Stunning Countryside Escapes To Enjoy This Autumn


With Summer well and truly over, it’s time to start digging out your snuggly jumpers and coats in preparation for the crisp Autumn air. Whilst each season brings a different kind of beauty, there’s something about this season’s palette of reds, oranges and yellows that cover our pathways, parks, countrysides and forests, that are just truly breathtaking. Think long walks with crunchy golden leaves under your boots, cosying up by the fire with numerous cups of hot cocoa, deliciously hearty food to warm your stomachs and of course, incredible photos to be taken for your Instagram!

As Autumn is a favourite season of ours, here at HIP Hotels we have put together a list of some of our favourite countryside escapes that are highlighted by nature’s colours that Autumn so beautifully brings. From a private villa set in a 600-year-old fortified estate in the lush nature of the Sicilian countryside, to a cosy former pub in the heart of the UK’s charming Berkshire, wrap up warm and indulge in the fiery hues that Mother Nature sheds so wonderfully as you discover these incredible countryside escapes.

La Villa

If you love the countryside but are also a big foodie, La Villa in the stunning Italian region of Piedmont is the perfect country escape for you this Autumn. Once a seventeenth-century villa, this chic retreat is perfectly nestled right by the UNESCO protected vineyards (one of the world’s best wine regions), and is a modern paradise for all those seeking a gorgeous country escape.

La Villa is owned and run by a British family, who have transformed this stunning property and surrounding landscape into a truly idyllic hideaway that feels more like a historical country house than a hotel! Choosing to keep the original tiles flooring that was saved during the restoration process, alongside making sure to accentuate the glorious surrounding landscape, La Villa is the perfectly grand country retreat that will have you utterly hypnotised by its beauty and mesmerised during the changing seasons.

The surrounding region of Piedmont is widely acknowledged as the birthplace of the “slow food movement”, where locals use fresh produce grown on their very own land. Here you will find hazelnuts grown in abundance, and they’re the very ones that get used in Nutella, which is made locally! The local white Piedmont (or Alba) truffle is the finest truffle in the world, and the most expensive. Make sure not to miss out on the stunning food that is made using these local ingredients, in La Villa’s award-winning restaurant, La Vie, that is prepared by the award-winning chef Ian Simpson, who has worked with the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Albert Roux!

So what are you waiting for? Indulge in the stunning Autumnal hues that surround you, tantalise your tastebuds with some mouthwatering, locally produced ingredients, and feel at one with true countryside Italian heritage here at La Villa.

Le Manoir de l’Etang

If the South of France has been on your travel list for a while but you’re yet to have made the trip, now is the perfect time to go...

Situated in the hills of Mougins, behind the infamous French Riviera town of Cannes, Le Manoir de L’Etang is ready and waiting to welcome you to the stunning rolling countryside of the South of France. Made up of beautiful terraces, an outdoor swimming pool, a decadent restaurant and superb hospitality, check yourself into one of the 22 gorgeous rooms that feature original brickwork, fine linens, natural tones and of course, Egyptian cotton sheets, and take in the sublime visions of the French countryside right from your room. This nineteenth century manor house truly has everything you need for a relaxing and cosy stay during the Autumn months!

If you didn’t think this tranquil haven could get any better, Le Manoir de L’Etang boasts breathtaking views over stunningly landscaped gardens and a lake covered in beautiful lotus flowers, and perfectly places you in the ideal location to soak up the tranquility of this region – it comes to no surprise that Picasso used to visit frequently and settled here with his final love. Wake up and breathe in that crisp Autumn air as you fall in love with the French country life, and let the peaceful atmosphere of Le Manoir de L’Etang captivate you. You’ll never want to leave!

L'Agnata di De André

Once a working shepherd’s farmhouse, discover the epitome of rustic countryside living here at the stunning L'Agnata di De André. This enchanting property in the hidden corner of Sardinia was found abandoned in 1975 and then transformed into the family home of the famous Italian singer and poet, Fabrizio De André and his wife Dori. Formed of ten individually decorated rooms, this quiet escape has now been transformed into a gorgeous boutique hotel, where guests can share this breathtaking experience of countryside bliss for themselves.

L'Agnata di De André is a beautifully chic countryside escape that captures Sardinia perfectly. Not only is this manor house covered in stunning ivy that changes colour with the seasons, but the surrounding landscapes are truly spectacular – think olive groves, a zen fountain, shaded walkways and pergolas, rolling hills, an enchanting lake and a hidden pool. Sounds dreamy, right? The awe-inspiring landscape of this stunning property truly is the perfect place to be as the colours of the season change – you can even hire a bike to see more of its surroundings! Inspiring Fabrizio to write countless songs and poems, Sardinia’s landscape is not to be underestimated, and within the grounds of his former home, you too will be inspired in this stunning countryside escape this Autumn.

Hurley House Hotel

A country brimming with stunning countrysides and magnificent landscapes, as well as an abundance of quaint towns, historical villages and impressive cities, Autumn is possibly the most beautiful time of the year in Britain.

Whilst there are plenty of places in the UK that offer this much beauty during this season, be sure to escape to the chocolate-box delight of Berkshire and check yourself into Hurley House Hotel. Once a pub, now a multi-award-winning boutique hotel, this homely hotel was designed with the intention of creating a serene atmosphere for each and every guest, and that is exactly what the owners have done – so rest assured you can enjoy the tranquil environment that you’ve been searching for, far away from any hustle and bustle. From its rustic surroundings to its tastefully furnished cosy and chic rooms, the original flagstone floors and brickwork create the epitome of laidback luxury in the setting of the British countryside.

Wander around Berkshire’s quaint towns and quirky streets before getting purposefully lost amongst the breathtaking scenery of the natural landscape around you. Walk through the local paths, soak in the stunning colours of the season and listen as the fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet. Whether you go a little further afield and visit the nearby Windsor, Henley-on-Thames or Newbury (the home of Highclere Castle, more commonly known as Downton Abbey!), or whether you stay local, the small village of Hurley will be sure to give you an authentic taste of the British countryside!

After a long day of exploring, be sure to dine at their Michelin Plated restaurant where you can embark on an incredible fine dining experience by the fireplace and enjoy a great evening in good company. We also highly recommend that you end your evening with a rejuvenating bubble bath in one of the beautiful roll top bathtubs in your suite, to help soak away your aches and worries. Hurley House Hotel truly is the best place to experience the best of a British Autumnal getaway, that’s for sure!

Donna Coraly Resort

Escape to the stunning landscapes of the Sicilian countryside and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul at the Donna Coraly Resort. Set within a 600-year-old fortified estate, with 5000 square metres of breathtakingly beautiful grounds including a botanical garden full of spectacular plants, tropical fruit trees and vibrant flowers, this private villa was designed to create an oasis of calm for every guest. Each of the six individually decorated suites are classic and unique, featuring nineteenth-century family furniture, contemporary works of art and elegant French doors that allow you to look out onto the stunning landscapes that surround you. So, experience the highest quality of Sicilian hospitality and soak up only the best of the surrounding countryside here at your perfect home-away-from-home this Autumn!

To truly wash away the stress and worries that the past 18 months may have caused, Donna Coraly Resort has a Wellness Corner ready and waiting for you. Offering various types of massages, choose whichever one (or two!) suits your destressing needs, before taking a relaxing dip in their heated bio lake, that has naturally generated thermal qualities to help melt away any remaining tension! To combine both the stunning surrounding landscapes and the Wellness Corner, be sure to take a private yoga class at sunset, and reconnect with your roots as the sun bathes you in golden light. The combination of the beautiful countryside and Wellness Corner will be sure to create the blissful retreat you deserve, and where better to experience utter peace than where the Armistice of Cassibile was signed in September 1943? The history of that moment echoes throughout the estate and helps to create the serenity of this beautiful place.

La Segreta

Although another destination in the beautiful Italy, its countryside is so versatile that it’s difficult not to list so many more! But the stunning landscape of Umbria can simply not be missed off the list, and neither can the beautiful La Segreta. Located in Collazzone, in the heart of the Umbrian countryside, the La Segreta estate is situated within a 70-acre nature preserve and is one of Umbria’s best kept secrets – so you can experience the beauty of the landscape first hand, as if Mother Nature has laid it all out just for you!

Collazzone is a hilltop village, perched 170 metres above sea level and is filled with medieval history, untouched landscapes, ancient architecture and enchanting cobblestone alleyways, waiting for you to wander through and explore. Although Umbria is Italy’s only region with no coastline, it makes up for the lack of beaches in other ways; surely you’ve heard of Umbria being famous for its wine?! The beautiful La Segreta is not only a boutique hotel but is also home to 5.5 hectares of vineyards that are meticulously tended to, to ensure high quality flavours and authenticity in every drop of their hand-blended selection of red wines.

La Segreta truly allows you to unwind as a unique experience unfurls before you; enjoy the tastes of the homegrown wine, wander through the peaceful cherry groves and rolling fields, take a basket and pick some fresh fruit, take a swim in the dazzling infinity pool and witness one of the best sunsets you’ll ever see alongside the panoramic views from the farmhouse terrace. Made up of a picture perfect villa rental and enchanting farmhouse, this endearing place will charm and enchant you with its sleek interiors and breathtaking countryside. So what are you waiting for? La Segreta is already waiting for you...

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