland Campania are weaved into the culinary journey that combines tradition with the evolution of new flavours of the local territory, to give you the best of Roman cuisine.

Dining at Enoteca La Torre feels like taking a step back in time. With stunning columns and stucco, and antique furniture, with a twist of modern elegance, create a beautifully refined space reminiscent of Art Nouveau. To make your experience even more exclusive, Enoteca La Torre is home to one of Italy’s finest collections of wine, made all the more opulent by the array of bottles carefully selected by Anna Fendi Venturini. Seeing as you’re in Rome, you simply must do as the Romans do, and treat yourself to this incredibly unique dining experience.

Michelin Recognised Chefs

The SerrasBarcelona, Spain

Chef Marc Gascons is the man of the hour at The Serras. A third-generation restaurateur, he gained a loyal following through his restaurant in Girona that was awarded with a Michelin Star, and has brought his incredible talents to the kitchens of The Serras. Gascons’ approach here is reinterpreting traditional Catalanian cuisine, that is ruled by the changing seasons, and truly brings people together. What is unusual about Gascons’ choices here, is that his food is designed for sharing. Who knew Michelin-quality food could be so informal!

Gascons’ brilliant food is served throughout the hotel within their various bars and restaurants. Whether you’re aiming for the Rooftop with its stunning views across Barcelona, the intimate lounge bar Le Nine or the restaurant itself, you’ll be treated to a beautifully relaxing yet energetic atmosphere, full of people returning for a second, third and fourth time to enjoy Marc Gascons’ stunning food!

Locanda al ColleTuscany, Italy

Hailing from a Michelin-Starred restaurant, chef Gian Luca came to Locanda al Colle seeking a more convivial atmosphere. Taking traditional dishes and recreating them through a contemporary lens, Luca utilises his incredible skills to whisk your senses away, and on Wednesday and Saturday evenings you can accompany him as he works in the open kitchen. Along with his incredible team of chefs, who make fresh pastries every morning for you to awake to, Gian Luca has created a wonderful space that is a perfect combination between Michelin-standard food and feeling like you’re relaxing in pure bliss with new friends.

Dinner in the restaurant at Locanda al Colle isn’t a particularly formal affair, it’s more of a dinner party hosted by the owner Riccardo, and his friends. You’ll be welcomed like family and ushered to join them under the Tuscan sky, making the experience of dining at Locanda al Colle all the more unique. You may be thinking, surely that just seems busy and maybe even a little overwhelming, with all the restaurant’s patrons all sat together? But the restaurant at Locanda al Colle is exclusively for guests of the hotel - so it really will feel like family.

Michelin Plated Restaurant

Hurley HouseBerkshire, United Kingdom

Known amongst celebrities and foodies alike, Hurley House in Berkshire is renowned for its incredible food. This year we’re very happy to announce that they were awarded the Michelin Plate: Good Cooking, for the fourth consecutive year, the bonus this year was that their takeaway service was included! Now I know we’re here to talk about dining out, but Michelin quality food delivered to your door? Who even knew it was possible! The menus at Hurley House are surprising; they have two, a Japanese menu and an international menu, and dishes can be combined from both. So if you fancy a Michelin standard Cheeseburger and also a Teriyaki Ribeye Steak? You are spoiled for choice at Hurley House.

Although they provide a takeaway service, dining at the Hurley House restaurant is an experience never to be missed. Incredibly stylish and elegant throughout, they even have a dress code! By asking people to wear smart attire only, with no sports trainers, sportswear, shorts, flip-flops or baseball caps, Hurley House has managed to create a surprisingly exclusive space for a humble former-pub. Alongside the restaurant, the beautiful Garden Pavilion and terraces, and the rusticly charming bar are available to accentuate this wonderful fine-dining experience.

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