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I think we can all agree that we’ve been craving an escape after the 18 months that we’ve had! Many of us have stayed home, stayed local and have been restricted from travelling further afield to see the stunningly grand, open and breathtaking landscapes that Mother Nature has to offer.

Here at HIP Hotels, one of Mother Nature’s creations that we have been missing the most are the beautiful mountainous regions that she has dotted across the globe, that feel like a completely different world! We have put together a list of Mountain Hideaways so that you can breathe in the fresh alpine air, marvel at the magnificent landscapes and enjoy the endless possibilities that a stay in the mountains has to offer! Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape full of serenity, or days filled with adventure, we have something for everyone who is looking to feel humbled by the sheer vastness, beauty and magnificence of Mother Earth.


Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge & Retreat - San Diego

Set within 600,000 acres of stunning natural landscape in the beautiful state of California, the Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge & Retreat is a place where you can switch off and recharge your batteries whilst surrounded by the incredible vastness of Lake Cuyamaca and Stonewall Mountain. Offering a range of wellness and spa packages, the aim of this stunning retreat is to create a sanctuary in which guests can find peaceful solitude whilst they practice meditation, mindfulness, look up at brightest stars, taste the delicious gourmet food and give their senses the ultimate treat!

The interiors of Quiet Mind have characteristics that one might not expect but that could well be described as modern art; think eclectic furniture, busy patterns, bright colour palettes and gorgeous textures, combined to create a majestic space for guests to feel truly special. The vintage sofas and smaller antique pieces of furniture, as well as the Buddhist features, allow guests to feel as if they have stepped into a place filled with wisdom and poise. With the magnificent surroundings taking centre stage, you’ll not need anything else in order to completely quiet your own mind in this gorgeous hotel.


Berghotel Biberkopf - Vorarlberg

Are you looking for a mountaintop haven where an alpine lifestyle meets a free urban spirit? Well you’re in luck! Berghotel Biberkopf is indeed that haven, and is a brand new hotel that offers endless possibilities for alpine exploration as well as rejuvenation. Perched within the incredible Alberg Mountains, and Austria’s largest ski region, Berghotel Biberkopf is the perfect holiday destination to escape to all year round, as there is no time that the mountains don’t look marvelously magnificent. During the winter seasons, you can enjoy direct access onto the neighbouring ski slopes via the hotel mountain railway (in your ski boots pre-warmed by the hotel!), and soak up the alpine life in all its splendor.

This enchanting getaway boasts 65 rooms and eight suites, each meticulously designed to create an unforgettable atmosphere of serenity and calm. Elements have been included in the design to create moments of cosy comfort on window seats and balconies in which to sit and look out over the breathtaking views of the surrounding snow covered mountains - imagine waking up to those views! One of our newest members, we cannot emphasise enough the invigorating energy that Berghotel Biberkopf oozes - with an incredible restaurant and a relaxing wellness area on top of everything else, this hotel is anything but ordinary, and its magic is ready for you to experience in all its enchanting glory!

Walliserhof - Vorarlberg

Imagine a modern hotel with a nordic twist, set against the breathtaking landscape of Austria’s Vorarlberg, and you’ll dream up Walliserhof in the blink of an eye. Perched at over 1,000 metres above sea level, Walliserhof is a mountain hideaway for people who like adventure, even describing itself as “the sporty active hotel in Vorarlberg for design freaks" - and we know you’re out there! With hiking paths, biking trails, ski slopes, golf courses, and of course the incredible Rätikon Mountains to explore, Walliserhof is waiting to help the adventurous souls to let loose.

The rooms are chic and modern, with some in the Scesa hotel wing offering a nostalgic ambience for those hoping to take part in some reflection. The warm welcoming atmosphere of the rooms is undeniable, and vital when wanting to escape from normal life. At the end of your days out, you can unwind whilst looking out over the stunning landscapes beyond your window, and point out which parts you rock climbed that day or where your guide led you on your biking trails. Whatever your form of adventure, Walliserhof has the perfect excursions for you, as well as the incredible Glacier Spa to which you can retreat and relax in after a long day of exploring the great outdoors of the Austrian alps - and who would say no to that?!


CHETZERON - Crans-Montana

Located on the virtually undisturbed, breathtaking Swiss alpine peaks and the Rhône Valley, CHETZERON is an architectural gem sitting 2112 metres above sea level in Crans-Montana. Its fort-like exterior made up of natural stone exists in striking contrast to the incredibly cosy and sleek design within the hotel’s walls. Previously a cable car station, this mountain hideaway is a ski-in-ski-out hotel with an old soul, designed to make your visit to the alps an adventurous yet peaceful and luxurious experience! Surrounded by majestic mountains and breathtaking sunsets every night, there’s no better place to ski your troubles away than CHETZERON.

This chic hotel is home to 16 spectacular rooms and suites that, to keep to their undeniable theme, are each named after a particular summit. The windows of the rooms frame magnificent mountains such as the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc so beautifully, you’ll have to pinch yourself to remember that you haven’t stepped foot into a painting! The minimalist design allows the focus to be on the incredible surrounding landscape whilst also creating a cosy space with warm wooden panelling, plush robes and stunning bathtubs, in which to destress and unwind. Should you need it, be sure to check yourself into the hotel’s blissful wellness zone, and leave no area of your rejuvenation unattended!

HUUS Gstaad - Gstaad

A stunning boutique hotel with a charming origin story, HUUS Gstaad is a romantic alpine retreat that combines elements of traditional chalets with modern architecture to give its guests the ultimate alpine experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Nestled in the enchanting village of Gstaad, with a name that literally translates as “home”, at HUUS Gstaad you are welcomed and encouraged to treat the space as a home-away-from-home - and with the warm, rich interiors, cosy corners and crackling fires, it’ll feel like home too! Being a pet-friendly hotel, you can even bring your furry friends along so they can join you on your adventure!

Gstaad is one of the world’s most famous ski resorts, and it’s easy to see why - situated at an altitude of 1000-3000 metres above sea level, the slopes offer excellent runs and breathtaking views as you ski or snowboard down. HUUS Gstaad can provide you with any ski equipment you need and in under ten minutes you can be at the region’s main ski resort! Hidden behind the log cabin exterior of the property sits its 136 rooms and suites, each decorated with tartan woolen throws, dark wooden panelling and mesmerising views of the surrounding landscapes, to create complete luxury in which to escape. The stuff of Swiss resort fairy tales, it is the utterly perfect setting for intimate moments with the person (or fun ones with the four-legged friend!) that you love.


Hotel Platz - Bolzano

Looking for an enchanting hotel in a breathtaking mountainous region but that is also hidden away in a small charming town? Then Hotel Platz is the perfect place for you! One of the oldest hotels in our collection, Hotel Platz has been providing excellent hospitality for over 600 years, and there’s no surprise as to why people just keep coming back; with the quaint village of Bulla, the majestic Dolomite Mountains and the beautifully decorated interiors, there is nothing you’ll be left wanting at this gorgeous alpine hideaway. Nestled amongst woods and meadows, Hotel Platz is just 5km from the small village of Ortisei, where you can go to experience an array of outdoor activities in this stunning region of Italy.

Once you’ve had an adventure, return to the hotel’s minimally decorated, contemporary rooms and suites that ooze warmth through the use of natural tones and materials. A truly special feature of this hotel that we absolutely have to mention, is that each and every room has its very own private garden or balcony, with magnificent views of Seceda and the Culach meadow! Can you imagine that? Climbing out of bed with a coffee to watch the sunrise over the mountains from your own balcony? Or sitting out in the garden with a hot chocolate under the brightest stars you’ve ever seen, wrapped in big blankets with your loved ones? With Hotel Platz, you won’t have to imagine such things much longer!

Solea Boutique & Spa Hotel - Trentino

Have the last couple of years made you feel really stressed out? Have all your muscles turned to knots with the tension you’ve been carrying? If your mind and body have been craving complete and utter relaxation and bliss, Solea Boutique & Spa Hotel is ready and waiting to wash all of those worries away. Tucked away in the heart of the charming town of Trentino, this true haven is surrounded by awe-inspiring panoramic views of the Paganella Mountains and the Brenta Dolomites, views you will lose time getting lost in as you recharge at this incredible hotel.

Solea Boutique & Spa Hotel boasts elegant interiors, tranquil corners and authentic hospitality at its finest, for the ultimate alpine experience. Each of the 45 rooms have been meticulously designed with natural materials and opulent finishings for you to unwind in complete and utter luxury. The pièce de résistance of this property is the 500-meter-squared wellness oasis: the Solea Spa. With treatments such as full-body scrubs and relaxing massages, to the purifying steam rooms, saunas and swimming pools, you will be sure to experience the heavenly “Solea Moments”. To see the mountains from a unique perspective, float weightlessly in the outdoor pool amidst the magnificent peaks, as your stunning natural surroundings reflect effortlessly on the water.

Hotel Schgaguler - South Tyrol

If you’re getting tired of the traditional alpine cabin design and are looking for a getaway destination that has taken a sleek and modern approach to the alpine style, Hotel Schgaguler is where you need to be! Built in 1986 to the design of the brilliant Italian architect Peter Pichler, one side of the hotel is entirely made of glass; Pichler wanted nothing to obstruct the magnificent views of the surrounding Dolomite Mountains, whilst also inviting the stunning natural beauty into the hotel. The neutral tones, natural textures and contemporary decor of the elegant interiors compliment the mountains beautifully, allowing the striking landscape to have centre stage.

The epitome of the alpine dream, this boutique hotel is located in the heart of Castelrotto, perfectly situated to access an array of mountain activities. Ski around the Sella massif using the Sella Ronda carousel ski lift (bare in mind the entire route is only accessible in winter), soak up the cultural heritage of the surrounding area and take a hike after sunset to try moonlight tobogganing through the snowy pinewood forests! Don’t forget to rest and rejuvenate your senses at the spectacular hotel spa; try a hot stone massage, steam out your stress in the sauna or enjoy the magnificent views on the terrace from a seat in the brilliantly positioned jacuzzi. Whatever your preference, Hotel Schgaguler is a truly beautiful mountain hideaway that offers the ultimate alpine stay!

Hotel Petrus - South Tyrol

For a truly authentic Italian experience, there is no better place than Hotel Petrus, an alpine gem that is owned and run by two generations of the Aichner Family. Nestled within the stunning Dolomites in the charming Italian region of South Tyrol, Hotel Petrus is the ultimate skiing mecca in the winter seasons, as well as a stunning adventure paradise in the warmer months. Every single suite has stunning views of the spectacular mountains and benefits from the sunshine all day long, thanks to Papa Hans’ epiphany four decades ago, that the hotel should be south facing!

During your visit, make sure you take time to decompress at the incredible Dahoame Spa: offering stress-busting treatments, brine steam baths, saunas, wellness lounges, swimming pools and your very own private Hamman, the Aichner Family have truly succeeded in offering the ultimate spa-like stay. Hans’ wife Gerti, and their three daughters Brigitte, Christina and Daniela have transformed this corner of South Tyrol into a marvellous alpine hideaway, where activeness and relaxation walk hand in hand through the lush forests. Depending on the time of year, ski, hike or cycle through the stunning landscapes before relaxing at the spa, and then escape to your stunning rooms for more luxury and endless awe-inspiring views of the Dolomite Mountains. Trust us when we say, you won’t want to leave!

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