Idyllic Italian Countryside Hideaways


For those of you who are looking to ‘get away from it all’, Italy’s myriad of unique countryside landscapes make for the perfect place to retreat to. Home to cultural riches, ancient history, food specialities, inimitable style and an art heritage second to none, Italy deeply inspires and enchants its visitors. From the green blending valleys of Umbria and the awe-inspiring UNESCO sites in Tuscany, to the rugged landscapes of Sardinia and the peaceful olive groves of Lazio, these charming Italian regions are just waiting to be discovered. And whilst we encourage you to explore the unique characteristics and quaint villages within these locations, we’ve gathered a selection of incredible HIP Hotels to ensure you’re all set to experience the perfect Italian countryside hideaway!

La Segreta (Umbria)

If you didn’t know already, Umbria is the true heart of Italy. The only region that isn’t touched by the sea, its ancient architecture, medieval origins, green blending valleys and incredible vineyards makes this place even more magical. If you are looking to discover Italy's true green heart and its enchanting ancient history, Umbria is a magical destination!

La Segreta is a picturesque farmhouse that offers travellers a little piece of their own Umbrian countryside. Nestled on a 70-acre nature preserve, a stay here will allow you to access the hidden secrets of the land. Wander down peaceful pathways through forests, fields and valleys, pick from the abundance of fruit within the tranquil cherry groves, indulge in the unparalleled views over the undulating hills and the medieval town of Piedicolle and discover this secret heart of Italy to your heart’s content.

This family-friendly villa is the perfect place to unwind and relax. Featuring terracotta and concrete-resin floors, original oak beams and cathedral ceilings, neutral colour palettes and fireplaces carved by local artisans, be sure to soak in your own free-standing tub on the terrace, featuring hand-laid river stones, and be inspired by the incredible views that surround you. From a dip in the infinity pool to an exploration of the land, the rustic elegance of La Segreta will truly leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored.

There really is no trip complete to Umbria than by sampling their tasteful wine. Whilst this endearing farmhouse takes great care of their land, the quality flavour and authenticity of their wine is incomparable. Allow the private chef to prepare you an indulgent meal under the pergola and pair it with a tasty bottle of wine from the well-known Sagrantino vineyards. What a perfect end to the perfect evening.

La Villa (Piedmont)

Piedmont is arguably one of the most elegant places in Italy and not to mention one of the world’s best wine regions. Sat at the foot of the Alps, bordering France and Switzerland, this region is dominated by charming medieval villages, deep valleys and verdant hillsides. Piedmont is also the birthplace of the “slow food movement”, and pleases the gastronomically-inclined, as well as anyone searching for a spot of tranquillity and indulgence!

To indulge in the peaceful aura of this region, there’s no better place to lay your head than here at La Villa. Perfectly nestled by the UNESCO protected vineyards, this seventeenth-century villa is more of a country house rather than a hotel. Owned and run by a charming British family, the spectacularly warm hospitality here is only just the beginning. This Italian countryside paradise is formed of 15 rustic rooms that are filled with local antiques, handcrafted furniture and original tiled flooring – now that’s what we call country chic. Not to mention they also have private terraces and balconies, so guests can enjoy the glorious surrounding landscapes.

We highly recommend retreating to their inhouse restaurant, La Vie. Providing award-winning dining dishes served by the award-winning chef, Ian Simpson, the mouthwatering ingredients within their traditional Italian menu is truly exceptional. If you’re looking to delve deeper into the countryside Italian heritage, be sure to take part in one of the hotel’s fantastic cooking classes, where you can learn how to make fresh pasta, pizza and more delicious local delicacies.

La Villa is a place of pure serenity and provides guests with the perfect home-away-from-home experience. Bask under the sun by their large outdoor pool, enjoy a tipple on their rooftop terrace and wander through their gorgeously-manicured gardens.

Villa Gilda (Tuscany)

Home to thousands of years of captivating heritage, distinct landscapes and a wealth of culture, the central Italian region of Tuscany is a nation within a nation just waiting to be discovered. Not only are the sights to die for, but Tuscany also provides its visitors with a culinary exploration; from the popular Chianti Tuscan wine to the simple, yet exquisite locally sourced cured meats, cheeses and artisan olive oils – a trip to Tuscany, is a trip to Italy’s gastronomic capital. This breathtaking region provides travellers with awe-inspiring scenery and an abundance of cultural heritage. Not to mention it’s also home to more UNESCO sites than the populous nauseous of South Africa, Argentina and Australia! So what are you waiting for?

Escape to the Tuscan town of Montignoso and uncover one of Tuscany’s best kept secret. A storybook haven with 8,000 square metres of land, beauty, charm and style intermingle at the undeniable Villa Gilda. Surrounded by lush green rolling hills, decorated olive groves, aromatic citrus trees and mesmerising views of the Apuanian Apls, this Tuscan oasis perfectly places you centre-stage in its rich history, nature, art and culture. This villa was once a private family home and has now opened its doors to travellers, so they can share the same spectacular experience they had treasured. Formed of seven individually-decorated deluxe rooms and suites, the Italianate style, outstandingly authentic furnishings, marble bathrooms and views over the Versilia coast make this boutique a real countryside paradise.

If you didn’t think Villa Gilda could be anymore enticing, the Gilda Restaurant is equally as charming; boasting a beachy vibe with an array of delicious fresh seafood and Versilian specialities on the menu. A favourite with the locals, here you will only be served the freshest of seasonal ingredients that can be personalised with the wine of your choice. Searching for a little extra sun time? Make your way to the Gilda Beach Club, one of the most refined beach clubs in Versilia, and sample a taste of paradise as you indulge in the high-quality surroundings of Forte dei Marmi.

L'agnata di De André (Sardinia)

From its vast mountainous ranges and its lesser-known woods and pine forests, to its thereal turquoise waters and untouched shores, this is Sardinia. A captivating island within the western Mediterranean, this is one of the most incredible and diverse places to visit in Italy. Rejuvenation and culture are all rolled into one for an unforgettable holiday experience; from scuba diving and boat trips around the hidden coves, to wandering around the quaint little streets of Cagliari and hiking through Gennargentu, this place has something for every type of traveller imaginable.

Make your way north of the island and be welcomed into a rural paradise. A hidden place surrounded by olive groves, a zen fountain, shaded walkways, an enchanting lake and a hidden pool that makes you feel like you’re swimming in the wild, this ivy-covered manor house blends seamlessly with its surroundings, creating the ultimate countryside escape.

L’Agnata di De André was once an abandoned farmhouse, and then became the family home of famous Italian singer and poet, Fabrizio De André. After many years of reconstructing and restoring the building to its former glory, in the 1990’s it became the enchanting boutique hotel it is today. Formed of ten lovingly-decorated rooms, each accommodation has their own individual quirks and Sardinian heritage and style. Fabrizio and his wife wanted to share this corner of paradise with others, and we’re not surprised as to why! This magnificent oasis also has a quaint restaurant that sits within the traditional manor house. Serving only the best Sardinian cuisine, made from the best local produce, romantic dinners on the veranda truly sets the scene. This is a place where guests can relax, recharge and reconnect themselves with nature. L’Agnata di De André is heaven on earth.

Tenuta Duca Marigliano Boutique Hotel (Paestum)

Discover a world of elegance here in the ancient city of Paestum. What was once a major Greek city in southern Italy, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Located just south of the Amalfi Coast, Paestum is possibly one of the most overlooked archaeological sites in Italy. If you’re a lover of ancient history, this is the place for you. Wander around this atmospheric destination and explore the stunning piazzas, enjoy some delicious local dishes in the restaurants and uncover the three breathtaking open-aired Greek temples that sit so beautifully in the middle of the countryside.

Whilst there are many places to lay your head here, there’s no better place to stay than at Tenuta Duca Marigliano Boutique Hotel. Formed of two nineteenth-century structures, Casa Padronale and Casa Coloni, this charming hotel provides you with the ultimate oasis in the heart of Paestum. Nestled just a few steps from the local archaeological sites and just a stone’s throw away from the sea, Tenuta Duca retains a deep link with the character of the estate, and takes its guest on a journey through history. Its ability to blend the past and the present, and enhancing its history with a touch of modernity is truly inspiring!

This hotel offers 19 impeccable rooms to satisfy the needs and desires of every type of traveller. Indulge in the refined furnishings, be taken on a journey through time with their historical paintings and relax under the ambient lighting within each corner of the property. Guests who stay here can catch glimpses of the grandeur and sophistication that once resided here. If you didn’t think it could get any better, Tenuta’s incredible Casa Coloni Restaurant takes each and every person who steps foot inside, on a tantalising journey. Discover the flavours and tastes of the bygone era, immerse yourself in the history and traditions with their richly formulated dishes, and pair your meal with a delicious glass of wine from the cellar. In the summer months, be sure to dine alfresco so you can take in the pure serenity of the calming surrounding settings.

Villa Lena (Tuscany)

Discover the ultimate slow-living atmosphere here at the enchanting Villa Lena. Located in the Tuscan hills, just 45-minutes drive away from the city of Pisa, the hotel’s 500-acre estate allows guests to truly immerse themselves in the surrounding countryside. Villa Lena has an incredibly intimate atmosphere, providing guests with an array of charming spaces to sit and relax, and indulge in the local heritage in all its splendour. Designed to promote artistic expression, this secluded getaway hosts many Artists in Residence; from musicians and poets, to painters and sculptors, giving guests the opportunity to take part in some incredible workshops and talks. Whist the artistic foundation continues to thrive throughout the seasons, the core goal to create an environment where both guests and artists can have space away from everyday life, always remains!

Formed of 15 lovingly renovated rooms and six beautiful apartments, the majestic interiors and luxurious marble bathrooms make this place even more magical. Not to mention each room type offers the most incredible views over the estate – from valley vistas to a private swimming pool. Tantalise your tastebuds with some delicious fresh produce sourced directly from its own land and vegetable gardens, and indulge in the brilliant farm-to-table menus in their San Michele Restaurant. From wild cheeses and lavender wrapped in fig leaves, to Tuscany wines from local, family-run wineries, Villa lena’s exciting approach to Italian culinary heritage is truly inspiring. Where do we sign up?!

Casale San Pietro (Lazio)

Travel to one of Italy’s most underrated regions and discover the true gem of Lazio. Whilst Rome is Lazio’s most prominent city, there’s so much more to this central region than meets the eye. Offering some of the best of nature’s most incredible landscapes, explore the rugged terrain of the Apennines, relax by the lakes that are surrounded by lush green hills, wander across the glistening sandy beaches that border the Tyrrhenian Sea and absorb the cultural heritage of Lazio.

Casale San Pietro lies in the wild corner of this charming Italian region and overlooks an 8-acre olive grove valley. Emanating serenity and tranquility throughout, this recently renovated 300-year-old farmhouse was designed by the passionate hoteliers, Joe and Alana, who were looking to provide travellers with the ultimate home away from home experience. Formed of just six beautifully-designed rooms, the original exposed stone walls and wooden ceiling beams, mix so wonderfully with the contemporary and antique furnishings.

Here at Casale you can enjoy an abundance of activities, ranging from Italian cookery classes and yoga sessions, to rejuvenating spa treatments and free bike rides around the surrounding area. Start the day right with a delicious breakfast buffet in the Long Room, dive into the peaceful outdoor swimming pool and relax on one of the sunbeds with a cocktail in hand, as you take in the stunning views of this inspiring Italian region. This discrete retreat not only captures the peace and harmony that the landscape’s olive groves purvey, but Casale San Pietro truly is an idyllic countryside hideaway.

Locanda al Colle (Tuscany)

Step into Tuscany’s lucious nature and get lost amongst the medival hilltowns, rolling olive groves and fascinating vineyards. Offering an idyllic countryside and some of the world’s finest collections of Renaissance and medieval art, this picture-perfect region is the magical Italy we only imagine to see in our dreams. Not to mention there’s no other way to get a truly authentic taste of Italy unless you experience Tuscany.

Set amid the hills behind Versilia, a romantic seaside province, lies a lovingly-converted farmhouse packed with charm and personality. Created purely to be a ‘home of friends’, Locanda al Colle isn’t exactly your average hotel. Once you step foot inside, you are immediately greeted with an inviting air of warmth, and surrounded by a mixture of fascinating 20s, 50s & 70s vintage pieces. This is a place of pure elegance and sophistication. Owner, Riccardo Barsottelli, has been an avid art collector, therefore the eclectic aesthetic within this countryside boutique takes guests on a journey of both harmony and refined taste.

Enveloped by the Apupanian Alps, there’s no better place to soak up the beauty of the landscape than here. As you make your way here, wander through the line of ancient trees and olive groves, and indulge in the aromatic scents of the surrounding lavender, rosemary and sage that will gently lull you into a state of peace and tranquility. In the evenings, watch the sunset behind the hills as you enjoy an alfresco feast under the vine-entwined pergola. Just a stone’s throw away from the coastline, be sure to retreat to the Bagno Chimera beach where you can enjoy exclusivity at its finest. A true breath of fresh air, Locanda al Colle has everything you’ve been searching for!

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