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Planning a city break in Europe but in need of some inspiration? Whether it’s walking through the cobbled, historical streets of Rome, admiring the famous architecture of Barcelona or tasting some delicious traditional flavours at Stockholm’s food markets, you are spoilt for choice.

Here are some of our favourite city breaks:

Berlin - Germany

Infused in a wealth of historical significance, Germany’s capital, Berlin, is the perfect blend of urban style and historical allure. From the Berlin Wall to Checkpoint Charlie, there are many places to see in this enchanting city. Central Berlin is the hub of reverberating energy, echoing the spirit of the city’s nickname, the ‘Techno Capital of the World’. Explore the vibrant culture of Berlin and indulge in the cutting-edge architecture, tasty traditional foods, lively bars, intense industrial clubs and its concrete history—it truly is the city that never sleeps.

The unpretentious charm of Berlin draws in people around the world and focuses on living that personal freedom and creative lifestyle, whilst the locals follow the ‘live and let live’ rules. This city is a cultural trendsetter, and whilst it’s surrounded by the sad history of the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, the daunting history of the divide between East and West Berlin and many more, Berlin truly is a magnificent city break.

Situated in the heart of Mitte lies the boutique hideaway of Monbijou Hotel. Moments from the city’s hotspots, this stylish sanctuary is the perfect city escape. Enjoy the gentleman's club atmosphere of leather armchairs, bookcases and wood-panelled walls, indulge in the incredible work of the bar’s mixologists and take in the 360-degree views from the rooftop terrace.

Barcelona - Spain

From magnificent architecture to timeless culture, the seaside, urban city of Barcelona is an absolute must-go!

Well-known for its unbeatable architecture, displaying gothic facades next to quirky colourful buildings of the Modernistas, Antoni Gaudi created these architectural masterpieces and gave this city a unique and individual aura. Aside from its well-known architecture, Barcelona has the aesthetic and unique atmosphere that draws in millions of visitors a year and combines everything you want from a Mediterranean city. With months of endless sunshine, relaxed pace and unbeatable traditional Catalan and Spanish food, why not feast on some hearty, rich paella in the gothic headquarters of the Plaza Catalunya whilst taking in that hot Iberian sun. With a plethora of options like exploring the hidden gems of the city, wandering amid the botanical gardens and sipping sunset drinks on the beach, Barcelona has it all.

Discover the traditional rhythms of flamenco, with jazz coming out of hidden basements, indie-rock sounds at vintage music venues and explore Barcelona’s cheeky wild side in some of their plush lounges in medieval chambers, clamorous cava bars and boisterous clubs.

Situated in the gothic headquarters, witness the trendy hotel of The Serras. This 28-room hotel is a trendy portside luxury with glamorous views over Barcelona's harbour from the Serras rooftop pool and bar, El Sueño. Tease your tastebuds with the array of Catalunian dishes from the Michelin-starred chef, Marc Gascons, and be at one with the exclusive comfortable surroundings.

Milan - Italy

This ‘eat-your-heart-out’ capital of culture is the fashion centre of the world. The creative atmosphere of Milan brings in thousands of visitors and artists every year, whilst possessing the compulsory credo of looking good and living a life filled with design.

The elegant city of Milan is the hub for fashion, art and architecture; explore the eccentric buildings and palaces, taste the luscious Milanese food in world-class restaurants, discover the untold treasures and start shopping! Offering a divine blend of historical architecture and modern high-rise skyscrapers, Milan has recovered itself from the damage of WW2 and is more glamorous than ever.

Explore the thirteenth-century, sublime architecture of the magnificent Duomo Cathedral, featuring glistening stained glass windows bursting with colour and the wonderful display of artwork and historical statues. Walk through the famous Grand Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest shopping malls in the world, be fascinated by the incredible architectural work of Guiseppe Mengoni and indulge in the high-end designer shops like Prada, Versace and Louis Vuitton. Book a ticket for a show at La Scala Opera, one of the finest opera houses in the world and be surrounded by the opulence and impressive acoustic qualities.

Only a stone’s throw away from the Duomo Cathedral lies the hidden 18-room townhouse of Palazzo Segreti. Taking a sleek approach on classic Italian design with a luxurious approach, Segreti is an architectural beauty filled with sophistication and modernism, and the perfect Milanese city getaway.

Paris - France

Book your city break to the timeless city of cobbled streets, breathtaking art and historical buildings—Paris. With no introduction needed, we sometimes forget that Paris is the most famous city in the world and how magical it is. Filled with monument-lined boulevards, Parisian bistros, boutiques, museums, wine bars and many more, you are spoilt for choice if you come to Paris for your city break!

This instantly recognisable city is the global centre for art, fashion, food and culture. Wander through the cobbled streets of Paris and find yourself admiring the iconic architecture of the cloud-piercing Eiffel Tower, Napoleon’s victory monument, Arc de Triomphe, the gargoyle cathedral of Notre Dame, the bright red lights from the Moulin Rouge, and many more. Find yourself a Parisian cafe on the corner, grab yourself a tasty French pastry and watch the world go by.

Book yourself a stay at the world’s first boutique hotel and one of the city’s smallest five-star hotels, L’Hotel. This luxurious secret hideaway is the quintessential Parisian stay. Hosted by many celebrities from Oscar Wilde to David Bowie, this private, romantic, bohemian and stunningly fashionable hotel still remains under the radar and is the best-kept secret of the Left Bank. Be mesmerised by the enchanting spiral staircase, individually designed luxury rooms with impeccable details and lavish fabrics. Enjoy some exclusive French dishes at the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Restaurant, and indulge in the unexpected flavours from Chef Gregory Rejou.

Stockholm - Sweden

Offering the perfect balance of urban life and greenery, Stockholm is your perfect city escape. Known as one of the most environmentally-conscious cities in the world, it brings thousands of visitors a year and is a nice breath of fresh air (literally).

This beautiful city on water is ever-evolving, with a well-preserved historical core, Stockholm really has its own unique character. When it comes to culture, this enchanting city is outrageously rich. Wander down to the famous Gamla Stan, the city’s oldest district and best preserved medieval city in Europe. It’s the kind of stuff you read about in storybooks. Walk through narrow-winding cobbled streets, discover the several beautiful museums (if you like Abba, then you’re in for a treat!), restaurants, bars, beautiful architecture and much more.

Food is a serious passion in Stockholm. With its curious and open-minded palates, Stockholm is always updated on cultural trends. From raw food and acai breakfast bowls to traditional locavore dining, such as Swedish meatballs, here you are spoilt for choice.

Situated in Brunkebergstorg, one of Stockholm’s most unexplored neighbourhoods, lies the hip Scandi basecamp just a ten-minute walk over the straight from Gamla Stan—Downtown Camper by Scandi. A log-cabin chic vibe with cosy fireplaces, this is the ideal stay for a city break. Gather round the Campfire restaurant and socialise with the locals and visitors from around the world whilst you enjoy their incredible menu filled with international dishes.

London - United Kingdom

As one of the world’s most visited cities in the world, London’s ancient charm has something to offer everyone. Home to artists, writers and many other famous excellences, this is a city filled with imagination and is a vigorous creator of art and culture.

Where old meets new, this lively city is your perfect city escape if you’re looking to be surrounded by traditional British architecture steeped in history, iconic landmarks and multi-culture. Be inspired by the imagination created inside the Tate Modern, admire some of the world’s most famous paintings in the National Gallery, take in the incredible 360-degree views from the top of the iconic London Eye, walk through the mesmerising Hyde Park or find yourself on the West-side, appreciating the beauty of Kensington Palace.

If you’re looking to do something a little less traditional, why not venture up to Soho and discover some of the hidden bars and restaurants. Find yourself in Camden Town and explore the multiculturalism of the Stables. From punks and rockers surrounding you to an incredible array of street foods, there are many places to explore in London.

Situated in the heart of London’s famous Soho lies a historical boutique hotel behind a townhouse facade, Mimi's Hotel Soho. This newly-refurbished luxury boutique with impeccable stylish decor is the perfect London hideaway. Enjoy a cocktail or two in the in-house intimate Henson’s Bar & Social, where old gentleman’s club meets contemporary cocktail bar.

Vienna - Austria

Ornate streetscapes and royal palaces set the stage for the city’s artistic and musical masterpieces alongside its dynamic gastronome and design settings. Vienna is the gorgeous historical centre of Austria, a definite must-visit if you’re looking for a city break filled with charming corners, an incredible range of architectural styles, vibrant nightlife and magnificent food markets.

Taste your way through the Naschmarkt, Vienna’s most famous and luxury open-aired food and produce market. With a history going back to the sixteenth-century, the market serves a huge variety of foods; from ready-to-eat sandwiches and hotdogs to fresh local produce. Stroll through the gardens of the never-ending gravel pathways with carefully cut trees at the Schonbrunn Palace, one of Vienna’s neighbourhoods, Hietzing’s most visited landmarks. Delve further to discover a hidden cafe deep in the city, indulge yourself in Viennese coffee and enjoy a nice slice of the traditional apple strudel.

Situated in the historic Ringstrasse lies the stunning, rediscovered 1950’s building of the Grand Ferdinand. From marble floors and grand chandeliers to tasteful Viennese cuisine, this hotel has hit the nail on the elegance head. Enjoy touches of baroque mixed with bold colour palettes throughout the hotel, feel completely relaxed in one of the roll-top baths and be spoilt for choice with three incredible in-house restaurants to choose from.

Rome - Italy

Take a journey into the past in Italy’s hot-blooded capital, Rome. A thrilling blend of nostalgic ruins, breathtaking art and energetic street life, not to mention it is one of the world’s most romantic and charming cities.

A city break to Rome is as much about keeping up that dolce vita lifestyle as it is eating up all the art and culture. Experience a true Roman stroll through picturesque streets, lose yourself in streetside cafes, watch the world go by on the enchanting piazzas and indulge in the rich history Rome has to offer. Visit some of the city’s most thrilling sights; the Colosseum, Rome’s great gladiatorial arena is a must, take a walk through history in the Vatican Museums and enjoy the glorious tastes of Italy. Hit the hip cocktail bars and clubs when the sun sets, and watch the Roman nightlife come to life.

From bright colours to cool design, Pepoli 9 is perched on a hill situated in one of Rome’s finest neighbourhoods and is just a short walk to all the historical sites. This stunningly intimate Roman villa is the perfect stylish city stay, one that you certainly wouldn’t want to leave!

Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen is the perfect example of Scandi-cool. From colourful architecture to Michelin-starred restaurants, this picturesque modern city is just incredible and a definite must-go city break!

Back in 2014, this bright green city surrounded by water and parks was named as Europe’s Green Capital and will be the first carbon-neutral city by 2025. The locals travel around the city by bike, literally. Whether there is sun, rain or snow, life in Copenhagen is riding the saddle of a bicycle. Therefore why not live like a local and grab yourself a bike at Havneringen, cycle along the canals, indulge yourself in the wonderful vibrant townhouses surrounding you and taste the delicious street food in their indoor food market, Torvehallerne.

Make sure you explore Copenhagen’s majestic botanical gardens, museums and its new urban playground and sustainable food market filled with craftsmanship and culture, Reffen.

Only just a short walk away from the centre lies an award-winning luxury 73-bedroom boutique. Filled with popular Danish design, bright pink furnishings and trendy vibes, Andersen Boutique Hotel is the perfect Scandi-chic stay. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine in the lobby between 5-6pm every day, and relish those famous Danish pastries!

Lisbon - Portugal

Where art, culture and heritage are all abundant and can be seen around every corner, Lisbon is an enchanting city equipped with Gothic grit and glamour.

As one of Europe’s oldest cities, Lisbon is a fascinating destination for your city break. With postcard-perfect panoramic views of cobbled streets, street art, colourful buildings with mosaic tiles and history, you can admire the captivating scenery surrounding you that has been crafted over centuries.

Perfect for those on a budget, Lisbon breaks the stereotypical break and was voted the ninth-cheapest city to visit in Europe in 2018. Therefore, the cheap booze and an open-container law means the city comes alive at night! From Michelin-starred restaurants to gourmet food markets, grab a beer at one of the local taverns on every corner and be spoilt for choice at the markets with fresh produce and international dishes.

Check into Lisbon’s recently renovated eighteenth-century building, Heritage Avenida Liberdade, for a real taste of European elegance. Located on one of the city’s luxury shopping streets, this 41-room boutique is the perfect city stay. Stop by the hotel’s bar for a drink or two before you head out into the wonderful city of Lisbon.

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